Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 92 - Descending Wheel of Flames

Chapter 92 - Descending Wheel of Flames

The players who were searching for Silver Moon were none other than the three members of Young Master’s Elite mercenary group: Royal God Call, Brother Assist, and Young Master Han. War Without Wounds became too impatient upon seeing the mess that the battle had escalated into, so he directly joined the players clashing at the plaza. He, together with Sword Demon and the gang, formed the Past Deeds Eradication Army’s first line of defense. Currently, he was ferociously carving through the enemies’ ranks alongside the others.

The trio looked all around them once Young Master Han suggested that they gather more Archers.

Although quite a few Archers were still hiding on the rooftops, most of them were out of range of the Past Deeds’ meatball that had begun its melee engagement at the plaza. Currently, these Archers were re-adjusting their positions in the hopes of contributing what strength they could to the battle below. In fact, those who were still out of range and could not strike the enemies despite moving to the rooftops’ edges decided to just jump down and join the fighting below. Some of the cleverer players had identified Silver Moon among the enemy lines and headed toward the appropriate shooting locations!

Nonetheless, these Archers had yet to reach a vantage point and had their views obstructed by some protruding structures, so they could still not attack Silver Moon who was at the heart of the Past Deeds’ battle formation.

“Over here!” Royal God Call shouted toward the running Archers, “You can shoot him from here!”

Some Archers heard Royal God Call’s shout and quickly made their way to him.

“Do you guys know Snipe?” Royal God Call asked them this important question, as it was impossible to shoot the target from his location without Snipe.

Several of the running Archers answered Royal God Call using their middle fingers. They felt that such a question was as good as belittling their abilities.

Royal God Call felt very pleased. He addressed Brother Assist and Young Master Han, “All good.”

In the end, he had celebrated too early. The Archers who were running over suddenly screamed one after another. Following this, a few Thieves appeared from behind their backs. At the same time, the other Archers at the plaza were also ambushed by Thieves on Stealth. All these Archers were quickly disposed of by the Thieves that had completely caught them by surprise.

Before Royal God Call knew it, he was the only alive Archer left. Thieves were now standing on places where the Archers had once stood. Royal God Call was filled with anxiety by this, and he promptly checked his immediate surroundings.

The Thieves of Past Deeds that had respawned in the Thieves’ Union finally joined the battle.

This was just the beginning. Since all the spawn points, besides the Mage Academy, were no longer being blocked off, the Past Deeds’ members revived themselves and quickly headed to this warzone. The revived players of the Past Deeds Eradication Army also had the same idea, so the two sides inevitably met each other along the way. Currently, the two powerful forces’ fight was not limited to this plaza and had already spread all over the city. No matter where one was, be it on a street or in an alleyway, players could be seen clashing with one another.

“Now what?” Royal God Call asked anxiously. He alone would obviously not be enough to kill Silver Moon, judging by the golden meatball’s brazen actions. Sword Demon and the lot could not do it as well, as they were under a lot of pressure right now. They were constantly losing men; their line of defense also kept on retreating as their formation was battered left and right by the enemies’ attacks. As a corollary, the fragile Mages behind the line were pushed to the ground by the force of their retreating comrades. The whole battlefield was in utter chaos.

“KILL!” Silver Moon now openly displayed his arrogance. Raising King’s Blade high above his men’s heads, he let the golden glow envelop the surrounding area. As the Past Deeds’ army everywhere entered the AOE of King’s Command, they attacked Sword Demon’s side with more gusto. Royal God Call was royally enraged. He would gladly exchange his bow for a rocket launcher and blow Silver Moon to smithereens with it if he could.

At this moment, the air around Silver Moon and his meatball became heated. Following this, a visible distortion appeared right above their heads and formed into a flame wheel. This flame wheel spun and quickly descended into their midst.

It’s just Descending Wheel of Flames; what’s the big deal? the Past Deeds’ members under this flame wheel thought to themselves. It would only be daunting if there were more flame wheels. With this train of thought, they all turned their noses up in total disregard of the spell.

But when the fire wheel completed its descent and released its might....

Everyone was flabbergasted.

A huge, empty circle immediately appeared in the center of the Past Deeds’ battle formation. This circle’s sole occupant was Silver Moon who was standing there with his sword held aloft.

“What happened? Where did they go?” All the Past Deeds’ players dumbly looked around them. Even Sword Demon and his comrades felt baffled by what had just happened. Did Silver Moon use a teleportation skill to send his troops elsewhere? Is there even such a skill? That would be too extravagant and unrealistic, right?

Sword Demon and his men looked suspiciously at their rear. Could the meatball have been sent right behind them?

Only Silver Moon knew what had truly transpired....

Too much. The damage from that single flame wheel is too much! Silver Moon only survived the attack due to his high-grade equipment. The King’s Blade in his hand, besides the King’s Command skill, had a trait that boosted all his stats by 8 points. The accessories he was wearing provided him with high magic resistance, while the equipment he was using afforded him high physical defense. Silver Moon’s top-grade equipment from head to toe definitely matched his reputation.

Nonetheless, that Descending Wheel of Flames still managed to reduce his HP to a sliver. He might be alive right now, but he was close to dying.

This Mage’s Magic Attack Power is too OP, Silver Moon thought to himself. At this moment, a man squeezed through the opposing side’s fragmented formation. He was wearing a pitch-black mage robe and holding a purple colored sword shrouded in black luster.

“27149!” All the Past Deeds’ members had taken the ‘Bounty Mission’ for Gu Fei, so many of them recognized him at a glance.

