Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1117 - Shangguan Hao’s Confusion

Chapter 1117: Shangguan Hao’s Confusion

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Upon seeing Hai Mingjiang’s attack, the Second Demon Elder ordered everyone to begin fighting off their enemies.

All of the five experts, including the First Demon Elder, the Second Demon Elder, Yang Dingtian, Yin Zong, and Beitang Pinghua engaged in battle.

Yang Dingtian defended against Hai Mingjiang; Beitang Pinghua darted towards Di Shi; while the First Demon Elder and the Second Demon Elder rushed directly at the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea.

And Su Mo was sparring with Yin Zong, the Master of the Yins, who hated him the most.


Yin Zong gave a shout as he moved quickly, rushing towards Su Mo like lightning.

The long saber that Yin Zong used cut through the air as he thrust it towards Su Mo brutally, the blade radiating a bright color.

This saber momentum was heavy and unstoppable and had incomparable sharpness.

On seeing this, a desire to fight started to rise within Su Mo. Since he had never sparred with an expert of Emperor-to-be, he really wondered how he would fare with his level of strength.

As for the last time he was hunted by the Second Demon Elder, he had spent most of the time running away without having really fought him.


Su Mo shouted loudly, standing his ground as he waved the Emperor Sword in his hand. The sharp three-colored sword Qi shot forward, tearing through the air and cut towards the incoming saber.

The three-colored sword Qi was resplendent and could cut thousands of times. It possessed immense sword power that rivaled the saber radiance.


The sword Qi and the saber radiance collided and a terrifying boom sounded.

Su Mo’s sword Qi had been cut off by the saber radiance. It was so strong- though its power had been reduced sharply- that it could still continue moving towards Su Mo at an extremely fast speed.

“What?” Su Mo was surprised by Yin Zhong’s strength and horrifyingly strong attack.

During the fierce fighting, the Spiritual Sword under his feet had helped him evade the cut immediately.

“It’s the power of Ultimacy!”

Su Mo rushed towards his opponent, as he tried to understand why his attack had been so strong.

It was because there was Ultimacy with heavy gold property in his attack.

Ultimacy with gold property was the most suitable Ultimacy power for attacking. It could help one sharpen their attack. Thus, even if it did not have a strong power, the radiance that accompanied it could cut everything into pieces.

This was something like a small knife and a huge battle axe, though the former did not have such a strong power as the latter, it was even sharper, which meant more power to some extent.

Of course, Yin Zong’s attacking power was in no way weaker than Su Mo’s.

“Su Mo, I’ll grind your bones into dust!” Yin Zong growled aggressively after realising he had an advantage over Su Mo, and moved to attack him again with a roar.

“Ninefold-sky Saber!” Yin Zong launched another attack. Nine saber shadows appeared suddenly as he waved the long saber, sshuttling towards Su Mo.

Each of the nine saber shadows was a thousand zhangs long, which was as powerful as the mountain Da Yue.

As soon as the nine saber shadows were cast out, the whole space seemed to be unable to bear the immense sword power, crashing down and becoming a land of nothingness.

“That was really powerful!”

Su Mo’s eyes immediately begin to appear even more focussed, for each of these nine saber shadows was a real attack and almost had the same power.

Those nine huge shadows completely enveloped Su Mo, making them unavoidable. He could only block them from the front.


Su Mo did not dare to be careless even for a moment. His whole body was full of energy and golden light. He pushed out all of the Dark Force and Qi Force with his physical strength to keep the Emperor sword buzzing and shaking.


The sword radiance shone like water. Su Mo had layers of swords that curtained his body.

It consisted solely of sword radiance, and thus had an almost impenetrable defense.

In an instant, the nine huge saber shadows crashed down, slicing at the sword curtain mercilessly.

Boom! !

An earth-shaking sound was heard and the violent blast shook the earth like a violent hurricane.

Su Mo’s body was completely submerged by the huge blast wave.

“Is he dead?”

Shangguan Hao looked on from afar at the battle between Su Mo and Yin Zong thousands of miles away.

It was so far away that he couldn’t see it clearly.

Shangguan Hao seemed worried. If they could not kill Su Mo this time, it would be even harder to find another chance later as Su Mo’s strength was increasing at a rapid rate.

At present, besides Su Mo and Yin Zong, other experts of Emperor-to-be were also fighting fiercely.

Di Shi’s strength was similar to that of Beitang Pinghua, and their fighting was also extremely ferocious.

As for the fight between Hai Mingjiang and Yang Dingtian, the latter had the upper hand and was in firm control of the fight.

On the other side, the two Demons Elders fought against the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. They possessed an equal amount of strength and no one could tell who would emerge victorious just yet.

The strength of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was incredible and each move he executed was full of earth-shattering dragon power.

Even with the strength of the First Demon Elder and the Second Demon Elder combined, they still found fighting against the Dragon a strenuous task.

The battle of the nine experts had caused landslides as well as chaos within a radiu thousands of miles; the scene was apocalyptic.

At this moment, Su Mo, who had blocked nine saber shadows from Yin Zong, had reteated amid the horrible blast wave.

However, although he was forced to retreat a little, he was not injured. His blood and Qi were constantly surging.

“Su Mo, go to hell!” Yin Zong came forward recklessly to attack him with his long saber. Another nine sword shadows were moving towards Su Mo.

The following blow was even stronger than the previous one, as the huge sword shadows shot through heaven and earth, splitting the Huashan Mountain.

“You are still not qualified to kill me!” The conviction in Su Mo’s eyes was surging. It seemed that he could not defeat his opponent if he did not put in all his effort.


At that moment, a shadow suddenly appeared behind Su Mo. The shadow was round and shone with white light that radiated within dozens of zhangs radius.

This was the Sun Martial Soul which was similar to the actual sun.

After the Sun Martial Soul was released, the golden light on Su Mo combined with a bright white light.

At the same time, a wave of terror swept away from Su Mo’s body and the Sun Martial Soul.

This hot force suddenly enveloped an area with a radius of thousands of miles, forming a hot field– the Sun Realm.

At this moment, Su Mo not only used the Sun Martial Soul but also the Godly Body of the Sun.

His Godly Body of the Sun was a special body constitution formed by devouring the bloodline within Shangguan Hao.

As soon the Sun Realm was formed it was enveloped by Yin Zong’s nine sword shadows.


Although the speed of the Nine Sword Shadows had not been affected in the Sun Realm, its power had been significantly weakened as it was affected by the terrible heat.

As the nine saber shadows approached Su Mo, its power decreased by thirty percent.


Su Mo shouted as he released the Emperor Sword horizontally, leading to the sword Qi sweeping the entire void within a thousand zhangs, and immediately slicing through all of the nine shadows.

“What?” Upon seeing that, Yin Zong frowned. He had not expected Su Mo to have a hidden card!

However, at that moment, the most confused one was Shangguan Hao who had been watching the battle from a distance.

Shangguan Hao looked on with widened eyes with shock rendering him unable to move. He looked at Su Mo in bewilderment and his eyes filled with dullness.

“The Divine Sun Martial Soul… how could that be possible? That… That is my Martial Soul!”

ShangguanHao’s mind had stopped running as he looked on at the scene unfolding before him and continued muttering to himself.

Because the Sun Martial Soul that Su Mo was using was the same as his Divine Sun Martial Soul, he could smell this familiar aura from over ten thousand miles away.

This was exactly the same as his long-lost Martial Soul– his Divine Sun Martial Soul.

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