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Chapter 457

Chapter 457

“Greetings, Madam Leona. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Leylin laughed with a soft smile as he landed on the main battleship.

At the first glance itself, anyone would be shaken on seeing this woman’s appearance. She was like a wailing ghost from Hell, hideous and terrorizing but despite that Leylin had no reaction to neither her looks nor her suffocating pressure.

“Do we know each other?” Asked Leona who was used to seeing people startled and afraid before her.

“No no, It’s our first time meeting. But I have surely heard the famous name Bloody Night Brutal Devil, Leader of the five feudal lords of Dark Firmament Divine Nation, Leader of Bloody Legion, Madam Leona.”

Before Leona could speak Leylin continued, “I am sure you have some questions about this incident, but I guess it would be better to talk in private.”

The woman in black squinted her eyes, her green eyes focused on the strange youth before her. If not for the show of strength that Leylin just executed she wouldn’t know that he’s such a dangerous figure.

Suddenly, she nodded and she shouted. “All of you get out of here! Now!”

Many warriors who were looking from the sideline were startled, her shout made their souls tremble. They all hastened to flee away.

There was no one near her and Leylin. No experts dared to come close. This woman was clearly the true commander of those battleships.

Leona’s eyes sparkled with a strange light while they were gazing at Leylin.

“You are not bad, kid.”

After a while, She looked at him strangely. “Who are you? Where are you from?”

“My name is Leylin Farlier. I am from… let’s say somewhere far away.”

Leylin said with a smile. “But that’s not important, what’s important is that It seems someone wants to mess with madam Leona.”

Nodding her head, Leona regarded him indifferently. “I can see that. You are probably not related to this incident. The others wanted to make you a sacrificial pawn. That person didn’t want to spare your life.”

Leylin had a smiling face but his eyes turned incredibly cold.

He knew Aagon’s men tampered with this amethyst war chariot, and could estimate precisely that he would stop by the Moon Star.

Also, he knew Leona would pass by this area. That stealthy rat had timed it perfectly and triggered it.

The purpose was to kill him and damage that woman’s battleships at the same time.

This was absolutely a big wild scheme. Someone was having so many plans to set him up and screw with Leona.

“First, if it actually happened as the other had planned,” Leona felt the change in Leylin and frowned internally but she was still calm, “The Dark Magnetic Deadly Explosion would have completely burst off, you should have died. Nothing could have been left remaining. Some of my battleships would be crushed, and I would have some big trouble.”

“Since you’ve come using the amethyst war chariot, the chariot of Princess Zahira, I would pour this debt on her, making her pay a big price for it…”

Leylin nodded.

“Yeah, someone wants to trigger the grudge between you and Princess Zahira, making you and her stand on the opposite sides, which would make you take revenge on her. A wild political scheme.”

“Who is that?” Leona mumbled, then asked all of a sudden. “How do you relate to Zahira? Why did you come here?’

Leona seemed to be more concerned about Leylin identity, It’s a surprise she doesn’t know about someone at his caliber. Although he appeared to be a King God Realm Warrior but with her years of honed skills and the previous display of outrageous strength she knows he is no small character.

Usually with her brutal character she would have never talked to a mere King God realm kid like Leylin, and instead ripped his Soul Altar out to know all the secrets that were hiding beneath.

“Well I know her because I saved her life and in return she gave me the Purgatory Token. I was going to the Extreme Purgatory Field.”

“Saved her?”

“Yeah, you know a while back Princess Zahira and Prince Dante were attacked by pirates. They lost a lot of materials and Prince is still missing, I am the reason that Princess made it out.”

Leona looked at him for a while but didn’t say anything. After a long time of staying quiet, she groaned something in her throat.

She got lost in her thoughts, and Leylin didn’t urge her, she was probably trying to figure out if he was telling the truth or did he have any motives behind his actions

After a while, she spoke up again. “Who do you suspect?”

“I don’t have a suspect, I know who’s the perpetrator.”


“Aagon, Alavid’s nephew. The Purgatory Token in my hand was supposed to be his.”

“Aagon? ” Leona mumbled. Her dark green eyes sparkled as she harrumphed coldly. “This kid doesn’t treasure his life.”

“Are you sure it’s him?” Leona asked with a suspicious gaze.

“Well yeah but I guess you are probably thinking I am brewing a scheme myself.”

