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Chapter 20 - Say That Again?

Chapter 20: Say That Again?

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“I am willing to resign. The error happened because of me, so it is only natural for me to take responsibility. Please approve of my resignation, President.”

Lu Zhaoyang hoped to escape from Huo Yunting. This was her best chance to avoid facing the man twenty-four hours a day. Of course she jumped for the opportunity!

After she resigned, she would leave the city in the name of finding a new job and slowly but surely remove herself entirely from Huo Yunting.

Her declaration seemed to soothe the other board members in the meeting room.

Huo Yunting was the only one who seemed to be deeply offended. The hint of a smile on his face was gone as he studied his secretary with narrowed eyes.

“Say that again?”

Was she really ready to bear responsibility for this error just to get away from him?

Huo Yunting asked in a perfectly calm voice that belied the storm rolling inside him.

Lu Zhaoyang braced herself. “I have made a terrible mistake…”


Huo Yunting stood up abruptly and kicked away his chair, losing his cool for the first time in front of an audience.

“All of you, out!”

None of them in the meeting room had ever seen their characteristically nonchalant president in rage like this. They scrammed for the door without delay.

Thunderbolt Corp belonged to Huo Yunting. Even when combined, the board members had a smaller share of the company compared to the president.

Lu Zhaoyang wanted to follow them out too, but…

“Before I get angrier, you better think carefully about your next move.”

Lu Zhaoyang froze in her spot. The door closed before her eyes, and her heart was pounding out of her chest.

Footsteps approached from behind her like the God of Death with his scythe. She turned around, back against the wall, and looked at the man with an air of ruthlessness about him.


Huo Yunting locked his fingers onto her lower jaw, his grip was so strong that she began to feel numbness around her jaw. Through her panic, she saw his face inching closer and closer to hers until their lips were only a few centimeters away.

He lifted a corner of his lips and smiled, gently and terrifyingly.

“Lu Zhaoyang, you are my wife. I will not allow you to be bullied because of your position as secretary. Why don’t I make a public announcement of your status as the President’s wife… right now?”

His soft voice sent a shudder through her body.

“No! Don’t! Huo Yunting, have you gone mad?!”

He smiled thinly and circled his other arm strongly around her waist. She could not break free from him no matter how much she struggled.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Zhaoyang panicked and hated him for deciding to expose their relationship, but she could do nothing to stop him as he put his hand on the door.

If the door opened, everyone would see them in an embrace, and the truth would be exposed!


The door opened suddenly, but it was not because of Huo Yunting. The person who appeared at the door was Mo Shan.

With Huo Yunting caught off guard, Lu Zhaoyang quickly bent her knees, slipped out of his embrace, and slumped to the floor as though he had pushed her down.

“Brother Yunting, don’t be mad at Lu Zhaoyang, she’s your sister!”

Mo Shan stood between Lu Zhaoyang and Huo Yunting as though to protect her, but in fact she was smiling coldly inside.

Yu Man’er was efficient in her moves as expected. Mo Shan had asked her to find a way to remove Lu Zhaoyang, and the woman had delivered rather quickly.

Now that Huo Yunting had decided to take Lu Zhaoyang’s side, Mo Shan must forgo eliminating her and ensure that their marriage remained a secret.

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