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Chapter 895 - I got my engagement today

Chapter 895: 895、I got my engagement today

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The announcement sent Huo Chen into silence for the next minute.

“I’ll watch it for you,”he noddingly replied. But the alpha businessman felt displeased at his decision, Huo Chen could sense it from Huo Yunting’s look, “I have to do it. I must intervene in this.”

As a serviceman for the country, I can’t just let a group of people trespass under my eyes.

Especially when the one who made it happen was the one who killed my mother!

“Do whatever you want,” said Huo Yunting flatly and shrugged, “I’ll be going.”


Meanwhile, in a gorgeous manor at a country far away on the other side of the ocean, a man smiled having heard the good news coming from his phone under the evening sun as it shined through the window.

“Thank you.” The phone was hung up. Almost immediately after that, a tall and slender figure grooved in.

Xiang Jinxi watched the door being pushed open as the attractive lady waltzed in with the tail of her light green gown swaying behind. Her hands politely folded in front yet her expression exuded a kind of charm and confidence that only a mature woman would possess. She was graceful yet her face looked dim as she surveyed the Xiang Jinxi’s silhouette.

“I got my engagement today,” she announced the shocking news.

Xiang Jinxi froze upon the update too but his eyes squinted in avoidance for eye-contact as he muttered, “Good.”


Good? What do you mean by ‘good’?

Our family is rather extensive, that we have lots of relatives from different families yet I was the sole heir to the main family. Ever since I was born, I was told to be the one to bring the capable man into the family to lead the family in the future. 

Well, I was okay with the idea at first but I got more fed up with this profit-driven marriage as I grew up. I started getting constantly reminded that it is a man that makes my life as well as the family prosperous, especially after puberty. 

I got so annoyed to the point that I left America immediately after a really bad argument with Father one day.

“I’ll NEVER EVER come back to this pathetic family! What for a business to exist if it costs a daughter’s happiness to succeed?”

I even swore to my father so.

And like all sworn words, I broke it. 

I once hated the idea of sacrificing my happiness for businesses to the extent that I rather we suffered bankruptcy since—I mean, how ridiculous it is for a business to rely on the daughter’s courtship? 

And now look where you are, Qiu Jin. 

All because of this man.

Xiang Jinxi. 

Only if I chose to accept my family’s tradition, find a man to get married, I’ll get a bit of authority in the house. And with such authority, only I could assist this man. Only I could save him, the man whose name rang like a distress signal in my world… 

“Xiang Jinxi.” The tail of her gown smoothly skimmed over the exquisite Persian carpet as she strolled through the spacious room filled with all the luxuries a woman could once imagine having yet her eyes never landed upon. She lifted her head as her eyes ever fixed upon the very man. Her heart ached seeing Xiang Jinxi’s expressionless look of as her words uttered through her hoarse voice, “I’ll have the wedding two months after the engagement. Aren’t you going to say something about this? Something specifically to me?”

The question made the man stare into her eyes. There was a hint of emotion which soon faded away, “Well, did you regret this?”

In disbelief Qiu Jin looked at him, tears welled up in her eyes. It was a ridiculous question that was more devastating than a remorseful call, that it took her awhile to recover and reply a calm “no” while shaking her head.

That’s all you want to say? Are you talking about regrets?

Do I have any other option here?

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of me sending my men to rescue this man all the way back to America back then? Why did I do something so foolish that I had to kneel before Father for a whole day and night just to redeem myself? 

So if you want to talk about regrets, maybe it’s the regret of knowing you. It’s the regret of me being so foolish. There’s no turning back now.

I don’t expect anything from you. Well, even if you do have something to give in return…I don’t think it’ll be anything about love. 

From the very beginning, I am a mere pawn in his eyes. 

No love, no pride, only benefits in his eyes. 

He uses me shamelessly for everything he can and I indiscriminately provide my service.

But what can I do? 

I love him. I really love him.

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