“Do you think I blew the chariot and then saved the day. Pulling up a deliberate show to appear on higher ground and then target Aagon through you. You think I want to use your hands to get rid of him because he is favoured by Princess Zahira and his removal would set a stage for myself.”

Leylin shook his head, he could feel the suspicion of this woman. A cunning woman like her wouldn’t just believe anything so easily, she would think of the situation from all possible angles.

Because it had many implications to act against Aagon, his uncle is also an Original God Realm Warrior.

Leona didn’t answer. She still gazed at him, as if she wanted to detect whether he was lying to her or not.

Leylint didn’t care and started to look around.

After a while, the woman snorted. “Smartass!”

Afterward, she didn’t pay attention to Leylin anymore, flying away suddenly. When she approached her subordinates, she shouted. “He’s going to the Extreme Purgatory Field. You take him to a room.”

The husky man in black armor returned. He flew over and respectfully led Leylin with him into the leading bone battleship. Regardless of who Leylin is, he saved the lives of many of his people and he was indebted to him.

Even without that, Leylin was a strong warrior with unbelievable attainment in space power. He’s someone worthy of respect and adulation.


A few weeks later.

The Third Sky of King God Realm husky man in black armor came to a secluded room for warriors at the end of the passage. He said. “We’ve arrived at the Purgatory Star, Sir. Madam Leona is asking for you.”


Leylin has been staying inside the room cultivating for the whole journey, never coming out. As the main ship of the infamous Blood Legion, it had a very good cultivating room dedicated for the warriors to improve themselves.

Blood Legion is usually always on the move so it’s important to have such facility so that members of the legion can improve their cultivation mid journey, and an esteemed guest Leylin obviously had the rights to access them completely.

A dark light flashed as Leylin followed the man and appeared on the main deck of the bone battleship. This spooky green bone ship was quite strange, releasing a freezing blood aura.

Hundreds of warriors were standing on the deck of the ship. Their auras were strong, but not hurried. A thick smell of blood emitted from those warriors, gathering into a blood flood current that couldn’t be seen with naked eyes, twirling around their body.

Members of the Bloody Legion under Leona’s commands were all insane butchers with bloodlust as their natural feature. They wandered around the Raging Flame Star Area, causing bloody instances that startled people on countless life stars. No one could count how many people they had killed till now.

Those warriors had a bloodthirsty aura. Since they had killed so many people, their bloody murderous aura was so thick that it could affect the warriors’ souls directly.

Standing on the deck of the battleship, Leylin seemed out of place.

Leona stood still, looking into the far distance, as though she was waiting for something.

“Madame’s waiting for you.”

The man pointed forward and nodded his head to Leylin. His back was upright as he stood like a tough rock. His eyes looked at that woman in black with the hottest admiration and respect.

In his eyes, that woman in black was his Goddess.

Leylin had a smile on his face as he walked forward, passing by each warrior that looked like a block of bloody rock, his eyes raking here and there.

The sky here was pitch-black, without any sun, moon, or stars. Black ink water seemed to hover thickly in the sky, hindering all kinds of lights. The cold and isolated aura permeated everywhere.

Further in their vision were mountains jutting up to the sky. However, they were carved and portrayed spookily. They looked as ferocious as the strong demon beasts in the Dawn of the planet, which could shake people’s souls.

The ground was full of red blood. A bloodthirsty aura and the thick scent of blood invaded the whole land.

Leona stood on the main deck, looking like a wailing ghost of this Purgatory Star. She seemed to be waiting for something.

Leylin walked behind her, speaking. “Greetings, Madame.”

Leona didn’t turn around, still looking at the far area ahead of her. “Was the journey comfortable?”

“Very much, Madame has my gratitude for her hospitality.”

Standing near Leona were three other young warriors. One of them was at the Second Sky of King God Realm, and the other two were at the First Sky of King God Realm.

They all wore pitch-black clothes, which had a dark sun crest – the unique mark of Leona.

The Second Sky of King God Realm warrior was a Dark Clan female. Although her appearance wasn’t that outstanding, her body was mesmerizingly appealing. At the same time, her aura was quite intimidating.

The other two were young human males. From their similar appearances, they must be brothers. These two had a barrel-chested, muscular body, with haughty faces indicating they didn’t want to be controlled.

Leylin looked at them and immediately noticed they wore a token on their waist, which had the drawing of a bloody crown – the Purgatory Token.

Apparently, these three were like him. They were going to join the Extreme Purgatory Field.

Those three young people were quiet and their eyes were somber, slightly bending their bodies as if they were waiting for her orders.

