Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1465 - Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf

Chapter 1465: Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf

The yells and cheers of the True Path Sect disciples thundered through the entire fighting ground.

When the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe members saw the spirits of the True Path Sect members, they refused to back down and also shouted out valiantly.

“Defeat Su Mo, show the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe’s strength!”

“Defeat Su Mo, show the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe’s strength!”

“Defeat Su Mo, show the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe’s strength!”

The Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe members were as loud as the True Path Sect disciples and appeared equally matched in spirit.

In that moment, the entire fighting ground was covered by a wave of shouts and voices.

On the fighting ring.

You Lang’s face was as serious as it could be. The cheers of the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe members put further pressure on him.

However, he wasn’t too afraid as he had not yet displayed his true fighting strength.

On the other hand, Su Mo was not pressured at all. Turning to look at the group of True Path Sect disciples, Su Mo took in their emotional faces and sighed to himself. These True Path Sect disciples had probably been suppressed and looked down upon by others for way too long. It was for this reason that the sect wanted to take this opportunity to prove their might and hence had transferred all responsibility onto Su Mo.

Since the True Path Sect disciples were acting this way, he wouldn’t disappoint them. Instead, Su Mo would obtain first place and score a great opportunity to get close to Qing Xuan.

Right at that moment, Su Mo squinted his eyes and turned serious as he immediately turned his head towards You Lang.

You Lang’s body expanded quickly and he shifted into a large beast.

In the blink of an eye, You Lang had transformed to be a thousand foot long, hundred foot tall wolf whose eyes were brimming with silver light.

With silver fur, skin and eyes, the wolf was entirely silver colored.


The wolf suddenly threw his head back and howled to the sky, displaying his power that shot through the sky to shake the nine heavens.

Within a kilometer radius of sky instantly started to crumble from this one howl.

Su Mo’s heart jumped in surprise. You Lang shifted into his true form and carried powerful forces. He had truly displayed the strongest power Su Mo had seen among all Martial Emperors. It seemed as though You Lang was even a little stronger than Ju Mo.

“Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf! It is the Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf!”

“I heard that You Lang’s lifeblood is very similar to his ancestors. It seems it’s true that he can shift into a real Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf!”

“Terrifying! What a strong aura!”

The entire fighting ground was chaotic as everyone was shocked by the sight of the large silver wolf standing before them.


Very strong!

Such an aura could be said to be unrivalled among all the Martial Emperors. There shouldn’t be anyone who could defeat You Lang right?

“Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf?” Su Mo’s eyes flashed brilliantly. He seemed to be a spiritual beast! Was You Lang a spiritual beast?

It didn’t seem to possible. It was more likely that You Lang possessed the lifeblood of a spiritual beast and wasn’t actually a spiritual beast!

Otherwise, his strength would be even stronger.

“Su Mo, you will definitely lose!” The Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf showed that he could speak human language as his voice boomed like thunder.

“I am tired of hearing these words. This is your final chance. Attack!” Su Mo casually said. Regardless of what kind of a wolf You Lang had shifted into, Su Mo wasn’t afraid at all!


The large Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf once again howled into the sky. Then, it pounced forward suddenly as its large body flew quickly towards Su Mo.

The scene was shocking to the onlookers. It was as though an Archean Spiritual Beast was about to crush a tiny ant in front of it. Su Mo, compared to the Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf, was so tiny. It seemed impossible to measure his size in relation to the wolf.

Boom boom boom!

The empty space exploded as the Silver Moon Roaring Sky wolf’s massive body split the air and pounced towards Su Mo.

Its large claw once again stretched out like a massive mountain that wanted to crush Su Mo.

With this one claw, the surrounding area in a thousand foot radius around Su Mo crumbled from the force. The claw of the wolf was so sharp it seemed like a heavenly sword that was about to shatter everything around it.

Su Mo calmly faced the incoming attack. As the wolf’s claw stretched out, the long, silver hair on the wolf’s arm was blown upright by the wind.

“Return!” Su Mo lightly yelled as he struck with his sword again, this time piercing forward in a single motion.

At the same time, dense, thick and explosive auras accompanied the wave of sword force that shot up from Su Mo’s body.

The sword radiance split the air above it and instantly collided with the wolf’s claw.


A ground-shaking explosion occurred, deafening the onlookers. Terrifying forces swept out like a tsunami in the sky.

Everyone seemed to have been frozen in place as they couldn’t believe what had happened before their eyes.

The Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf was thrown backwards like a small hill flying.


You Lang’s wolf body flew a full 20 kilometers directly out of the fighting ring. Finally, the parabolic motion stopped when he neared the eastern stands.

The entire fighting ground was once again engulfed in a dead silence as everyone stared with their eyes wide open.

You Lang had lost!

He was forced off the fighting ring with a single sword strike from Su Mo! Utter defeat!

In that instant, everyone froze as they realised how terrifying Su Mo’s strength was.

You Lang, who had shifted into a Silver Moon Roaring Sky Wolf, had drawn on the powers of his real body to attack. But he was actually forced off stage by Su Mo!

The onlookers couldn’t seem to regain their senses as the situation was really too shocking!

“Senior, you can announce the outcome of our battle already!” Su Mo turned to look towards the brown robed elder who was the main emcee of the fight meet before saying in a deep voice.


The brown robed elder jumped in surprise as he quickly tried to compose himself. Then, he hurriedly announced, “Su Mo wins!”

Those three words uttered by the brown robed elder shook everyone back to their senses and instantly, the entire fighting ground erupted into chaos.

“Terrifying. That Su Mo’s strength is actually so terrifying!”

“A Rank 8 Martial Emperor completely overpowered You Lang. Such strength is unrivalled!”

“Where did this Su Mo come from? How could no one have heard of such strength!”

The entire fighting ground seemed to have boil with tension as everyone’s gaze fell upon Su Mo.

A group of True Path Sect members were completely shocked. Although they had hoped that Su Mo could defeat You Lang, they did not hold too much hope within their hearts. They only prayed that Su Mo could hold his ground against You Lang.

However, Su Mom had shown them that he was so much more superior than You Lang. He defeated You Lang so effortlessly, he might as well have been sipping tea during the match. The group of disciples couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Great!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu’s face flushed red as he mouthed a complement.

“Ha ha! Godly! Very godly!” Feng Guang was emotional at the same time as he was excited. No wonder Su Mo and Saint Zhen Xian were close. It was because of his talent.

He had tried to establish a good relationship with Su Mo all this while which was highly beneficial for him.

As for Lu Gang, Lin Huang and the other geniuses of the True Path Sect, they were also surprised by what they had seen. Yet, at the same time, they couldn’t help being suspicious and questioning Su Mo’s identity.

This was because Su Mo wasn’t in the True Path Sect before this. He appeared out of thin air before the fight meet and hence, none of them were familiar with him.

Therefore, they were very doubtful and wary. Where did Su Mo come from? What was his identity? How could he have such godly fighting strength?

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