WARNING! Tsundere President

Chapter 42 - Birthday Bash VI

Chapter 42: Birthday Bash VI

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Seeing him not around actually made her a little relieved.

After a deep sleep and taking some pills, she could feel the dizziness in her head lighten. She felt much better. She touched her forehead. Hm, it’s not as hot as before.

Lu Zhaoyang got up from the bed to look at the clock.

Wow, it’s almost twelve.

I literally slept for 2 hours?

When she was going to leave, there were these few light footsteps and whispers that stopped her.

Especially when those voices sounded nothing like Huo Yunting.

She was naked by then, thanks to that big pervert she regretted knowing. Panicked, her alertness urged her to at least cover herself with the white shirt Huo Yunting placed nearby as she walked towards the door.

Her footsteps were light—very light, in deep fear that people might discover her. Her ears were placed upon the door to try discerning the situation beyond.

The whispers remained as whispers despite her effort, which made her more restless.

Who are these people?

Why were they speaking so softly??

Was there a plot?

What do they want?

Her body stiffened as she did not dare to even make a gulp. In the midst of suspense, a hint had arrived, as she finally heard something outside, “Yes sir, don’t worry, you aren’t in the wrong hands.”

That voice?

Huang Dong?

Huang Dong was that harsh member of the board who demanded her to be fired due to her little “mistake” on the contract.

But who is this “sir” he’s speaking to?

Was he making a report?!

That means there is still a mastermind behind this?!

Huang Dong was at the president’s office right outside the restroom where Lu was in.

He had a few bugs in his hand, not the insect-bug but the eavesdropping-device. He went to the rack behind Huo’s desk and installed one there, while he searched the next secure spot for his hidden ears.

“Thank you sir.” He hung up and looked around, eventually installed one right beneath the desk.

Feeling satisfied, he gave a sneer as he took out his phone to message his report.

And he left cautiously.

(Meanwhile at the other place)

A mysterious man stood before the giant window, as he was notified through the chime of his phone. It was a message from Huang Dong. A mission accomplished it seemed. He put back his phone nonchalantly.

The sun was strangely glaring yet he was seemingly unaffected by it. His body was straight and his eyes were still wide.

The sunlight of the afternoon showered upon his tall and slender body, like the halo of Michael.

It was a silhouette of the other world, an authority unquestionable, yet there was a sense of loneliness, as if abandoned by the world.

(Back at Huo’s office)

She could hear Huang Dong’s footsteps fading away, as the sound of the door shutting convinced her to leave the restroom.

The office felt—a little different…somehow.

Huo’s documents, the contract, the secret documents were all still here. But Huang Dong could not just sneak in and do nothing…

“Man I must be crazy,” mumbled Lu, as she imagined Huang Dong coming in to install bugs around the room. Probably she had watched too many movies lately.

Trusting her instincts, she began searching in the room carefully.

She searched the carpet, the chair, the sofa. She could not find any bugs at first, until she got to the bottom of Huo’s desk.

There it is!

Lu’s heart raced. She could not believe it was not her fantasy after all!

Huang Dong stayed quite a while after hanging up the call, there must be more than one here.

She then got out from the bottom of table, quietly—very quietly. So quietly that her every breath was controlled.

She must not make any sound if there was a bug in the room.

And that was when one book with a black cover caught her eyes. There was a lump on the book, as it blended in with the black so well that it was hard to tell at first glance.

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