Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 94 - Erasing PK Points

Chapter 94 - Erasing PK Points

Gu Fei quickly made his way toward the freshly updated coordinates of the target for his current ‘Bounty Mission’. At this moment, he was actually feeling quite depressed. This was because of the way the players in Yueye City were treating him. One example was the Past Deeds; whenever the guild’s members saw Gu Fei, they would quickly run away as if he had the plague. Dusky Cloud’s group was no better. Despite their cordial treatment of him, he could still sense a hint of animosity radiating from them. Gu Fei was actually an amiable person, yet everyone in this city seemed to think of him as the devil incarnate.

At present, few people actually knew what had started the guild war. From the perspective of Young Master’s Elite mercenary group, this war was instigated for the purpose of helping Gu Fei get out of his predicament. Therefore, if one counted all the men of the two forces, it could be said that Gu Fei had dragged a thousand men into his problem. When he thought of this, Gu Fei could not help but feel slightly abashed. Just what meritorious deed had he accomplished in life to have so many men sacrificing their lives for his sake?

But when Gu Fei thought more about it, it was actually only the members of Young Master’s Elite mercenary group who were concerned about his well-being. Dusky Cloud and his comrades merely participated in the war because they had vested interest in the Past Deeds’ destruction. Speaking of the Past Deeds’ players, they would probably have many sleepless nights if they found out that the reason they had suffered this devastating blow was due to them wanting to exact vengeance on Gu Fei by taking the ‘Bounty Mission’ for him.

This was exactly what spoiling the ship for a halfpenny worth of tar meant.

Gu Fei continued heading toward the target’s coordinates as he pondered on this. Shortly after, he found himself in front of the Warrior Encampment; the coordinates pointed to this place unchangingly.

The Warrior Encampment was currently the liveliest place in Yueye City. This was because the Past Deeds Eradication Army had allocated most of its forces here.

The King’s Command skill of Silver Moon had the most effect on Warriors. Since they could not find traces of Silver Moon himself, Dusky Cloud and his army had no choice but to set the Past Deeds’ Warriors as their main target to kill and to hunt. They had employed the same strategy as before of assigning a job class’ spawn point with the job class that it was weak against. Hence, a large number of the Past Deeds Eradication Army’s Mages currently surrounded the Warrior Encampment.

Silver Moon with his King’s Blade would not be that much of a threat as long as the Past Deeds’ Warriors remained trapped within this spawn point. Obviously, the Past Deeds Eradication Army’s actions still revolved around the ‘removing the firewood from under the pot’ stratagem.

When Gu Fei showed up nonchalantly at the Warrior Encampment, the surrounding players, especially the ones with the Mage job class as Gu Fei, could not help but feel deep respect for him. Nearly all the Mages around the safe zone idolized him to the point of hero worship.

How can he have such high Magic Attack Power? There must be a secret to it, was every Mage’s thought.

As for those with a different job class, their admiration of him was marred by jealousy, “G*dd*mn! The Mage job class is just too OP. I would’ve chosen to be a Mage if I’d known about it….”

“Hey, guys!” Gu Fei waved to them as a form of greeting. He then entered the safe zone while craning his neck. The coordinates indicated that his target was inside.

The safe zone was currently very crowded, as it was crammed with many Past Deeds’ Warriors. All these Warriors were stuck inside and were waiting for their fellow guildmates to rescue them.

Gu Fei felt relieved upon seeing them. He had initially been worrying that the target for his current ‘Bounty Mission’ was someone on Dusky Cloud’s side. If that had been the case, Gu Fei would not have known what to do. Fortunately, this worry could now be laid to rest, as he had just ascertained that his target was a Past Deeds’ player.

As Gu Fei stepped inside the safe zone, the Past Deeds’ Warriors exchanged apprehensive looks and involuntarily backed away. These Warriors had experienced Silver Moon’s King’s Command oftentimes and were normally not afraid of anything. However, Gu Fei’s feat of defeating them by casting Descending Wheel of Flames once instilled fear in their hearts.

