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Chapter 49 - Birthday Bash XIII

Chapter 49: Birthday Bash XIII

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Her unfocused gaze pierced through the screen and into the hearts of the guests. Her sunken eyes looked terrifying!

The guests inhaled sharply. Some of them looked green. The unexpected spectacle was like a scene from a horror film!

In the next shot, the video showed her running into the wall repeatedly like a person who had gone mad.

A few nurses managed to pull her away, but she grabbed a sharp object from one of the nurse’s pocket and slice her wrist with it!



The audience gasped quietly. A few women had already shut their eyes.

Lu Zhaoyang could not look at the screen any longer. From the moment Huo Yunting took to the stage, she knew that the one thing she worried about was about to happen.

She just did not anticipate this level of ghastliness.

Fortunately, the woman was saved in the end.

One of the nurses had the courage to quickly snatch the sharp object away from the middle-aged woman. Both the nurse and the middle-aged woman survived the incident with only minor cuts.

Even so, crimson blood spread quickly on the woman’s sickeningly white skin. It was a horrible sight for all the guests.

One of the ladies in the hall cried out in surprise, “Isn’t that the former Mrs Huo? What — what happened to her?!”

In fact, many of the guests knew who the middle-aged woman was, but simply did not point it out.

Now that the naked truth was spoken out loud, the atmosphere in the dining hall became even more awkward. Some of the guests began to gossip.

“You b*stard, what are you doing?” Huo Zhenning went to his son and raised his hand to slap him.

Huo Yunting grabbed hold of his wrist with ease.

“Since you didn’t have the time to visit mother, I thought of just showing you a recording of her. Now that you’ve seen it, do you feel more heartbroken or annoyed?”

Huo Yunting spoke with barely an intonation, but his eyes betrayed his roiling emotions.

He was burning with rage!

“There is a lot more in the video. Life in a mental hospital is more interesting than you can imagine. Who knows, maybe you’d take a liking to it. In fact, you might just have to move in there one day.”

When Huo Yunting was done, the dining hall burst into an uproar.

“No wonder I never saw Mrs Huo since their divorce. She’s gone crazy!”

“Poor thing…”

“Aren’t you curious how the dignified and virtuous lady of the Huo family became so pathetic?”

“Some people like to step on others to get what they want. We all know Mrs Huo loves her family very much. Do you really need to wonder why she’s the way she is now?”

“Haha, the third party’s won, and the official wife has gone insane! That commoner is good!”

The men noticed how loud their wives were speaking, and quickly glared at them to quiet them down.

Nevertheless, the guests continued whispering about the relationship between Huo Zhenning and Xue Yuming.

Huo Zhenning was almost trembling with anger. “Instead of letting her get some rest, why did you record this? Even seeing her like this, I will not visit her! There is nothing between us anymore. Don’t forget, we got a divorce! She’s a stranger to me!”

He never imagined that Huo Yunting would act so foolishly and expose their family affairs to outsiders, and in such a public occasion. His son wanted to ruin his reputation!

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