Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 533 - Chapter 533: Dressed as the sickly beauty in a campus novel (32)(1)

Chapter 533: Dressed as the sickly beauty in a campus novel (32)(1)

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Fu Shang didn’t want to sit next to Gu yanyuan.

It was one thing to guide him, but haste makes waste, so he had to take it slowly.

Besides, as a scumbag girl who was clearly a scumbag, of course, she had to do something like seducing a little brother in secret. Otherwise, what if she couldn’t get out of it in the future?

There was no point in letting everyone know about something that was destined to have no result.

Fu Shang saw through everything.

She looked like a scumbag who had seen through the mortal world.

With that thought in mind, Fu Shang put on a perfect smile and walked elegantly into the car. He greeted a few of his classmates with a smile.

Fu Shang’s eyes lit up when he saw a tall beauty that he wasn’t familiar with. His steps became lighter as he sat down beside her and stared straight at her.

Ye Ling was speechless.

Ye Ling’s seat was diagonally in front of Gu yanyuan, which meant that Fu min was sitting right in front of Gu yanyuan.

Gu yanyuan, who thought that Fu Shang was going to sit next to him:”..”

He was thinking too much.

The young man’s clear eyes instantly darkened a little. His face was still smiling gently as usual, but it made people shudder.

He lowered his eyelashes to hide the unknown expression in his eyes.

He muttered in a low voice.

“He’s indeed a liar …”

Fu Zhen, who had no idea what was going on, was happily flirting with the tsundere beauty. She even squeezed closer to ye Rou and covered her mouth with her hand, ah, I’m so sorry, student ye. I accidentally bumped into you.

Ye Ling,”…” It’s fine.”

She suspected that this woman was taking advantage of her.

If it wasn’t for Fu min’s beauty and the fact that they were both girls, her actions would have already touched the edge of the law.

For example, sexual harassment.

Gu yanyuan, who was sitting behind Fu Shang, could see all of her movements.

Those smiling eyes and slightly raised eyebrows.

The corners of the young girl’s eyes and the tips of her brows were wantonly fresh, making people unable to look away.

She faced ye Ling, not the slightest bit of pretense she had in front of him.

Gu yanyuan,”liar.”

A sense of annoyance rose in his heart for no reason.

That feeling was like an ant gnawing at him. It was unbearable and it seeped deep into his bones. He had never felt this way before, and he started to feel anxious uncontrollably.

Her long, snow-white fingers gradually clenched.

Fu min continued to tease ye Ling,” student ye’s grades are really good. 1 didn’t expect to be able to participate in this competition with you. If. had known earlier., wouldn’t have rejected you from the beginning. Now that we’re sitting together again, it’s really fate …

The young girl changed the topic and made her request with a smile, so, since we’re so fated, do you want to add me on WeChat? ”

Ye Ling was speechless.

What bullshit fate?

Didn’t you sit next to me?

As a proud little Peacock… PEI, little princess, how could ye Ling say such words?

Of course, that was impossible.

She nodded with a stiff face, took out her phone, and added Fu min on WeChat. She looked like a little kitten who had been coaxed by a white Rabbit.

It was a while after they added each other on WeChat.

Ye Jin still didn’t understand why he wanted to add this woman’s WeChat.

As for the beautiful young man, Gu yanyuan.

He looked as if he had been cuckolded. He couldn’t even maintain the smile on his face, and his dark eyes fell on the dog girl and girl..

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