Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 687 - Breaking through the Enchantment

Chapter 687 – Breaking through the Enchantment

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“That was quick!” Gu Fei was rather gratified. He loved efficiency.

After the three exchanged greetings with each other, the two ladies widened their eyes, “Are we inside the city?” Both of them were surprised.

“What’s the matter?”

“Have you guys succeeded in your city assault?” Slyris asked.

“Ah, no. I’m on the defenders’ side,” Gu Fei answered. He knew Slyris wanted to ask more questions, so he decided to simply give them a brief introduction about the Faction matter to the pair.

“So I see,” Slyris nodded.

“This is Yunduan City? Where are the clouds?” Yan Xiaozhu asked.

“No idea,” Gu Fei scratched his head. The names of the city in Parallel World would often indicate a regions’ style or scenery. By being named ‘Yunduan’, players that heard it would assume that the city was situated up in the clouds, which would logically mean Yunduan would be a mountain city that would be in a place high above sea level, with clouds seen floating along the mountainside. But the reality was that the scenery of Yunduan City was completely non-descript to the point that it was more than generic. With plains, mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes in the region… It had everything, but there was not a single cloud in sight.

“See that clocktower?” Gu Fei pointed to the tallest structure in the city. “It’s very tall, and when you reach the top, you will see the clouds right beside you.”

“And that makes it in the midst of clouds?!” Yan Xiaozhu was unimpressed.

“Pretty much. The only place where the streets are filled with clouds will have to be your Xiawu City,” Gu Fei commented.

“What do you need my help with?” Slyris asked.

“Let’s walk and talk!” Gu Fei led the two out of the city gates. They saw the two opposing parties have their forces assembled on either side of the battlefield, yet the place itself was completely devoid of life. There was only a single rubbish picker in the empty battlefield, picking up stones as he went along. Slyris and Yan Xiaozhu were both flabbergasted, looking at Gu Fei hoping that he would explain the situation.

“It’s a stalemate. Whatever the two of you do, do not touch the NPCs, otherwise you would surely be attacked,” Gu Fei said. Before, he and Sword Demon had learned a bit about how the NPC soldiers would treat the neutral players after listening to Brother Assist’s account, and it was essentially an attitude of ‘if they do not provoke me, I will not provoke others’. But this provoking was not simply just directing an attack on the NPCs. Take for example, three players assaulting the city attack a certain guard, and a third-party player chose to help Heal or provide Blessings from the sidelines. Such an act would have the system immediately deem the third-party player as an enemy as well, and they would be subjected to its attack.

Brother Assist originally had no intention of joining in the fight when he entered the battlefield, but it was not up to him. He had accidentally wandered to places that needed help, and players kept calling to him, “Bro, give me a Blessing of Strength” and the like. And the moment that Brother Assist granted a single Blessing, the nearby NPC soldiers would instantly become hostile! If he chose not to grant Blessings, he simply could not stand the angry beratement that he would get from the whole bunch of players!

“How are things on your side?” Gu Fei asked as they continued on their way.

“Who knows? We can barely see anything happening there!” Yan Xiaozhu exclaimed. There was definitely a very small minority of players that stayed around to watch the assault for Xiawu City, given that nobody could see anything beyond 20-30 meters in front of them. Rumors had it that the players from Linyin City and Xiawu City were taking part in a joint protest against the game, convinced that the setting for these two cities was just too evil and that it severely affected the players’ leveling. Both cities had the least representation when it came to the in-game experience leaderboard, but even though they had the least numbers up on the boards, both cities just so happened to have some people ranked high on it as well. Linyin City had Deep Waters up as one of the Five Unyielding Experts sometime before, while Slyris from Xiawu City was one of them herself currently. And when talking about their overall levels, according to the official statistics released, the city with the lowest average level was neither Xiawu City or Linyin City, but Yueye City. Of course, everyone was well aware why that was the case, so the official forums were in a state of back and forth dispute over this matter presently!

With the three of them on the move, Gu Fei continued to tell Slyris about what he hoped that she can help with. Slyris’ footsteps gradually slowed the more she heard, until she finally came to a halt, “Underwater?”

“Yup!” Guy Fei was at least a little empathetic here, asking, “Do you know how to swim?”

