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Chapter 989 - Records of the Three Kingdoms

Chapter 989 Records of the Three Kingdoms

“Let’s prepare for the attack on the nearest enemy base first…” HundredFlame Martial Arts Saint ended the meeting with this statement. At the same time, Youdiss asked Shalun to worship the Princess of Destruction and the Twins of Darkness at the same time. Shalun was worried so he looked at Ye Cang.

“We are allies…aren’t we?” Youdiss smiled. It’s time to fulfill your promise.

Ye Cang agreed without much consideration. This lady is greedy when it comes to power. Sigh. How good could the world be if everyone can be the same as me…

On the other hand, Shalun did not take off Zhang Zhengxiong’s war flag because of Ye Cang and also its effectiveness in defending the city. He even granted ThornyRose and the others full authority in guarding the place and working on any constructions.

ThornyRose and the rest felt it was so troublesome to survive in the dry and dusty desert. They must build the supply station or they would die by just going outdoors. Gosh. This environment is worse than the previous underground volcano. At least that place was a natural maze. Everyone was in the volcano and the temperature was moderate in the middle level unless you were heading down into the abyss. But here, it is almost no different from living inside a microwave. The center region is hot af and the heat spreads out. The water consumption is great here so it is also a must to secure an oasis.

Ye Cang was reading the cooking books in the glorious hall the royals used to worship Shacina. Before Ye Cang came in, Shalun had destroyed everything related to Shacina including her statue and changed the name of the hall to The Hall of the Six Goddesses. They have also planned to bring in the statues of the goddesses after the war.

ThornyRose reminded Ye Cang that tomorrow would be the Ten Great Families Youth Martial Arts Competition in the Imperial Capital. She told Ye Cang to get himself, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lele prepared.

“Weapons are allowed, right?” Ye Cang asked.

“Of course,” ThornyRose nodded.

‘Including hidden weapons?”

“Duh. The competition may be called the ten great families but in actual fact, there would be a lot of other sects coming ,such as the Rage Temple, the Buddha Sect, Dao in One Sect and others. Even the Four Side Families, Zuo, Siao, Chu, and Fan would attend. Zuo Yiyi is the second daughter of the Zuo family. These four families could sing, dance and even perform special acrobatics. The Zuo and Siao family focus on singing and dancing while the other two focus on acrobatics.”

“That’s good…” Ye Cang signalled to his brothers that they could bring pepper sprays and they quickly stuffed a few bottles into their bags.

“……” ThornyRose was speechless when she saw them storing pepper sprays. Do these fellas have any ethics? These pepper sprays are so deadly. They cover a very large area and can switch directions after it’s sprayed in the air.

After packing their luggages, they had dinner and when they finished, Liu, Sun, and Cao glared at each other and rushed into Cao Cao’s room the second later.

“What’s with them?” Wu Na asked Huang Zhong out of curiosity.

“Because the lord told them that The Records of Three Kingdoms X has been released. He thought that the three of them are fans of the Three Kingdoms so he gave them the resources and… they got addicted… Now, they see each other as enemies.” Wu Na facepalmed after listening to Huang Zhong’s explanation and walked away.

In Cao Cao’s room.

The three of them were laying on the bed, playing the Records of the Three Kingdoms X. The story began with the end of the Yellow Turban Rebellion and is currently at the stage of challenging Dong Zhuo. Since Sun Quan was not the ruler of Wu at that time, he had no choice but to pretend to be his dad, Sun Jian.”

“Wow, female soldiers… That’s a good idea. Wenruo, inform every general to recruit female soldiers!” Cao Cao gave his orders.

“Hmpy, let me represent my father to kill Hua Xiong!” Sun Quan shouted as though he had an advantage but got killed by Hua Xiong instead.

Sun Quan was embarrassed staring at the scene of him being disqualified.

He was then despised when he saw what Liu Bei and Cao Cao were doing. God damn it. They turned this into a hentai game. One is busying playing with female soldiers while the other is even better — with female generals. What happened to the promise of forming an alliance together?! He facepalmed. Looks like I’m too naive. Why didn’t I discover that we can actually…with the female soldiers and generals. So, that means… the young and old… *cough* *cough* I’m not that kind of a person! Seeing Liu Bei having fun with Lady Zou and Cao Cao forming his team of female soldiers, he was jumping with exasperation on the inside.

“Let’s restart the game! I’ve died.” Sun Quan said but the other two were unhappy with the suggestion.

“It’s not easy for me to get my hands on Lady Zou and Cai Yan. After this, it will be Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao…” Liu Bei was pissed, “Go play with the mud alone.”

“Yeah, my team of female soldiers is quite large and strong now. The superior ones can protect my safety while the lower ranked ones can help me take care of my room. What a good game,” Cao Cao was so satisfied. “Hey, Lady Zou is not bad. Do you think so too?”

“No wonder… Damn…” Liu Bei gasped.

Sun Quan forcefully shut the game. This game can’t be continued. Or else, my Lady Bu will definitely fall into their hands. “Not playing this game anymore. We swore that we wouldn’t dwell on the past!”

The two of them glared at Sun Quan. You’re saying this because you can’t experience the fun! Yet, they somewhat agreed to his words and deleted The Records of Three Kingdoms X. Since they had nothing to play with, they had no choice but to take out their textbooks. One laid on the bed, one laid on the ground while the other leaned against the chair upside down.

“Old Cao, what does it feel like wearing female clothes?” Sun Quan was reading a book about performing arts.

“You can ask him… He wore Yuji’s inner wear for the entire Battle of Holy Spirit and didn’t even return it to Xiang Yu,” Cao Cao pointed at Liu Bei.

“Nothing special… just that you might feel a little excited somehow…” Sun Quan was confused but somewhat understood Liu Bei’s words. I rarely wear women’s clothes after the defeats from recent adventures so I don’t really understand. “I was ordered to go for a shooting for an advertisement.”

“What kind of advertisement?”

“It’s for a lotion cream for hemorrhoids.”

“How is that related to female costumes?”

“It was the director’s order. He said that it will be nice if I wear it… He even said that I could definitely master it with my acting skills…”

“……” They looked at Sun Quan with a weird expression.

“You can give it a try.” Liu Bei acted as if he was not concerned.

“Yeah, it might be an opportunity to debut.” Cao Cao opened the window and lit up a cigar. “Recently, I got to know a person and he wants me to join the 3020 Sunshine Engineering Program. It was a pity that I gave all my money to the leader, or else earning millions a day would not be a problem.”

“I heard of this plan before. It’s quite profitable. Quickly go earn some money and invest in it. You can stabilize your income too,” Liu Bei said as if he knew everything. He was studying philosophy but recently, his module required him to analyze marketing from the perspective of his major.

“Big Ear, what kind of profit-earning projects do you have?” Cao Cao asked.

“Trading shares of course,” Liu Bei smiled.

“Hey, that’s a good thing to be done. It’s extremely profit-earning.” Sun Quan, during the audition, met a famous veteran artist. He lost a large sum of money and had to fight for advertisement shooting jobs.

Little Ye Tian who walked past the room and overheard their conversation sighed and decided not to do anything except to return to her room and sink into bed.

Imperial Capital.

Ren Long stared at his inbox as the three of them texted him for more missions, saying that they ran out of money. God damn it! They have finished all the missions I gave them?! Can’t you guys spend more wisely when going out to have fun?! I don’t have any big and fast missions at the moment but I do have a few ordinary ones. It is a little too much for them…isn’t it? However, in the end, he had no choice but to give each of them at least two or three ordinary missions and apologized for the lack of special missions.

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