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Chapter 899 - Since I Cannot Fight Him, I Have No Choice but to Raise the White Flag

Chapter 899: Since I Cannot Fight Him, I Have No Choice but to Raise the White Flag

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Xiang Jinxi crushed the wine glass in his hand and let Qiu Jin wipe away the blood from the cut. His face was devoid of expression.

Not worthy?

He would like to see if Huo Yunting can still be so brazen once Thunderbolt Corp was in serious trouble!

“Thunderbolt Corp is well established. You need to do this step by step.” Qiu Jin worried that he might do something on impulse.

“I know.”

Xiang Jinxi sat down slowly with a wintry look. “Huo Yunting’s clear advantages are his company’s solid foundation and his deep understanding of the way things work in the city. Having said that, his weaknesses are also obvious to see. The man is arrogant and too sentimental to be truly successful. I will not take him head on. The smartest way to win is to play to my own advantages.”

Qiu Jin nodded in agreement. “What do you plan to do?”

Xiang Jinxi’s gaze turned cold.

“There is nothing that money cannot do.”

The Qiu family was, in all practical sense, as rich as a country.

Qiu Jin had not fully taken over the family’s business empire, but she could always ask for an “allowance” for her personal projects.

She nodded and said, “It is inconvenient for us to move in the open. You can ask Lance to help you.”

Lance was Qiu Jin’s assistant.

“Very well.”

Xiang Jinxi could easily ascertain Huo Yunting’s advantages, but the opposite was also true.

Hence, when some of Thunderbolt Corp’s stakeholders informed Huo Yunting that they had sold their shares, he was not in the least surprised.

He looked at the stakeholders, showing no signs of anger, and asked in amusement, “How much did Jin Financial pay you?”

Thunderbolt Corp’s share dividends had always been very generous.

“President Huo, we…”

They stuttered and could not look him in the eye.

Huo Yunting did not push the matter. His eyes turned a shade colder before they lit up with mirth.

“I hope you will not regret this later,” he said.

Leaving Thunderbolt Corp was easy, but re-entering would be a feat.

Once they left, there was no turning back.

“Thank you for your understanding, President Huo.”

The former shareholders skedaddled.

Huo Yunting watched them leave. The mocking smile on his face grew wider and wider, but it was unclear who it was directed at.

Just then, Huo Li entered the office with some folders in his arms. He looked troubled.

“Brother Ting, Thunderbolt Corp has lost 5.5% of its shares. It’s not a lot, but this is clearly an act of provocation. Are we really going to leave them be?”

Huo Yunting replied innocently, “There’s nothing I can do.”

Huo Li was stunned.


“Since I cannot fight him, I have no choice but to raise the white flag.” Huo Yunting sounded almost helpless.


Would Huo Li really believe what he just said?

“Having said that, it will not do to just give in.”

Huo Yunting tapped his cheek thoughtfully and said, “There is nothing I can do about the shareholders who want out. They will not stay unless we offer them a better price.”

Then, his voice turned condescending as he said, “However, I will not spend a single cent on useless people.”

Huo Li sighed and said, “Brother Ting, just say what you mean!”

He had no idea what the man was doing, but all the suspense was killing him.

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