Leona suddenly turned around, she glanced at Leylin for a second and said to the three young people, “I don’t know what you will do after you get in there. In short, the one who can kill the most must be one of you three.”

Her dark green eyes raked through the three young people. “If you lose my people, even if you can come out alive, I will kill you myself. I will destroy your clan too.”

These three people shut their mouths. They immediately kneeled down on one knee, stooping. No one dared to talk anymore.

“This man will join the Extreme Purgatory Field as well. You guys pay attention to him.” Leona pointed at Leylin and shouted her order. “In the Extreme Purgatory Field, if you encounter him, you can try to kill him. Although you most definitely fail.”

The three were aggravated instantly. Their eyes looked at Leylin with a bloodthirsty visage as they gritted their teeth savagely.

Leylin broke out in laughter, his eyes were cold as he stopped and grinned fiendishly. His eyes turned into an amber colored vertical slit and an intimidating aura released from him.

Leona saw the three young people shudder involuntarily under Leylin provocation and had an ugly expression on her horrendous face, the worms in her face wiggled as if they wanted to tear their way out and bite the heads out of everyone.

“If you see Aagon’s men, don’t show mercy. Kill them all. Especially him, if you see him, bring his soul to me… I’ll treat him myself,” Leona shouted.

The two were shaken as they got stirred up immediately. Their eyes became blood-red, full of fighting will.

While Leona was talking, hissing sounds came from ahead of them. Not long afterward, ten-meters long war chariots appeared one by one in front of them.

A handsome warrior in the leading war chariot pitched his voice. “Greetings, Madame Leona.”

Leona nodded, gazing at Leylin once again who returned to his smiling face. She pulled something in the air, and a white bone war chariot flew over. She got in the chariot and talked to her warriors. “Get in.”

The three members of the Bloody Legion, who were going to join the Extreme Purgatory Field, got in the war chariot without saying a word.

Leona frowned, sweeping her eyes over Leylin. Leylin nodded and walked forward with a smile in the war chariot as well.

His view became wider after he got into the war chariot. He suddenly found that only this white bone battleship appeared in the Purgatory Star. The other ships had disappeared somewhere.

Leona touched the void, and a beam of pitch-black light fell on the white bone battleship under their feet. Prison cells suddenly flew out of the battleship, each cell covered with a dark shadow. Around fifty cells floated in the air, looking like small suns

Leylin’s Soul Consciousness flickered. A gleam of excitement flashed in his eyes as he looked at Leona.

He suddenly recognised that his guess wasn’t wrong. He had read a lot of rumours about her after going through the books and archives in Zahira’s library, Leylin knew about all the important figures in Raging Flame Star Area and this woman was one of the most interesting in his opinion.

At the moment Leona used her power and her God Domain, her body was covered entirely in the darkness, as if she had disappeared completely.

Dark Domain!

A beam of magical light crossed across his eyes like lightning. Dark Upanishad Leona had was totally the same as the War Devil in his ring!

However, War Devil was just a puppet, a clone of Leonidas Larrington.

Leylin can verify that Leona is the successor of Leonidas Larrington and his Dark Upanishad. She was an inheritor of Bloodthirsty’s Cortege of Eight just like Kato.

“Welcome, Madame Leona,” Warriors on the dark iron war chariot bent their bodies to greet her loudly.

Leona nodded as the white bone war chariot dashed forward rapidly. Around fifty clusters of dark light followed her like dark clouds. They were the cells controlled by her Dark power.

Apparently, those warriors were the receptionists. They led the way while Leylin and Leona were behind them.

One could see ranges of thousands of meters tall mountains, which were cut into the shapes of ghosts and monsters. This group of rock ghosts and monsters looked ferocious, with an evil, bloody aura. They appeared under the bone chariot, zoomed out, and disappeared.

All of a sudden, another battleship by a three thousand meters tall mountain range appeared. This one was made of platinum, shining dazzlingly in this dark Purgatory Star.

“Seems Rochester’s here.” Leona glared at the platinum battleship, then shifted her look away, talking indifferently.

“True. Sir Rochester arrived here first. He’s been idle here for half a month.” The receptionist smiled, trying to earn her favor. “Besides Sir Rochester, Sir Carthew and Sir Declan have come. Until now, only Alavid’s still on the way.”

Besides Leona, Alavid, Declan, Rochester and Carthew were the other members of the five great feudal vassals of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation.


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