Walker Of The Worlds

1448 Battle In The Streets

The attacker’s words were enough to make even Luo Tu nervous.

For a formation to be set up silently like this with hundreds of immortals present, he knew it must be complex. He also didn’t think that this entire situation was opportunistic. From what he could guess, all this had been planned for a while.

“So you’ve been scheming against me for a while… and it shouldn’t be you alone.” Luo Tu said in a dangerous tone.

“Humph! Did you never think about the amount of people you’ve offended?” The attacker scoffed. “Let me tell you, it is not small. I am simply the one who has decided to end your life personally!” the man said before flipping back.

He spun in the air and disappeared.

‘A cloak type immortal tool that can hide one’s presence as well as turn one invisible…’ Luo Tu tried to remember if such a tool had made an appearance before.

He also tried to send a message for help to his family, but all of them seemed to be getting blocked. This only confirmed his conjecture that the formation blocked everything.


The dagger made its appearance again, but this time it was thrown at Luo Tu’s legs. It hit the edge of one of the six shields before being deflected diagonally.

“Hah!” Luo Tu spun his crescent spear, creating an area of turbulence around him.

He was picking up on the attacker’s patterns and guessed that the man had simply tried to feint before.

And just as he had thought, a moment later, his attack clashed against the attacker!

“Dammit!” The attacker grunted in pain, as another cut appeared on his arm.

He gritted his teeth before cloaking his body.

“Fulminating Ember Talisman!” The man threw out a red and black talisman.

It looked like was made from burning coals and emanated a strong heat. Luo Tu who was still spinning his crescent spear saw it appear and was alarmed.

“Shit! Hexashield Formation!” He gesture with his hands and summoned the shields to form a wall in front of him.

The six shields flew forward and assembled into two rows, three in each. And just as they responded to Luo Tu’s command, the Fulminating Ember Talisman arrived.

The talisman first split into smaller coals, before turning into tiny embers. And yet, each ember was still as hot as before. The more their numbers increased, the higher the temperature went.

Finally, the embers collided against the shield wall, some stopping right there while some scattering around it. A few embers managed to slip below the shield while some went to the two sides.


Then in the next moment, tens of explosions occurred!

Each ember exploded with the might of a cannonball sending forth waves of turbulent energies. The paved roads were devastated, while the buildings nearby started to collapse from the shockwave.

Glass shattered, Rocks crumbled, and walls fell!

A small talisman had the same effect as tens of bombs!


And in all this, a crisp and loud sound was heard.

A mass of smoke and dust was currently covering Luo Tu and made it hard to see his condition, but from the fluctuating immortal Qi waves, one could tell that he wasn’t in the best condition.


The shining tip of the crescent spear pierced through the smoke before cleaving it apart.


In one swift motion, the smoke was swept away, revealing Luo Tu, who wasn’t as confident as before.

One of the defensive talisman barriers had shattered!

The Hexashield formation was still present, but three of the shields had also developed cracks. They wouldn’t be able to function at the best level now.

Seeing the damage to his Immortal tool, Luo Tu was furious.

The Hexashield formation was actually a Qi skill that belonged to his immortal tool, which was in the form of six coins.

There were other Qi skills in it too, all of them being defensive, but the Hexashield Fomentation was the strongest one out of them. After all, at its peak, it could even block the attack of a fifth Tribulation stage immortal!

And yet, the attacker had managed to damage it to the extent of cracking three with one of his talisman barriers also breaking.

It showed just how severe the attacks were.

It only made Luo Tu that much wary of the attacker.

“The Fulminating Ember Talisman isn’t something just anyone can buy. Only a few people can make them and in Skylark City there’s just one person who can do it.” Luo Tu spoke. “Tell me… it’s Formations Master Xinghai, isn’t it? He’s backing you?” he inferred.

But no response was heard by Luo Tu, instead what he received was another stab of the dagger!


The six shields managed to block the dagger again, but the cracks on them were now getting wider.

“You got that right.” The attacker spoke from nothingness.

So far, only one arm of the attacker had been seen, but now the second arm made its appearance.

It was clenched into a fist and smacked onto the side of the shield!


One of the six shields finally broke apart!

Luo Tu gestured with his hand and slammed the attacker back with the five remaining shields, putting some distance between them.


A second shield broke apart as its fragments fell on the broken ground. It was clear that the slam earlier had been decisive.

“So Formation Master Xinghai is going to lose his head after you.” Luo Tu said in a cold voice. “No wait… it’ll be the third head. The second will be your woman.” He taunted.

“LUO TU!” that was all it took to agitate the attacker as he shot toward again.

This time though, his anger had blinded him and his arm was already on display from a long distance.

“Got you…” Luo Tu said under his breath before shouting. “NOW!”

“DIE YOU PEST!” The beast driver of Luo Tu ambushed the attacker.

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