When Gu Fei spotted his target among the crowd, he immediately raised his sword and shouted, “Descending Wheel of Flames!”

“Ah!” The Warriors scattered about. Each of them forgot that they were in a safe zone, as all the Warriors could think of was that the player they currently feared had just casted a spell.

Gu Fei cracked a smile. He then swiftly approached his target and delivered a slash.

The Warriors finally remembered that they were in a safe zone. They were about to point that fact out when they saw Gu Fei swing his sword at a fellow Warrior. Everyone felt stunned, Is this still a safe zone?

The Warrior raised his claymore to fight back after being assaulted by Gu Fei. Unfortunately for him, Gu Fei was not someone afraid of a one-on-one fight. In a few moves, he collapsed in a heap by Gu Fei’s feet. The Warrior then faded away in a stream of white light, as the sound of a cell door slamming echoed.

Everyone reeled from shock, Too scary! He killed our fellow Warrior until he could no longer respawn. Where did this guy send him? Did his killing confuse even this game’s system?

At the moment, Gu Fei was feeling so happy at ridding himself of 7 PK points in such a short time that he could barely stop himself from laughing. Nice! This method’s efficiency is too high, Gu Fei cheerfully thought to himself. He exited the Warrior Encampment without a backward glance, leaving behind a bunch of Warriors quaking in their boots. After experiencing such a huge PvP, many players were still high strung. Hence, none of them was clear-headed enough to consider the possibility of Gu Fei accepting a ‘Bounty Mission’, which allowed him to attack his target even in a safe zone, and of him clearing off his PK value by sending that Warrior to the underground prison. Everyone’s current thought was: Where did that Warrior die off to?

One of them tried contacting the Warrior but failed.

Everyone fearfully started discussing what had just happened.

However, what made them feel even more frightened was Gu Fei’s return not too long after.

Gu Fei wore a surprised look on his face. When he went to obtain another ‘Bounty Mission’ for a player with 6 PK points, he did not expect that he would end up at this place once more.

“Descending Wheel of Flames!” Gu Fei raised his sword and announced loudly.

No one was fooled this time. The Warriors steeled themselves and stood their ground firmly.

A flame wheel appeared above their heads, but the Warriors remained resolutely standing.

“Descend!” Gu Fei chanted, seemingly not bothered that not one of them had tried fleeing from him this time.

The Warriors remained resolutely standing while looking up, but the flame wheel actually descended upon them. They were all crying and yelling while attempting to evade when that happened, but it was too late.

While players could cast spells in the safe zones, those spells could never actually be commanded to attack others under normal circumstances, so what was going on right now?

When the flame wheel completed its descent, they felt tremendous heat radiating from it. In the end… They remained fine.

Everyone felt even more confused at this. Suddenly, someone among them exclaimed, “Where’s our fellow Warrior?! Where did he go?!”

Everyone looked around carefully at the Warrior’s words. Indeed, one of their fellow Warriors had disappeared!

The Warriors’ minds were in chaos. This was evident from their use of the word ‘disappeared’ instead of ‘dead’ or ‘killed’.

Their faces turned ashen as they exchanged fearful looks. Once more, someone among them exclaimed, “Ahh!”

“What now?” everyone asked, rattled.

“27149 is also gone!” the person announced.

“You f*ck*r! He left through the entrance just now,” everyone cursed.

“What’s going on? Just where in the world did our fellow Warrior go?” everyone wondered.

“It must be a bug! Quickly contact a GM!” someone suggested. Quite a lot of them started contacting the online GMs.

Parallel World’s GMs were just like the ones in other MMOs: They would first complain about the insufficiency in detail of the messages sent by players. They then would ask the players to send more detailed messages. Once the players submitted detailed recounts of incidents, the GMs would then tell the players that they had just assisted them; hence, they would have to wait a few minutes before they could get back to them.

In the case of these Warriors in the safe zone, after those few minutes of waiting time were over, they contacted the GMs again, only to be told to wait for a few more minutes....

