VRMMO: The Unrivaled

Extra 01

Extra 01

Chapter Sun Qingqing

Sun Qingqing had once given Lin Yixin a bonsai and two goldfish as a gift.

A week later, Lin Yixin told Sun Qingqing that the bonsai had died.

Some time after that, she told her that the two goldfish had died as well.

After a short silence, Sun Qingqing asked, "What about Lu Chen?"[1]

Chapter Lin Yixin

Lin Yixin was a cautious girl.

One time she hailed a taxi at night, the driver asked for 10 RMB, and she bargained for 6.

After they reached a consensus of 8 RMB, Lin Yixin entered the taxi and asked cautiously, "Are you a bad person?"

The driver shot her a look before replying calmly, "That’s rich coming from the one who only paid me 8 RMB for a late night drive…"

1. E/N: Did they really keep that a secret? ☜

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