Walker Of The Worlds

1721 Mix Of Hundreds Of Formations

The Saintess’s words were astounding to Lin Mu.

“Wait… You mean there is more than just one plane?” Lin Mu asked in a surprised tone.

“Indeed.” The Saintess nodded. “They will create several planes so that multiple fights can happen without the contestants disturbing each other.” She answered.

“I see… I thought a single large plane might be enough for it.” Lin Mu replied.

“They could have done that and then set barriers to separate it. But there are always some skills or other unknown factors that can disturb the other fights. Thus it is better to make multiple smaller Spatial Planes.” The Saintess explained. “Of course, even if they are being called smaller, they are a few tens of kilometers in size.” She added.

Lin Mu almost couldn’t believe that a plane that was tens of kilometers was being called small.

He had seen several spatial planes before as they could be in many forms. He had also seen big planes with the Kong Plane and the sacred lands of the Ripple Mist Sect being one of them.

But the difference was that these planes were cut off from the real world and were originally parts of them. 

They weren’t planes that had been created from scratch. An example of that would be the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode. It was technically a Minor plane too but the space inside it was just a kilometer in area.

And it was something that had taken generations of the Luo clan to make. 

What the Temple of the Guardian beasts was doing here was simply on another level. They were making multiple Spatial planes from scratch just for a tournament!

Lin Mu now understood the hype behind the Tournament. It wasn’t just something that allowed one to learn from the fights, but also the other feats that the Temple demonstrated.

After all, it wasn’t often that a cultivator would get to see such complex formations being made and an entire array being deployed for the creation of Spatial Planes. 

To Lin Mu, it was very beneficial, since he not only got to improve his understanding of the formation and runes but also Space itself.

‘I can sense the Spatial fluctuations now… The void will soon tear.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He spread his immortal sense as much as he could while also activating his Spatial Perception. 

With both active, he could now observe a lot more than before. He sensed the space shake while the fabric started to stretch.

The different formations came together to perform various functions.

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm

First, the Boundary Stabilizing Great Formation created an isolated area. It prevented the space of the Rust Sky world from being affected while also separating a part of it. It was this part that would be affected by the formations.

Next, the Void Penetrating Great Formation started its work turning into a great cleaver that split apart the void!ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

The Spatial Fabric was smoothly torn and the energy of the void could be felt. Lin Mu’s eyes were wide open as he felt strong Spatial Energies coming from it. 

‘Since it was torn at a stable region, it is expected for there to be strong Spatial Energy. It is essentially trying to repair itself.’ Lin Mu analyzed. 

But this repair could not be permitted as it would lead to failure of the entire process.

It was here that the Third Formation came into work. 

The Void Lightning Great Formation turned into fine threads of lightning that ran across the edges of the spatial fabric. They were like a Bowie that cauterized the wound that had been caused in the space preventing any bleeding.

With the work of these three formations done, the rest of the formations kicked into action. After all, there were many more formations that were needed for a Spatial Plane to be created.

Lin Mu could recognize some of these, while some were unfamiliar to him. He still observed them nonetheless, hoping to learn more. He also intended to ask Senior Xukong about them and see if he could replicate some of the simpler ones.

The Boundary Stabilizing Great Formation, Void Penetrating Great Formation, and the Void Lightning Great Formation were formations that Lin Mu could not make at his current level.

Even the minor versions of it were something he hadn’t tried yet. Though he reckoned if he got a bit more guidance from Senior Xukong while making them, he might just succeed. But he would also need some resources for it to work.

Adding this to his list of things to do, Lin Mu focused on the performance in the sky.

An hour passed like this while hundreds of formations worked in tandem to cut out pieces of the void. These pieces were then mended together before turning them into isolated spaces.

But this was not the end.

Right now while a Spatial pocket had been carved out, it was just empty. There was nothing inside it and it was basically an extremely large Spatial Storage tool right now. 

Of course, these spatial pockets weren’t exactly visible to the people below. Some might be able to sense the space stirring, but only those with Spatial Perception would be able to truly ‘see’ the pockets being formed.

They were all in the sky and were covering it like a massive blanket.

‘Are they going to use the Habitat Formations?’ Lin Mu wondered.

He had seen such formations before that were used in the creation of a livable environment. After all one at least needed ground and some air for a fight to be conducted properly. Getting air into the plane was simple as one could just form a link between the Rust Sky world and the Spatial Planes.

But putting land there was not as simple. 

Simply throwing a large rock there wouldn’t be enough as it would just float around. They needed for it to be stable as well.

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