Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 1903 Great Depths Of The Wall

Chapter 1903 Great Depths Of The Wall

No one would expect such a method to be used to reach the wall. It was rather uncouth and embarrassing for an Immortal. But Lin Mu wasn't one to care.

And it wasn't like there was anyone to watch him anyways.

Of course, by now the gravity was at deadly levels.

Lin Mu was barely twenty meters from the looming great wall and the gravity had already exceeded three hundred times. He couldn't even estimate how great it exactly was due to having no reference by now.

'Breathing is hard too now.' Lin Mu couldn't speak anymore due to the great weight.

In fact, he couldn't move at all either. He was just lying on the ground and looking up at the wall.

The detailed observations were being made by his Immortal sense anyway. And even that was difficult to move.

If normally his Immortal sense was like a feather, now it was like a heavy lead chain to which a ship anchor was tied. It was incredibly difficult to move around, but Lin Mu still did it by pouring extra immortal Qi into it.

Unfortunately, this also meant that his range was quite limited now. Even extending it for a hundred meters was an achievement.

'No wonder they say even Transcendents would falter here. The gravity won't kill them, but they won't be able to do much either.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

In fact, the Transcendent Immortals wouldn't even be able to use any of their skills, as mustering immortal Qi and moving their limbs to attack would be quite difficult. And even if they did, the power would be a fraction of what would usually be released.


'Just lying here is doing much…' Lin Mu realized the place was actually quite boring.

His curiosity might have spurred him to come here, but now that he had to see it there wasn't much here.

'Even if I want to know what is causing this gravity, I can't with my limited senses and no mobility.' Lin Mu thought.

"Try going down." It was then that Xukong's voice echoed in his mind.

"Down?" Lin Mu said in doubt.

"Yes… whatever might have caused this gravitational anomaly is likely to be deeper in the ground. Or even if it was on top, it has probably sunk deep in there." Xukong explained.

"Hmm… that does make sense." Lin Mu agreed and activated Phase.


With how strong gravity was, Lin Mu's body instantly sank into the ground like a bowling ball dropped from the sky.

With the solid ground no longer there to block him, he fell through it and kept on gaining momentum. In just thirty seconds, he was already five kilometers deep in the ground. Thankfully, there was no more change in gravity and as such he could handle things better.

'With Phase, the effect of gravity is also a bit less.' Lin Mu could at least move his fingers now.

But he didn't know how far he would continue to fall.

Two minutes passed like this, and by now even Lin Mu was confused about how deep this went.

"Don't tell me this goes all the way to the center of the world or something?" Lin Mu said with hesitation.

He was sure he had already gone over a hundred kilometers deep by now.

To anyone else, going this far deep would be very unsettling. They would have fears about being able to return to the surface.

After all, with such strong gravity, if they couldn't even move, how would they go against the gravity and move up?

Lin Mu though had no such concerns as his escape route had been ready since the start.

As such he was not worried about returning and let his body fall through the ground.

Another minute passed, and Lin Mu finally felt a faint change.

"Wait… Did the Gravity just get lighter?" Lin Mu could sense the minuscule difference.

A few seconds later, his doubt was cleared.

"It is getting lighter!" Lin Mu was now sure of it.

While his speed of descent did not change, the pressure on his organs certainly decreased. He could also breathe better.

And about five minutes later, Lin Mu felt like the gravity had greatly reduced. In fact, it was barely ten times higher than normal..

"Huh… This is fine." Lin Mu controlled his speed of descent and halted in place.

With his Immortal sense free to move around, Lin Mu probed the area and looked around for anything peculiar.

It took him over an hour of wandering before he finally found something.

"The composition of the ground is different over there…" Lin Mu muttered and went there.

Upon getting closer, his immortal sense could perceive things a lot more clearly and he finally saw what it was.

"A building?" Lin Mu had come across a building this far underground.

He didn't know what it was doing here or who built it, but he had no doubt that this building had something to do with the unusual gravity. As such, he quickly entered the building and soon realized what kind of palace it was.

"This is a temple…" Lin Mu said upon looking around.

There were various kinds of murals and carvings on the wall. But upon observing them, Lin Mu realized that they were actually familiar to him.

"Hang on a second… weren't murals like these in that clan worship temple, too?" Lin Mu recalled the temple where he had stumbled upon an asteroid in the lesser void, back when he had met the Haima Tribe.

He had accidentally arrived there and didn't know what that place was. But now that he was comparing the two, they seemed to be built by the same person or organization.

"They are completely apart on different continents… and yet the same… Strange." Lin Mu felt like there was more than met his eye.

He decided to investigate more and went further into the temple.

There were several rooms and halls in the temple, and as such, there was much to explore.

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