Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1703 - Deceitful Person

Chapter 1703: Deceitful Person

Su Mo ignored the discussion around him as he sighed a soft sigh of relief in his heart. It seemed like the Sorcerer Tribesmen had not reached Trinity Star yet.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be hearing those voices anymore.

Trinity Star should be safe for him in the short term.

Su Mo continued to wait as more and more people started to gather in front of the gates of the Grand Treasures Hall. Not only were there men from Trinity Star, there were also men from other stars.

Although he wore a mask, he did not attract anyone’s attention as it wasn’t a strange sight.

Half an hour later, Qing Ya finally arrived.

Qing Ya did not arrive alone and she had come with three others, two men and a lady.

The two men both had majestic appearances and strong auras. One of them wore a purple robe and was rather handsome. This was Jiang Shenye.

The other man wore a white robe and he had a burly body but his face was cold.

On the other hand, the lady was tall and elegant. Her skin was smooth and youthful and she appeared rather beautiful. She was even more attractive than Qing Ya.

The four men gave off a grand feeling as they walked towards the Grand Treasures Hall. Before they even reached it, many heads had turned to look at them.

Su Mo was slightly taken aback as he had not expected that Jiang Shenye would actually come.

From afar, Su Mo casually checked Jiang Shenye’s cultivation and he found that Jiang Shenye, like him, had reached the peak of the Rank 5 Martial Honorable Realm.

Su Mo wasn’t surprised by that fact as, although Jiang Shenye was highly talented, Su Mo had eventually caught up to his cultivation.

Yet, Su Mo was surprised by Qing Ya’s cultivation. She was a Rank 2 Martial Honorable and her speed of improvement was incredibly fast.

As for the other man and lady that followed the two, their cultivation ranks were both high. The pretty lady was a Rank 8 Martial Honorable while the cold but handsome young man was at the peak of the Rank 9 Martial Honorable Realm.

Very quickly, Qing Ya and Jiang Shenye as well as their companions walked in front of the Grand Treasures Hall.

“Brother Qin Yun, I didn’t expect you to come!”

“Ha ha, long time no see, Brother Qin!”

“Greetings to Brother Qin!”

Numerous people strode forward and greeted the handsome young man eagerly.

Those that greeted him were all young martial artists. The older martial artists were not as warm.

“Qin Yun?” Su Mo jumped in shock. The name felt familiar to him and he quickly found out why as he remembered.

Previously in the banquet at Saint Royal City, other men had mentioned Qin Yun’s name. Qin Yun was the Triple Deities Sect’s second strongest expert who was below 100 years old. His strength was exceptional and it was comparable to Xue Juntian’s, a fellow sect member.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed. This man could be his opponent because he was going to participate in the Sky Dragon Contest. Any top genius was potentially his opponent.

However, this man seemed to be Qing Ya’s friend and Su Mo wouldn’t risk showing himself lest he be recognised.

However, if he didn’t attend the convention with Qing Ya, it would be very inconvenient for him. He did not know which treasure was the one that could bring the dead back to life. This Spoiled Treasures Convention did not have anyone introducing the treasures and the crowd would have to rely on themselves to examine the value of a treasures.

Qin Yun remained calm in the face of the greetings from the crowd and he only nodded his head slightly without conversing with them.

At that point, Qing Ya’s eyes scanned the crowd but she couldn’t find Su Mo,

She couldn’t help frowning. Was the Palace Master not going to come even though the convention was about to begin?

She scanned the crowd again and jumped in utter shock as her eyes fell upon a scrawny man who wore a mask.

That was because the man had winked towards her and nodded his head with a smile. Qing Ya immediately understood that the Palace Master had changed his appearance.

To be fair, the Sorcerer Tribe was seeking the Palace Master out with a large-scale investigation and it was wise to change his appearance.

Su Mo was silent for a while before he eventually decided to walk towards Qing Ya. He was bound to be recognized by someone eventually, even if he hid in a corner. As such, hiding was no use.

“Long time no see, Qing Ya!” Su Mo walked towards Qing Ya and smiled. At the same time, he changed his voice and spoke in a deeper, harsher tone.

“Palace…!” Qing Ya was just about to call to Palace Master on instinct but she quickly caught herself and said, “Brother Mo, I didn’t expect that you would come!”

“Mm, I am here to see what good treasures there are!” Su Mo said. His words were a cover up for himself for the other 3 people with Qing Ya. He must lead the three others to believe that he was an ordinary friend of Qing Ya and they had coincidentally met each other.

Jiang Shenye, Qin Yun and the pretty lady turned to look at Su Mo instantly.

A suspicious glance crossed Jiang Shenye’s eyes as he could clearly see the excitement written on Qing Ya’s face.

This made him curious as to who the man that had made Qing Ya happy was.

He frowned slightly as he couldn’t find out what Su Mo’s cultivation rank was nor his aura. However, he could feel a familiar sense from Su Mo and that made him puzzled.

Qin Yun and the lady glanced at Su Mo but didn’t bother too much about him. Su Mo wore a mask and he was obviously hiding his identity.

“Senior Qin, Senior Jiang, and Senior Fang, let me introduce to you, Brother Mo Yun, my friend!”

Qing Ya pointed at Su Mo and introduced him to her friends by coming up with a random name for Su Mo.

With that, she introduced her companions to Su Mo. “Brother Mo, this is Senior Qin Yun, Senior Jiang Shenye and Senior Fang Fei. They are all geniuses of the Triple Deities Sect.”

“Nice to meet you!” Su Mo politely cupped his fists towards the three.

“Nice to meet you too!” Jiang Shenye was not arrogant because of his status and he greeted Su Mo as well. Although he didn’t recognize Su Mo and he couldn’t see Su Mo’s cultivation, he would be polite to him because Su Mo was Qing Ya’s friend.

Qing Yun lightly glanced at Su Mo before he turned around and looked towards the Grand Treasures hall again. He showed no intention of greeting Su Mo.

“Can I ask why you do not take off your mask?” The pretty lady, Fang Fei, asked Su Mo coldly.

She did not have a good impression of Su Mo as he wore a mask and would not show his face to the crowd. It smacked of deceit.

“I have an ugly appearance and so I wear a mask!” Su Mo replied.

“Are you so ugly that you cannot see others? What a strange thing!” Fang Fei snickered as a mocking expression crossed her eyes. She did not believe Su Mo’s words because the mask clearly hid his aura as well.

However, she could slightly make out Su Mo’s cultivation. It wasn’t high and he seemed to be a Rank 5 or 6 Martial Honorable.

Su Mo’s eyebrows furrowed together. He did not provoke the lady but she was purposely making fun of him.

Just as Su Mo was about to speak out, Qin Yun suddenly said nonchalantly, “Qing Ya, you need to make friends properly, don’t interact randomly with a deceitful person!”

The moment Qin Yun said those words, Su Mo’s face instantly darkened. Qin Yun was looking down on him!

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