War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Chapter 3364 - Little Gold’s Strength

Chapter 3364: Little Gold’s Strength

In the end, Little White, who was adamant about not joining forces with Little Black, attacked first. Her comprehension level of the profundities of the law was on par with Little Gold, and their cultivation bases were almost the same as well. In the past, she had an edge over Little Gold due to her true form, which was that of a dragon. For that reason, Little Gold was no match for her in the past.

Naturally, this did not mean Little Gold was weaker or less talented. It was just the strength difference between their true forms that also affected their fights in human forms.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Little White pushed both her hands out as she moved, shooting out terrifying white energy at Little Gold. Her movements were so graceful that she looked like an immortal who had descended from the heavens.

“Little White, you’re no match for me,” Little Gold said fearlessly when faced with Little White’s formidable attack.

“You… You’ve broken through and become a Ten Directions Celestial Lord stage?” Little White’s expression turned solemn. In the past, they had similar cultivation bases, but now Little Gold had surpassed her after becoming a Ten Directions Celestial Lord. Nevertheless, due to her advantage as a dragon, her strength should be on par with Little Gold. For this reason, she was confused when she saw Little Gold casually repelling her attacks.

‘Her strength is much stronger than before…” Little White was very familiar with Little Gold’s strength in the past, and she could tell Little Gold’s current strength was much stronger than before.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After a few more exchanges, Little White began to fall into a disadvantageous position. Although she had yet to revert to her true form, she was still fighting with her full strength in her human form.

On the other hand, Little Gold did not seem affected by the fight as well. It was obvious she had not gone out at all.


At this moment, Little White finally reverted to her true form; a white Nine-clawed Divine Dragon that seemed to shine with a holy light.

“It is useless.” Little Gold was undaunted. She exerted more strength and easily overpowered Little White in the next move.

Upon seeing this, Ji Ning Yun, the Fourth Elder of the dragon clan, who was standing next to Duan Ling Tian widened her eyes in shock as though she had sensed something. “This little one has improved so much?!”

“Mother, she seems to have…” Ji Xiang said. She could sense the difference in Little Gold as well. She saw her mother nodding, confirming her thoughts.

“Hm?” Little Black who was standing nearby could also sense something was amiss. A rare surprised expression could be seen on his usually expressionless face. If he did not revert to his true form, he was not certain he could defeat Little White in her true form. However, Little Gold did not even revert to her true form, but she was able to suppress Little White. This meant that not only was Little Gold stronger than Little White now, but she was stronger than him as well!

At this moment, Ji Ning Yun turned to look at Little Black meaningfully.

Without another word, Little Black flew out to join forces with Little White.

However, Little Gold who had yet to revert to her true form could still hold her own against Little White who had reverted to her true form and Little Black who was in his human form.

“This is great!” Little Gold laughed happily with a hint of satisfaction, enjoying the fight. In the past, she had never been strong enough to beat Little Black and Little White. Every time she progressed, they would progress as well, causing her to lose. However, today, both of them had joined forces, but they were still unable to defeat her. Moreover, she had not even reverted to her true form.

“Little Gold, how did you improve so much suddenly?” Little White asked incredulously. What happened for Little Gold’s strength to rise to this extent? It was not a normal improvement.

“It’s all thanks to the Purgatory Battlefield,” Little Gold said proudly.

“The Purgatory Battlefield?” Little White was stunned.

At this moment, Ji Ningyun interjected, “Little Black, revert to your true form.”

At this point, Little Black was also aware that it would be difficult for them to defeat Little Gold if he did not revert to his true form even if he joined forces with Little White. In just a blink of an eye, he transformed into a black Nine-clawed Devil Dragon that seemed to be the complete opposite of Little White’s true form.

“Oh, you finally reverted to your true form!” Little Gold’s eyes lit up immediately. She continued to fight in her human form, and as time passed, she began to feel the pinch.

“It’s time to get serious. Let’s end this now,” Little Gold said with a chuckle.

Under Little White and Little Black’s watchful gazes, Little Golden transformed into a gigantic golden mouse with blood-red eyes and sharp claws and fangs. The duo was not familiar with this form at all.

“Little Black, take this!” the mouse said before shooting toward the black dragon like a golden bolt of lightning. Despite her size, her speed was incredibly fast.


Before Little Black could react, he was sent flying by Little Gold with a slap. He landed heavily against the edge of the training field; the momentum caused him to skid on the ground for a while before he came to a stop.

“Little White!” Just as the white dragon was about to make a move, the gigantic mouse shot over at lightning speed.

Perhaps, Little Black was caught unprepared by Little Gold’s earlier attack, but Little White was prepared at this moment. Nevertheless, it was futile.


Little Gold swiped at Little White with her paws, sending Little White flying back. Following that, she said smugly, “Little Black, Little White, you aren’t strong enough to defeat me!”

“Little Gold is too confident,” Duan Ling Tian said wryly as he shook his head.

On the other hand, Ji Ning Yun and Ji Xiang had yet to recover from the shock. It seemed as though they froze as soon as they saw Little Gold’s true form.

Ji Xiang asked, dumbfounded, “Mother, that’s… that’s the Nine Depths God Killing Mouse, right?”

“Yes.” Ji Ningyun nodded. The Nine Depths God Killing Mouse, also known as god killers, was as famous as the Ten-clawed Divine Dragon. Once it attained godhood, ordinary gods were no match for it.

In fact, unlike her old form, Little Gold’s current form could be said to be superior to Ten-clawed Divine Dragons in certain aspects. Naturally, this did not mean that the Nine Depths God Killing Mouse was superior to the Ten-clawed Divine Dragon as a whole.

Meanwhile, the others who were sparring in the vicinity stopped what they were doing and looked at the huge golden mouse in the air. Many of them suspected it was a Divine Beast.

“Is that a D-divine Beast?”

“It has to be! Otherwise, how could it easily defeat two Nine-clawed Divine Dragons?”

“That’s right. She’s just a Ten Directions Celestial Lord, but the two Nine Palaces Celestial Lords still can’t defeat her after joining forces. There’s no way she’s not a Divine Beast.”

Similarly, Little Black and Little White were shocked as well. No one knew Little Gold’s strength better than them. If she did not evolve and become a Divine Beast, she would not be capable of defeating them.

“Little Black, Little White, I’ll give you a chance. Combine your attacks!” Little Gold said with a grin.

Little Black and Little White were twins and shared a strong bond. Therefore, when they combined their attack, it was not as simple as one plus one equals two.

“Let’s do it.” Little White glanced at Little Black.

The duo had a tacit understanding and flew up before they attacked Little Gold in unison.


Although Little Black and Little White’s joint attack was powerful, Little Gold opened her mouth and easily devoured their attack. Her stomach seemed to bulge for a moment before it suddenly flattened again. At the same time, small bursts of energy began to surge out of her body as though she had burped to release gas, or in this case, to release some of the excess energy she devoured.

The onlookers gulped as chills ran up their spines.

“W-what kind of Divine Beast is this? She’s the prodigious disciple from Blood Moon Ridge, right?”

“It’s too heaven-defying!”

“I remember she has never won a fight against Little White in the past. Now, not only did she defeat Little White, but she even managed to defeat Little Black, who was stronger than his sister, and Little White after they joined forces….”

“I remember her form was not like this previously. She must have evolved!”

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