Gu Fei smiled sheepishly at Sword Demon and the others, “Sorry, I’m late.”

“How did you get here?” Sword Demon stared at Gu Fei in astonishment.

“That’s a long story. After leaving Youye Valley, I arrived at the plains. There, I threw the few Thieves Past Deeds had sent after me off my track. Afterward, I entered the city through the north gate and encountered The Black Hand mercenary group again. I finally got here after freeing myself from their hassling. Seeing everyone fighting energetically, I couldn’t resist joining in. The rest is history—oh, yeah! I learned a new spell on my way here. Look…” Gu Fei rambled all this in one go, before pointing Moonlit Nightfalls forward, “Descending Wheel of Flames! Descend!”

Sword Demon and company raised their heads. Meanwhile, the players of Past Deeds yelped in surprise and scattered about. In the end... nothing happened!

“Pftt!” everyone exhaled in disappointment. The Past Deeds’ players, on the other hand, turned beet red. They were beating themselves up for easily getting frightened by such a blatant lie. But they quickly got back into formation when Silver Moon bellowed, “Everyone, don’t waste time and quickly charge forward!”

While he survived that attack earlier, his wife, Vast Lushness, did not. Without her mana support, King’s Command could not be maintained much longer. Hence, they had to use this limited time to quickly massacre their enemies.

“KILL!” The Past Deeds’ members hollered, as they followed their guild leader’s orders. Immediately after their voices died down, however, a fiery glow burst into existence above their heads. These players had no time left to dodge the attack by the time they discovered it. The flaming wheel mercilessly descended upon them and left yet another circle with only Silver Moon standing inside.

“That’s the effect I wanted,” Gu Fei smiled slyly; he had conveniently left his long casting time out of his speech earlier. Gu Fei then addressed Silver Moon who was in the middle of the scorched circle, “You’ve got quite a lot of HP!”

Silver Moon was on the brink of death with that initial flame wheel, but the Priests nearby readily healed him back to full HP. When the second flame wheel landed, the Priests did the same thing, which resulted into him being the sole survivor of Gu Fei’s attack once more.

The Priests could not save the others as they only had enough time to bestow Heal on Silver Moon.

Sword Demon was speechless as well. This was his first time seeing Gu Fei use a spell. Was it not a bit too much to have such devastating damage output? Moreover, Gu Fei mentioned that he had just learned of the spell. Would that not mean that his proficiency of it was only basic? He was holding a sword as well. Did a sword even have Magic Attack Power?

The chaotic fighting had momentarily become still. It was as if someone had pressed the ‘pause’ button for the game. Everyone gawked at Gu Fei. Whoever he pointed that sword felt his or her heart trembling.

“Is he the one you’re looking for to avenge No Smile?” Celestial Pig whispered to Dusky Cloud.

“Uh-huh…” Dusky Cloud unhappily affirmed.

“Don’t look at me for help. You’re on your own in this,” Celestial Pig continued.

“You m*th*rf*ck*r!” Dusky Cloud cursed.

Gu Fei currently looked dashing, as he addressed the Mages that had fallen to the ground on Sword Demon’s side, “You guys! Move closer to the enemies so that your spells can hit them! You won’t hit anything if you continue to cower behind like that!”

“Everyone, stop dawdling and charge! End him!” While his men stood there in a daze, Silver Moon worriedly watched each second pass by. He had given that last order to deal with Gu Fei to the two Warriors nearby.

The two Warriors hurriedly unleashed Cyclone on Gu Fei.

Unlike others who found Cyclone scary, Gu Fei did not even bat an eye when it was unleashed. He firmly held the sword to his side. Borrowing the Cyclone’s force, he flew outward from the spinning pair of men.

Gu Fei was akin to a soldier descending from the heavens the way he had used the Cyclone’s inertia to propel himself straight toward Silver Moon. And with a raise of his hand, his sword cut through air like a soaring phoenix.

Silver Moon instantly got pierced. Although he saw Gu Fei flying over, he did not move away. This was because he had assumed that Gu Fei was just thrown toward his direction unintentionally by the Cyclone’s force. Silver Moon even thought that Gu Fei would turn into a stream of white light before he hit the ground.

The many players on the plaza thought the same thing as well while watching him fly through the air. Who would have thought that not only had Gu Fei blocked the skill, he had borrowed its spinning motion to launch an attack as well?

Gu Fei alighted on the ground, turned his body around, pointed his sword at Silver Moon, and shouted, “Twin Incineration! Incinerate!”

A blazing light enveloped his blade and instantly set Silver Moon on fire.

Level 18 Mage skill, Twin Incineration. It was an instant-cast skill that burned a target, lowering the HP every second for a total of five seconds.

Silver Moon remained standing despite being hit by that spell. Gu Fei was not surprised by this. After all, Silver Moon only died back in the tavern after Gu Fei’s three consecutive slashes had procced Sacred Flames of Baptism’s fire attack. Silver Moon was not wielding King’s Blade, did not receive Blessing of Health, and was not under King’s Command back then. Right now, however, he was completely geared up for the battle.

Moreover, Silver Moon currently had many Priests by his side. Heal was constantly bestowed on him whether his HP was full or not.

Dusky Cloud and the rest finally reacted. Shouting their battle cry, they dashed toward the two in a grand fashion.

Sword Demon entered Stealth mode and he headed toward Silver Moon as well, taking advantage of the opponents’ confusion.

Far away, Young Master Han patted Royal God Call’s back, “Find an opportunity to send an arrow his way.”

Royal God Call nodded his head absentmindedly. He was still wondering about the event a while ago, “How did he manage to deal such an insane amount of damage?”

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