WARNING! Tsundere President

Chapter 12 - Ah, ah…That’s Gonna Hurt

Chapter 12: Ah, ah…That’s Gonna Hurt

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The world was spinning around for Lu Zhaoyang, her limbs were held up by her elbows. Gao Hai finally got to taste his reward as his hand gradually reached her flesh.

It was hopeless for her. There was no way she would escape this. She closed her eyes and accepted her fate. Her breathing slowed down in grief.

Bang! The door was thrown open.

Huh? The sudden change of event confused her. Before she could lift up her head and have a better look, Gao Hai was holding his right hand, screaming in pain. He then collapsed to one side as the immense pain caused him to wrinkle up like grilled bacon, as blood was pouring out from his right hand.

“Oh Brother Ting, you must compliment my marksmanship.”

A round of giggles rang until one deep voice, in the familiar laid-back tone replied, “Well, I guess you’ve improved.”

“All thanks to my great teacher. All hail Brother Ting, ruling the world.”



Huo Yunting??

Lu made a quick roll to see her husband as if godsent.

There was one moment where she could not help but to have tears welled up in her eyes as joy knotted her nose.

Huo Yunting glimpsed at his dishevelled wife on the ground, as he sauntered forward, passing by the shrieking hog. He stood next to her wife, looking from right above her like a deity rescuing her.

“Lu Zhaoyang, you had been with me for quite some time, yet you didn’t even learn a single trick of self-defense from me. You are just silly you know what.”

Silly? That word hurt her.

Right, the one man who once protected her while teasing her being silly was no more.

That one man exited her life, along with her innocence completely.

At that moment, the silly girl was no longer silly, as there was no one else who could protect her, other than herself.

That was when a kind of strength surged throughout her body, as she strenuously stood up, dragging her steps by the wall. She was squeezing every last ounce of her strength to move as she bit her lips, wanting to show the world her independence.

Withdrawing the sneer towards his feeble princess, Huo Yunting’s eyes turned hostile as he looked upon the hog crawling gracelessly towards the open door.

“Oh, President Gao, long time no see.” He sounded gentle, as he took a step forward to better greet his old pal, to which the heel of his leather shoe landed right upon Gao’s the bleeding arm.

“OUCH!” Gao shrieked again as he helplessly pleaded, “Please, President Huo, sir, my lord, forgive me. I am sincerely sorry, please, at your mercy sir, spare me my life. I will never do this again. H-h-h-how about this? Let me compensate you, how does one million sound? Wait, TWO million, two million, is that okay? Please, President Huo, anything, sir, let me go.”

Huo Yunting, after enjoying the clown’s performance, gestured to one of his men, Huo Li, “Pass me my toy.”

“Yes, Brother Huo. I already had the silencer installed. It’s one of the essentials for the greater good. Use it without worry.” Huo Li caught on to the gesture immediately, as he tossed a hand gun to his leader.

Huo Yunting first caressed his toy briefly, then he pointed the muzzle right between the horrified eyes of Gao Hai.

“Please sir! Anything but this! Forgive me! President Huo!”

Lu Zhaoyang regained a bit of vitality to look straight. As irony would have it, she opened her eyes right during the terrifying execution. Her heart nearly skipped a beat.

Is he killing the man for real?

Lu had her mouth wide open in astonishment. She wanted to say something. She wanted to appeal for the man but there was this part of her conscience, replaying the moment she almost got violated, asking her to not do so.

Any sane human would not forgive this beast. Similarly, any ordinary person would not be able to take this bloodshed comfortably. Lu Zhaoyang turned to the wall and covered her ears tight, as she whispered prayers with a rather complicated feeling.

She thought she knew everything about her man.

But she was wrong.

Huo Yunting could not help but scoff at his woman acting terrified at this child’s play.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ah…Ah…That’s gonna hurt…

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