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Chapter 4 - Dangerous Affairs IV

Chapter 4: Dangerous Affairs IV

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Lu Zhaoyang sighed as her eyes looked vacantly at the familiar silhouette going between the tables back and forth. The water was bubbling, the utensils were clinking, and her mother was dicing the garlic cloves.

Despite what others had said about her, she was my mother, my beloved mother…

It still felt like a dream that a gentle and caring person like her would commit such a crime…

“There you go, sweetie. I made you some sweet and sour pork, clear noodles with dried chillies.”

“Thank you, mommy.”

“All for my sweetie.”

And they began digging in. On the dining table, they cracked jokes and definitely enjoyed the meal. The little talk between mother and daughter continued after dinner.

“So, I was taking the document and-” Lu’s phone was ringing, “Excuse me.” A glance at the caller and her expression changed.


“Sweetie, are you going to pick up the call?” Asked her mother.

“Haha… Uhh…” She formed an awkward smile as she shoved the ringing phone to her back and hung it up, “It’s coming from a stranger, the typical commercial calls I guess, how annoying, they just have to call once almost every day!” She quickly turned off the phone and pushed it aside.

Imagine if mom knew Huo Yunting and I are married… she would blow up!

“Okay, sweetie…?”

Phew… It was not hard to fool mom, fortunately.


*rattle rattle*

*Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…*

“Oh?” Huo Yunting, holding his phone, was having a smile broad enough to bisect his beautiful face, “I’ve been waiting the whole day at the dining table for her and that is how she repays me?” A bone-chilling joy was perceivable at his squinted eyes.

“No reply from my messages and now she’s hanging me up?”

“Great, just great. You have the courage to do this to me.”

Huo Yunting’s fingers darted across the keyboard on the screen, “Yes, hello, it’s me, yes, find me that woman. She should be around the area.” And then he hit the road as well, zooming on the street in his Rolls-Royce, in search of the traitor.

His car jerked at a rather simple area as his sharp eyes scanned the place. Among the dead buildings, there was one particular building that caught his attention. “Ah…” He remembered, especially when he saw the lights in one window on the 7th floor. He drove to the neighboring parking lot and halted his ride quietly.

“I knew you were here.”

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for freedom, I can tell you I have no kindness for that. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over my life. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. You better be leaving the room and begging me now, then that’ll be the end of it. I will not scold you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will scold you, I will find you, and I will definitely…

Huo Yunting cracked his knuckles.

In the meantime, the woman had no idea of her upcoming fate yet her instinct pleaded her to send her mother away as soon as possible, “Uhh… mom, would it be possible that you… you know… I mean, look at the time.”

“But why? It’s been quite some time since we have some mother-daughter moments.” Madam Xue clearly did not want to cease this reunion. “But mom, to be frank, I still have some unfinished work to do and the company wants me to submit them tomorrow.”

“That bad?” Madam Xue frowned as Lu hurriedly stood up and took the dishes to the sink. “Yes, mom, it’s the semi-annual reports, I need to compile them.”

“Sounds like a lot of work… Oh well… okay… I’ll be going then, see you some other time, sweetie.” Her mother got up with her leather purse.

“Give me a sec, mom. I’ll send you downstairs. I need to head out to deliver documents to my colleague anyway.” Lu wiped the table and took a random folder out of the drawer.

“Yang, sweetie, do you need mommy’s help?” Her mother asked kindly while standing at the porch.

“No thanks!!” She swept a few things into her handbag and shook her head with a smile. Lu lifted her bag and walked towards the door.


Her eyes enlarged drastically as her mouth did, with her loosened grip letting her handbag escape, as it fell to the ground like her hope. The contents were rolling on the ground like her sanity. She looked at the man who suddenly appeared like a vengeful spirit behind her mother. Horror was choking her.

It was a mistake, a big mistake.

She forgot that Huo Yunting’s fingerprint could also unlock the door…

Huo Yunting shrugged, as he raised the corner of his lips. It was a bright smile again, yet it was so bright that it was beginning to be glaring.

Lu Zhaoyang almost passed out, but Huo Yunting’s unexpected arrival was not the only horror to the day.

“What is this?” Madam Xue’s eyes caught something red among the mess. Out of curiosity, she went to have a closer look.

Lu Zhaoyang’s lowered neck was stiff, her mind went blank.

What to do… what to do… wait, where is mom going? What is she doing? What? Isn’t that… oh no!

The certificate! Her marriage certificate fell out.

She was literally letting the cat out of the bag!

“Marriage Certificate?” Madam Xue, upon closer look, was confused as she mumbled the large Times News Roman across the envelope. She bowed to pick it up.

Lu Zhaoyang had run out of luck seemingly.

She had no idea what to do next but there was one thing for sure.

She must not let her mother know about her marriage with Huo Yunting!

That would be the worst!

She immediately signaled Huo Yunting who was nonchalantly watching the show. Her biggest fear was happening! She had to do something!

Her lips moved a silent morse code upon her husband.

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