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Chapter 39 - Birthday Bash III

Chapter 39: Birthday Bash III

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Bring Huo Yunting to the birthday party?

That would be harder than making another bid for the Hongshan project!

“I’ll try my best, but I cannot guarantee it. You know how he is.”

The last time Huo Yunting went home was because of Mo Shan.

Lu Zhaoyang’s eyes lit up as she recalled about Mo Shan. Perhaps she would not need to be the one to ask him to attend, after all.

“Yang Yang, I have married into the Huo family. Yunting and the family are still in conflict. I was hoping that you can help the family come together peacefully, and not become an embarrassment to outsiders. You two seemed to be getting along well the last time I saw you. Please talk to him. He must come back to visit, even if only for a short while!”

Lu Zhaoyang took in a deep breath, and acquiesced.

The rest of her day was spent worrying about how to bring this up to Huo Yunting.

Being direct to him would definitely earn her a firm rejection, and he might even toy with her for even trying.

Just thinking about it gave her a headache.

A few days passed, but every time she saw Huo Yunting at home or in the office, the matter of the birthday party would come to her, and she found herself unable to speak to him about it.

She sat at her desk and rested her head on her hand with a cup of hot coffee untouched. A headache threatened to seize her.

Suddenly, Xiao Yu called her name, and she looked to her colleague. “What is it?”

“Secretary Lu, the meeting is up in five minutes, why… are you still here?”

She quickly picked up the documents that she had prepared earlier and stood up.

The meeting was attended by the higher-ups in the company, one that she could not afford to miss.

For the first time ever, Lu Zhaoyang arrived in the meeting room after Huo Yunting.

When she made her entrance, Huo Yunting threw her a quick glance before resuming whatever he was up to.

She distributed the documents to the people in the meeting room, and then sat down on his right. There was no need for her to speak during the meeting, as she was only required to listen.

As the meeting went on, the voices talking around her slowly receded into the distance. Her vision blurred, and the cogs in her head nearly ground to a stop. The headache was coming in full force now.

Lu Zhaoyang massaged her temples, unaware of how pale she looked.

Soon, it was her turn to present the conclusions of the meeting. Every step felt wobbly and uncertain, like she had just stepped off a roller-coaster.

She took her position opposite Huo Yunting to speak to the people in the meeting. When she put her hands on the table to steady herself, the vertigo lessen.

She forced a professional smile on her face and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I will now give you a progress update of the company’s joint venture project with Everthrive Corp.”

Huo Yunting leaned back in his chair with his hand resting naturally on his lap, but his eyes were focused on her.

She seemed to be supporting herself on the table with her hands, and she did not look well.

What’s with this woman? Can’t she take it easy on herself?

His expression darkened. As Lu Zhaoyang continued to speak fluently and competently through her illness, he felt something evil burning hotter and hotter inside him.

The silence in the meeting room was accented by Lu Zhaoyang’s crisp but hoarse voice.

Suddenly, Huo Yunting got up from his seat and announced casually, “I’m hungry. Let’s wrap up the meeting for today!”

He then stepped out of the meeting room without looking back.

The rest of the people in the meeting room had noticed Lu Zhaoyang’s condition, and sensibly left the meeting room.

The president was taking care of his sister. Who were they to interfere?

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