Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1616 - Nameless Array

Chapter 1616: Nameless Array

Ming Xu Galaxy, Sun Moon Star.

A vast, ancient city, it was majestic and magnificent and hundreds of feet high. It was located on an endless plain.

This city was named Empty Sky City. It was where Empty Sky Sect was located.

Among the magnificent palaces, Hu Sheng sat cross-legged on the futon, his face was as black as coal.

Just then, he had a weak feeling. His Spiritual Imprint that was attached to the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda had dissipated.

This meant that his Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda had been separated from him and become someone else’s treasured weapon.

“Su Mo, you are simply courting your own death!” Hu Sheng muttered to himself. His eyes flashed. He had long known that his Seven-Colored Glazed pagoda had been taken away by Su Mo.

As early as a few months ago, he had found an old friend and used the deep Space Image Restoration Technique to clearly restore the scene to Ancient Demon Cemetery then.

He clearly saw that it was Su Mo who used a strange Maelstrom Fighting Soul to collect the Demon Head Mountain, along with the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda.

This incident made him furious. Upon stopping, he went forth to Wen Dao Mountain again to get the Path Sect to surrender Su Mo.

However, what frustrated him was that Su Mo was no longer in the Path Sect. Even the top leaders of Path Sect did not know Su Mo’s whereabouts.

Hu Sheng was helpless. He could only ask the lower ranks about Su Mo’s whereabouts.

However, so far, there was still no clear news.

According to the information that the Empty Sky Sect had obtained, Su Mo had already left the Sun Moon Star and he was traced back to dozens of stars.

They were unsure of his current coordinates.

However, today, the Spiritual Imprint attached to the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda had disappeared. It seemed that Su Mo had been refining the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda.

“Su Mo, Su Mo! You are so courageous. You even dare to snatch an old man’s treasured weapon!” He Sheng’s face was ghastly as his blood boiled.

A small low-level warrior had actually dared to snatch his treasured weapon. Nobody had the guts to do so. Su Mo was simply tired of living!

However, Hu Sheng did not worry too much. It was only a matter of time before he found Su Mo’s whereabouts.

No matter where Su Mo fled to, even if he were to leave Ming Xu Galaxy to go to the other galaxies, as long as he was in the Infinite Region, he could not escape Hu Sheng’s wrath.

In the Demon Head Mountain, Su Mo played with the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda in his hands. He was full of joy. With this pagoda, his combat power would soar.

The power of this pagoda was extraordinary as seen in his fight with Li Hentian.

If Li Hentian did not have this pagoda, how could he be Su Mo’s match?

After a while, Su Mo’s thoughts switched and his body disappeared. He then entered the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda.

In the first storey of the Glazed Pagoda, Su Mo stood tall and scanned his surroundings carefully.

Although the Space of a hundred-mile radius was not large, it could be regarded as a Spacial Device.

In the Space, there were dozens of copper pillars scattered all round. Each copper pillar was more than ten feet long and had a diameter of less than a foot. Various vivid monster patterns were engraved on it.

These patterns included dragons, phoenixes, tigers and snakes. There were all kinds of strange things.

All the copper pillars were linked by a huge array of engravings which formed a whole.

Su Mo had an idea. He linked these arrays up and, in an instant, the outside of the pagoda shot out brilliant colourful Seven-Colored rays of light that were filled with destructive aura, causing the entire Demon Head Mountain to quake.

Just for a moment, Su Mo stopped activating so as to not disturb the countless number of winged insects inside.

Subsequently, Su Mo came to the Space of the second storey. Similarly, a giant array was engraved in this storey.

He linked the array and lightly activated it. The entire Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda immediately rotated to the outside of the Pagoda and formed a Seven-Colored Maelstrom.

Su Mo understood. The first storey was an attacking array and the second was a defence array. Both were exceptionally powerful.

Subsequently, Su Mo came to the third storey. There was actually nothing in the space of the third storey.

There was nothing more than a larger, more complicated array on the ground.

This array was round, with a radius of a hundred miles. It almost occupied the entire space of the third storey, causing the glass-like ground to be filled with countless lines. At first glance, it made one dizzy.

“What is this array?” Su Mo was curious. His thoughts switched as he linked the array up. Immediately after, he began to activate it.

However, what frustrated Su Mo was that he was actually unable to activate this array. No matter how he tried, there was no response from the array.

“Strange!” Su Mo was even more curious. He had already refined the pagoda. Why was it not being activated?

Immediately after, he continued trying. However, he tried all means and activated his spiritual consciousness to the maximum but to no avail. He was unable to activate the array.

This frustrated Su Mo. However, since he was unable to activate it, he did not force it. Maybe his spiritual consciousness was not strong enough!

To him, there were only two tricks for this pagoda.

They were the attacking array in the Space of the first storey and the defence array of the Space in the second storey. The nameless array of the Space in the third storey was unable to be activated. The Space of the fourth storey was the control centre and there were no mysterious means.

After a long while, Su Mo studied the Seven-Colored Glazed Pagoda in detail and then walked out of Demon Head Mountain, keeping the pagoda in the Storage Ring.

Looking at the huge Demon Head Mountain, Su Mo’s eyes shone brilliantly. The mountain was also a treasured weapon!

Not to mention the Demon Brain inside. The mountain itself was not so simple.

This mountain was transformed from the Ancient Demon’s Head, needless to say. There was a battle with Li Hentian and he was unable to cause any harm to it.

In addition, it was really not easy to isolate the spiritual connection of the pagoda master. This was truly impressive.

Su Mo was in no hurry to obtain the Ancient Demon’s Brain. Anyway, the Demon Head Mountain was just here. What he had was time.

After a while, Su Mo left the Jade Bangle Space and returned to the outside world.

Teleportation still required quite some time and the road was dull and boring. Su Mo sat cross-legged in the Empty Space and meditated quietly. He solidified his cultivation and refined his Dark Force.

Time passed slowly. Not knowing how much time had passed by, Su Mo could not feel the space fluctuating and slowly opened his eyes.


Su Mo looked around. He had already reached the cave of Myriad World Mountain. The glaring white light filled the cave and countless runes continued to fly in the cave.

“I hope that the reward for this mission will have the same value as that of the Ancient Demon’s Heart!” Su Mo took a deep breath. He had high expectations.

If the reward was miserly, it would be a waste of the Ancient Demon’s Heart. However, he did not dare to devour the Ancient Demon’s Heart too vigorously, or else it would turn ugly if discovered by Myriad World Mountain.

Immediately after, Su Mo got up and strode out of the cave.

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