War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Chapter 4034 - First Fight

Chapter 4034: First Fight

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Many people were shocked that Duan Ling Tian obtained the token with the number two. When they recovered, they all marveled at his quick thinking. To be able to make such excellent judgment under such circumstances was commendable.

Meanwhile, a few outstanding participants were still struggling with Lin Yuan for the token with the number one.

“The fight is quite fierce.”

Duan Ling Tian, who had already obtained his token, no longer had anything to do so he enjoyed the show.

‘If they continue fighting over that one token, the other good tokens will be gone…’

Soon enough, Duan Ling Tian saw two participants withdrawing from the fight for the number one token. Those two were the Luo Yuan from the Divine Morning Mansion’s Autumn Leaves Sect and Tuo Ba Xiu from the Underworld Mansion’s Yuwen clan.

Luo Yuan quickly snatched the token with the number four from a few participants who were fighting over it.

Tuo Ba Xiu was a step behind, failing to obtain the token with the number three. She changed her target and looked for the next best token.

Meanwhile, Luo Yuan and Tuo Ba Xiu’s absence did not make the fight for the number one token any less fierce. On the contrary, it grew even fiercer.

At this moment, Han Di from the Consonance Mansion’s United Heavens Sect, Yuan Mo Yu from the Green Province Mansion’s Howling Heaven Sect, and Wanqi Hong from the Eastern Ridge Mansion’s Wanqi clan were still fighting Lin Yuan from the Profound Jade Mansion’s Howling Flames Sect for the number one token.

Everyone assumed that Lin Yuan would use all his strength to obtain the token so they were shocked when Lin Yuan suddenly withdrew and obtained one of the first ten tokens.

With that, only Han Di, Yuan Mo Yu, and Wanqi Hong were left fighting over token number one. None of them wanted to yield.

At this time, except for the first, 29th, and 30th tokens, all the other tokens had been claimed.

“How intense. It’s fine if you succeed. Otherwise, you’ll only be left with one of two final tokens.”

Many people watched the skirmish excitedly even though it was not a real fight.

The trio fought for another few minutes before Han Di successfully obtained the number one token. His success was not because he was stronger than the other two, but it was because he had been a step ahead of the other two. Since the beginning, the token was in his hand, and he only had to hold onto the token and bring it to safety.

After the number one token was taken, Yuan Mo Yu only sighed softly and shook his head before casually grabbing one of the two remaining tokens. He did not even bother to look at the number on the token.

On the contrary, Wanqi Hong’s expression was extremely unsightly as he spat, “Damn it!”

In the end, Wanqi Hong had no choice but to take the last token. His expression worsened when he saw the number 29 on the token.

With this, all 30 tokens had been claimed by the participants.

“I didn’t expect Yuan Mo Yu and Wanqi Hong to end up with the last two tokens. I guess the fight will start with Yuan Mo Yu who obtained the lowest number…”

“I heard that Yuan Mo Yu is the descendant of the powerhouse from the Howling Heaven Sect who became an advanced Emperor of Gods 10,000 years ago! Not much is known about Yuan Mo Yu. He only became famous shortly before the Seven Mansions Feast started.”

“With his strength, I supposed he’ll challenge the participant with the number 21 immediately.”

“Of course.”

“I’m more curious about what Wanqi Hong plans to do. Once Yuan Mo Yu takes over the 21st place, will Wanqi Hong challenge Yuan Mo Yu? After all, he can’t challenge those in the top 20 if he’s not in the 21st place.”

“I didn’t think about this! It seems like there’ll be an interesting show to watch soon!”

“I didn’t think there’d be such an exciting show so early in the game!”

While the young disciples whispered among themselves, Lin Dong Lai said, “Now, I’d like the participants to step forward and display their tokens.”

Han Di from the Consonance Mansion’s United Heavens Sect was first.

Duan Ling Tian was second.

One of the two participants from the Feudal Lord Mansion obtained the number three. His strength seemed to be a little weaker compared to Han Di and the others.

Luo Yuan from the Divine Morning Mansion’s Autumn Leaves Sect obtained the number four.

A prodigy from the Green Provine Mansion’s Marionette Villa obtained the number five.

Tuo Ba Xiu from the Underworld Mansion’s Yuwen clan was sixth.

The seventh place was Lin Yuan from the Profound Jade Mansion’s Howling Flames Sect.

The other participant from the Feudal Lord Mansion obtained the number eight.

Yang Qian Ye had easily obtained the number ten, which Duan Ling Tian had seen earlier.

A participant from the Consonance Mansion who was second to Han Di obtained the number ten.

Most of the participants who obtained the first ten tokens were all powerful. Among the powerful participants, only Yuan Mo Yu and Wanqi Hong did not obtain any of the first ten tokens. Apart from the duo, there were a few rather strong participants who obtained not very favorable tokens due to their luck as well.

“Alright. You have 15 minutes to remember the numbers corresponding with the participants and think about who to challenge,” Lin Dong Lai said, “However, things might not go according to your plan. Who knows if the participant you intend to challenge would be challenged before you could do so?”

The fight would start with the 30th participant. If the participant won, he or she would exchange rank with the person he or she defeated. For example, if the 30th participant challenged the 21st participant and won, they would switch places. After that, the loser would be given a period of time to rest so no one could challenge him or her.

“The participant with the number 30, please step forward.”

Everyone, including Duan Ling Tian, turned to look at Yuan Mo Yu.

Yuan Mo Yu was a young man dressed in light gray robes. There was a smile on his face, and he had a very elegant bearing. All in all, he made people feel refreshed when they looked at him.

Yuan Mo Yu flew to the battlefield after Lin Dong Lai’s voice fell.

“Choose your opponent,” Lin Dong Lai said to Yuan Mo Yu, “You can challenge anyone from the 21st to the 29th place.”

At this moment, everyone shifted their eyes to the person holding the 21st token. He was a young disciple from the Profound Jade Mansion’s Fortune Sect. When he felt the gazes on him, he instinctively looked at Yuan Mo Yu. His gaze was slightly wary, but he was clearly fearless. He would not cower even if he was not a match for Yuan Mo Yu. No matter what, he was also the most outstanding among the younger generation of the Fortune Sect; he had his pride. Moreover, if he showed fear now, who knew if he would develop a knot in his heart in the future that would affect his cultivation?

As expected, Yuan Mo Yu said, “I challenge the 21st participant.”


The participant from the Fortune Sect flew to the battlefield immediately and landed a small distance away from Yuan Mo Yu. He was a tall young man with a sturdy body. He looked rather majestic as he stood still.

Yuan Mo Yu nodded slightly and said, “I’m Yuan Mo Yu from the Green Province Mansion’s Howling Heaven Sect.”

“Wang Zhu Bai from the Profound Jade Mansion’s Fortune Sect.”

In fact, Wang Zhu Bai was quite famous in the Profound Jade Mansion. His fame in the Profound Jade Mansion was only second to the Howling Flames Sect’s Mo Luo Duo and comparable to another two outstanding young prodigies. They were all the strongest among the younger generation in the Profound Jade Mansion

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