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Chapter 813 - I See You, You See Me

Chapter 813: I See You, You See Me

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“Let’s go.”

Gu Jinzhi and Wen He stepped out of the car, one after another.

Wen He was just walking toward the entrance when she felt someone pulling her wrist.

She frowned and turned around. “What? Are you trying something new?”

Gu Jinzhi said, “Don’t forget that you are supposed to be my plus-one today.”

Wen He huffed and hooked her arm with his.

As they stepped through the main door, the butler charged with ushering the guests in looked surprised to see them.

“Second young master.”


Gu Jinzhi greeted the man with a simple nod and led Wen He into the brightly lit ballroom.

The moment they stepped into the ballroom, they received all kinds of stares from the other guests.

The first thing the guests noticed was Wen He and their eyes lingered on her for a few seconds in awe of her beauty. Then, when they noticed Gu Jinzhi beside her, they all looked taken aback.

For a moment, the ballroom descended into silence.

“Gu Jinzhi!”

A burly man cut through the crowd and slowly walked toward them.

He had a manly and rugged face that was matched with a pair of sneaky eyes. There was an air of malice and ruthlessness about him. He said to Gu Jinzhi, “Hey, I didn’t expect you to be here. Why are you not hiding in some dark corner and mourning over your failure?”


Gu Jinzhi chuckled at the very idea and looked amused by it.

“My dear brother, do you really think you have succeeded?”

“I thought you already realized that ten years ago.”

Lin Kang looked revoltingly satisfied with himself. When he noticed the guests watching him in shock, he took a deep breath in and forced a smile on his face.

“Since you’re back, then stay a while more. After all, today is the day father will announce to the world that I will become the successor to the Lin family empire. Brother, I hope you could give me your blessing.”


His words sparked a commotion in the ballroom.

It was rare for the Lin family to organize public events, but they had invited all the influential people and elites in the city for the evening ball.

They were confused before, but the truth was now revealed!

“No wonder they make it such a glamorous evening.”

“It was already clear ten years ago who the successor to the Lin family business will be. I don’t see why any of us should be surprised.”

“I just thought it was a pity for Gu Jinzhi. All those years ago, when he left the Lin family, all he owned was a small clubhouse that the family gave him. It had been ten years and he has since developed the Golden City into a major entertainment centre. He also owns a lot of products and investments in the entertainment industry all over the country. The man is obviously more capable than Lin Kang.”

Gu Jinzhi looked at how pleased his older brother was and continued to harmlessly smile at him without revealing his own thoughts.

When Gu Jinzhi and Lin Kang were battling with their tongues, Wen He took the opportunity to look around the ballroom.

She noticed that a lot of the guests were annoyingly interested in the two men beside her.

Suddenly, she felt someone’s intense gaze on her.

She looked around and found a pair of cold eyes that were staring at her.

Their eyes met.

Wen He was astounded.

It was Huo Chen!

Why was he here? Had he not returned to the capital?

Huo Chen was sitting on a sofa nearby and toying with a glass of red wine as he stared at her with a blank expression.

Those eyes betrayed no emotion of the man behind them. They made Wen He shudder inside until her heart started to ache.

She pulled her eyes away from him and tugged at Gu Jinzhi’s sleeves casually.

“Let’s find a place to sit, shall we?”


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