“I don’t! You should have led with that question sooner!” Slyris felt that she was not able to help with this quest.

“Actually, it’s not really important. I don’t know how to swim either, but I went down there. See…” Gu Fei proceeded to tell the pair of ladies about how he went about making his trip down to the bottom of the lake. But it was evidently unconvincing, as Slyris’ expression still looked to be very much resistant to the idea.

“It’s just a game, so it’s not that difficult at all. Even if you end up drowning to death… Yeah, since none of us will lose a level dying during this City Wars event, and you did not register your account here in Yunduan City either, that will just send you straight back to Xiawu City! Yeah, the way I see it, this is a boon for you. You don’t need to surface in the end; you can just drown yourself and send yourself back to your city, save yourself that other Teleportation scroll. Xiaozhu, do you know how to swim? If you don’t, you can go down together as well,” Gu Fei gave this suggestion with great sincerity. Theoretically, the third-party force should not be able to enjoy the benefit of not losing their level upon death, but it was unknown if the system had demonstrated kindness here once more, or if it was just being too lazy to make a separate set up for them, thus allowing the third party forces to also enjoy the benefit of not losing their levels. After the players discovered this fact, the third party players were all the more arrogant in their grind today, going so far as to even PK over their grinding spots. Each and every one of them threw their lives recklessly like they were worthless!

“You’re so inhumane!” Despite the situation, Yan Xiaozhu was still very against Gu Fei’s suggestion of simply drowning themselves.

Slyris was also rather piqued by this, but since she was already here in person, she had no choice but to say, “We’ll talk about this further after we have a look first!”

The three continued to chat as they walked. The eyes of the NPCs never once strayed from the party, while the players on the other side of the battlefield stared hard at the same three people from afar. Just what was going on here? Everyone had given it their all this entire time, but had never made it anywhere near the gates. Just what sort of gods were these people that they could just casually breeze in and out of the city so nonchalantly?

Slyris had also sensed that the atmosphere was a little strange, “If you’re part of the forces defending the city, then they are…” she pointed out to the horde of players out across on the other side, “they are the enemy!”

“Yup,” Gu Fei said.

“Are we not being a bit too high-handed here?” Slyris asked, a hint of caution in her voice.

“That’s true, but they won’t dare to come over,” Gu Fei answered confidently.

“Why not?”

“Didn’t you see the rocks everywhere? That’s what will come sailing over to get them. Isn’t it the same over in Xiawu City?”

“If this was also the case in Xiawu City, we can forget about assaulting the city,” Slyris said. This was the honest truth; if there was no way for players to see such huge rocks flying at them before the rocks were 20 to 30 meters in front of them, death was the only reality.

“We’re doing this first here, but we’ll blend into the battlefield later from the other side, and we’ll be making our way through it all. ” Gu Fei explained. “Whatever you do, take extra care not to engage any of the NPCs. Don’t even grant any Blessing to any of the players.”

“We know. How can either of us grant others Blessing anyway?” Yan Xiaozhu was irate.

“I heard that you can’t even hand them any bread, water or any such consumables,” Gu Fei said seriously. This was something that Gu Fei had made up, hoping that the two would see the weight of his words. This was because the many times that he had waded through the chaotic battlefield, there were plenty of close shaves when he nearly got infected by the passionate hot-bloodedness of the battle and joined up with the other players. Even Brother Assist got pulled into the frenzy because of this reason; why else would he have to be taught the same lesson five times? It was entirely the result of the environment influencing him. IT was an atmosphere that gave people the impulse of rushing up and engage in a proper massacre.

When they entered the battlefield properly, Gu Fei finally experienced the difference between the two sexes. Even the eyes of the usually bubbly Yan Xiaozhu turned especially cold as players from around them frequently cat called:

“Babe, over here. Give it a stab!”

“Babe, send an Arctic Whirlwind this way!”

Neither of the ladies cared to spare them even a glance, continuing about their business as they made their own way through the battlefield. Instead, it was Gu Fei who found himself submerged in the thick killing intent that pervaded the area, nearly losing his self-control.

“This is too much,” Gu Fei was in pain. To him, this was the biggest temptation. He had to tap into every fiber of his being to steel himself, maintaining that calm composure he had bred through his training before he could temper and control himself.