Just as this round of ‘few minutes’ was over and they were about to message the GMs once more, Gu Fei arrived for the third time.

“Descending Wheel of Flames!” Gu Fei promptly casted the spell once he entered the Warrior Encampment.

All were rooted to their spots for a bit with their faces showing a look of helplessness.

When the flame wheel appeared, no one stood there dumbly like last time and quickly scattered about. Since Gu Fei could not make the spell descend without a target, he drew his sword and chased one of the running Warriors instead. He swiftly cut his target a few times. All the Warriors gawked as yet another Warrior ‘disappeared’ before their eyes.

Gu Fei felt that it was odd, Why’re none of these guys stepping up to help? Since these Past Deeds’ men took the ‘Bounty Mission’ for me, they should be able to attack me in the safe zone, too!

Gu Fei did not know that in the eyes of these players, 27149 was no longer just a serial number of their ‘Bounty Mission’. When they saw Fugitive 27149, their thought was not, “Ah! It’s the mission target! Finally found him!”; instead, it was: “F*cking devil’s spawn! RUN QUICKLY!”

After killing off a third Warrior, Gu Fei’s PK value dropped down to 10 points. He had turned in one with 7 PK points and another with 6 PK points. All in all, he had cleared off 19 PK points since the start of his bounty hunting. Gu Fei cheerfully left the Warrior Encampment, leaving a mass of shivering Warriors once more.

“Why do I always end up there when I pick up a new ‘Bounty Mission’?” Gu Fei could not fathom this, so he attributed it to his luck.

In actual fact, the three Warriors Gu Fei had just killed were part of Silver Moon’s elite group of Warriors. They had followed their guild leader in attacking the various spawn points earlier. They were the ones that had assaulted the Archer Range, attacked the Knights’ Barracks, swarmed the Warrior Encampment, and, lastly, charged at the Past Deeds Eradication Army’s defensive formation in the Mage Academy. Only Gu Fei’s timely arrival had ended their killing spree.

The three were part of the small strike team that had experienced the most battles today. Adding the fact that they were always victorious in their attacks, these Warriors naturally managed to acquire a higher PK value than the other war participants. These Warriors’ high PK value sealed their fate as Gu Fei’s ‘Bounty Mission’ targets.

By the time Gu Fei made his fourth trip to the spawn point after obtaining a new ‘Bounty Mission’, the Warriors had already wised up on what was happening.

Gu Fei no longer looked as fearsome to them as before. While his spells were powerful, only Gu Fei’s mission target would get hurt by them.

“Let’s surround this guy and give him a good beating! Even if we’ve to sacrifice one of us!” The Warriors gnashed their teeth as they decided on this.

While the suggestion was logical, the reality was quite far from their expectation. None of them predicted that Gu Fei would not bother to enter the Warrior Encampment and simply shout from the outside, “Descending Wheel of Flames!”

The Warriors were incensed.

It did not matter whether they were part of Past Deeds or Dusky Cloud’s gang; they were all the type to enjoy the violence of PvP. They were hot-blooded and courageous players that did not fear death.

So when they heard Gu Fei casting his spell in such a languid manner, they became enraged to the point of erupting.

“I’ll go out and kick him even if I die trying!” All shared the same sentiment and flocked outside to confront Gu Fei.

Gu Fei felt shocked upon seeing the Past Deeds’ Warriors rushing toward him. He never thought that these knuckleheads would react aggressively to his spell casting. He quickly made his getaway from this mass of enraged Warriors.

The Warriors dashed out of the safe zone and instantly heard countless shouts of “Descending Wheel of Flames!” The Mages surrounding the Warrior Encampment casted flame wheels that were faster and more ferocious than Gu Fei’s.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The Warriors that had rushed outside found themselves back inside again.

Before they could react, the sound of a sword cutting someone reached their ears. Another Warrior had disappeared under Gu Fei’s sword.

“Only 4 PK points left!” Gu Fei muttered to himself, as he ran off once more.

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