WARNING! Tsundere President

Chapter 16 - Exposure II

Chapter 16: Exposure II

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Huo Yunting was still his lackadaisical self. His eyes flashed mysteriously as he took a quick look at Lu Zhaoyang and removed his arms from around Mo Shan. He said to the latter, “Give us a moment.”

Mo Shan teased him half-seriously. “What is it? Are you talking about something classified?”

Huo Yunting nodded. “Very much so. Don’t get involved, just leave the room.”

Lu Zhaoyang was caught off guard when she noticed how Mo Shan’s eyes were positively sparkling with life, but she quickly affected a business-like tone and said, “Discretion is very important for business, but if it’s your future wife, it should be alright.”

Huo Yunting’s eyes turned cold at her words, but Mo Shan seemed pacified.

“If it’s work related, I will not intrude. Zhaoyang, I’ll catch you later, yea?”


When Mo Shan was gone, Huo Yunting flung a stack of documents on the desk. “The terms for our joint venture agreement with Everthrive are finalized. Distribute these to all departments.”

Lu Zhaoyang stared wide-eyed at him. “Isn’t he… dead?”

With their president dead, the corporation should be in chaos right now. How could they still be eager for a joint venture?

Huo Yunting did not explain further, but merely dismissed her with a wave.

When Lu Zhaoyang heard from the others that Gao Hai had narrowly survived the car accident, she took awhile to absorb the news. Once again, she felt like she could not understand Huo Yunting at all.

When she was done distributing the documents, Lu Zhaoyang visited the washroom. She worked at the highest floor of the building, where only Huo Yunting and the other secretaries had access.

The hand wash liquid in the common washroom was out, so she visited the washroom on the top floor instead.

When she was done and opened the door, she was greeted with a handsome and flawless face of a man. Lu Zhaoyang gasped softly in surprise.

“Why are you here?!”

Huo Yunting raised an eyebrow. “This is my space. Why can’t I be here?”


Lu Zhaoyang turned to leave, but Huo Yunting caught her by the arm. “I need your help.”

Lu Zhaoyang threw him a look of confusion.

“Hold me.”

Lu Zhaoyang chuckled coldly. “Did you hurt your leg or your back? President, surely you don’t need help with every little thing.”

Huo Yunting did not seem to notice the anger in her eyes. He walked inside, closed the door, and then proceeded to remove his belt and pulled Lu Zhaoyang into an embrace. Lu Zhaoyang struggled as he circled one hand around her waist and put his other hand against the door. He put a charming smile on his face as he studied her panicking eyes.

“You were right. I have not been getting it up recently, so give me a hand here, hmm?”


Lu Zhaoyang’s face blushed to the max as she struggled and protested quietly.

Her bashful and indignant expression was oddly enticing.

Huo Yunting enjoyed the sight of her as he continued casually, “If you’re not willing, I will have to ask someone else.”

Despite saying that, he did not ease his hold on her.

Lu Zhaoyang struggled for awhile more before finally giving in. She was taken by surprise earlier, but now she remembered what Huo Yunting was capable of.

She suppressed the anger and shame boiling inside her and reached out a trembling hand.

“Hold it tight.”


“My dear wife, this thing here provides you a fulfilling love life, so take good care of it.”


The delicate and gentle work began. Lu Zhaoyang’s face burned redder and redder.

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