Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 512 - Chapter 512: Dressed as the sickly beauty in a school novel

Chapter 512: Dressed as the sickly beauty in a school novel

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Tang guoguo blinked her clear cat-like eyes. Her fair and tender face still had some baby fat, making her look extremely cute.

She turned around and looked at Fu Chen in confusion.

Her clear eyes seemed to be asking,” I’m just taking a leave. Why am 1 a bug that doesn’t deserve to live in this world?”

Fu Shang was amused by Murong Wan’s attitude of bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

This female lead … He’s really a coward?

Fu Shang reached out and took the phone from Tang guoguo’s hands. His light-colored lips curled up as he retorted sarcastically, “”Heh, Ms. Murong, from what you’ve said … Just because we rely on our family background, we’ve become bugs that don’t deserve to live in this world?”

“You have an inferiority complex. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Do you hate the rich?”

Inferiority complex, hatred for the rich.

Every blade was aimed at Murong Wan’s heart.

Murong Wan clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, did I say something wrong? ” she said through the phone, what else do you have other than your family background? if you don’t have this layer of rich second generation skin, what can you do? ” I’m afraid you won’t even be able to survive?”

Fu Shang sneered,” so Ms. Murong, you think it’s unfair? You worked hard to get into a famous University, and even though you’re a teacher in an aristocratic high school after you graduate, you’re still bullied by the children of the aristocrats, and you don’t dare to complain …”

the girl’s soft and pleasant voice sounded like a demon’s voice, it was full of temptation, as if one would be pulled into an endless abyss if one did not pay attention.

Fu Shang’s words seemed to have struck a nerve in Murong Wan. isn’t that so? this society is so unfair. Why am I still a clown in your eyes after working so hard for so long and studying hard for more than ten years? ”

Fu Qianqian interrupted her with a smile.

the young girl’s voice was calm and cold, although the words she said were cold and ruthless, it made people have to admit that what she said was true.

“You’re telling me it’s unfair? There is no such thing as fairness in this world.”

moreover, it’s the result of several generations of hard work. Why do you think you can surpass it with just ten years of studying?”

“Murong Wan, stop pretending. You’re just trying to compete with the rich. Most people didn’t spend 10 years in the cold window for wealth, but to achieve a better self through their own efforts. Life is a process of constantly surpassing oneself. We’ve always lived for ourselves.”

“You think that we rich second generations are born good, but we were born at the end of others ‘road. You think it’s unfair. But this is life, no one has a choice.”

“besides, we have to take all kinds of high-intensity courses since we were four or five years old. we have to wake up at five in the morning for etiquette class and can’t sleep until nine in the evening. What were you doing at that time? you were climbing trees and digging out bird nests to play! if the rich second generation really only knows how to eat, drink, and have fun like you people think, then our family business would have been ruined a long time ago!”

fu shang’s words rendered murong wan speechless, but it was obviously of no use.

“then you students don’t respect me at all as a teacher, isn’t this a problem with your character?” murong wan retorted hatefully.

her voice was sharp and piercing.

Fu Shang smiled, first of all, I’m not disrespecting you. Those students bullied and humiliated you, but you vented your anger on me and Tang guoguo. It seems like you don’t deserve our respect.

“Secondly, Ms. Murong …. do you want me to personally say the ugly things you’ve done?”

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