Gu Fei had already messaged Sword Demon about getting external aid. Actually, this quest had nothing to do with Sword Demon, but he was also interested in the matter, so he immediately rushed back to Yunjiao Lake, and had reached the place before the others did.

It was necessary to introduce the customs present in Yunjiao Lakeside, so the moment Gu Fei warned the two ladies about watching their step to avoid stepping on people, which got him a quizzical glance from the two ladies, “what people?”

Gu Fei let his actions speak for himself and simply tossed out a spell into the sea of reeds. A mass of players came running out helter-skelter as they cursed, but the moment they saw that it was a pair of beautiful ladies, all of them were stunned at that moment. None of them believed that a lady would actually do something so dastardly. Of course, neither of them was the perpetrator, as the real culprit himself was squatted beside them!

“G*dd*mm*t, who was it? Throwing out all these spells repeatedly; are you courting death?” Some of these players were infuriated, settling down only after they finished their tirade.

“You’re so naughty…” Yan Xiaozhu reproached Gu Fei.

“I merely wanted to let the truth speak for itself. If I were to verbally describe the situation, would either of you have experienced it so vividly?” Gu Fei shrugged.

When they arrived, Sword Demon was already there waiting for them. Everyone had already met in Xiawu City before, so casual greetings were exchanged with one another.

“I’ve remembered the right spot, right?” Sword Demon asked.

“Indeed,” Gu Fei took out the scrap of burnt paper to confirm their location, before he looked all around him, “Time to find a piece of wood!”

“Wait a minute, I simply said I would come and take a look, I’ve yet to agree to this!” Slyris said.

“Then look all you want,” Gu Fei gestured.

Yan Xiaozhu walked by the lakeside for a little, her foot kicking the muddy banks as she gagged exaggeratedly, “Big sis, it’s so dirty. Do you really want to go down into this water?”

“It’s dirty because of what you just did, making it dirtier with all your kicking. What a mischievous child!” Gu Fei criticized Yan Xiaozhu.

“You’re so inconsiderate, to actually get people over to help with such sort of thing.” Yan Xiaozhu said.

“Can’t be helped! Drifting told me that you’re the only one who knows this sort of spell. Why don’t you give me your recommendation, let’s see who else is out there?” Gu Fei said.

“Big Brother Drifting recommended her?” Yan Xiaozhu’s eyes instantly look starstruck. “Big Sis, you gotta help him!”

“F*ck me, are you for real? How did you do a 180 so quickly? How much face are you giving Drifting? Do you like him? That rascal isn’t some good guy; he nearly got me killed when I was in your city,” Gu Fei said.

“Then why didn’t you just die?” Yan Xiaozhu yelled.

“Is there anyone here that could take care of this child? She’s lost her common sense!” Gu Fei shouted out loud.

Yan Xiaozhu was mad, but she immediately became quiet when Slyris hushed her, so all she did was glare daggers at Gu Fei.

“How deep is the water there?” Slyris asked.

“About three meters?” Gu Fei asked Sword Demon.

“I think it’s about four or five meters,” Sword Demon corrected.

“Three to five meters,” Gu Fei said to Slyris.

“Aren’t you being a little too carefree about this!?” Slyris could not stand it any longer.

“If you really want to know the exact answer, I’ll go measure it for you,” Gu Fei said.

Slyris was silent for a good moment. “I’ve still got another question.”

“What is it?”

“How would I chant the spell while underwater?” Slyris asked.

“Hmmm… How to chant? How should she chant?” Gu Fei asked Sword Demon.

“How would I know!? Who’s the Mage here?” Sword Demon said.

“Well… You know the standard of my Mage knowledge!” Gu Fei was put in a difficult spot.

Slyris was really at the end of her rope, steeling her heart as she barked, “Forget it, I’ll think up a solution myself!”

“So you’re willing to help? That’s great! Sword Demon, quick go find us some driftwood,” Gu Fei said even as he pulled out a rope from his dimensional pocket. He gave one to Slyris, “Tie this around your waist. Neither of us knows how to swim, right? We’ll call for others to pull us up once we are done. Sword Demon, go gather some people to help us.”

“What’s the driftwood for?” Slyris asked.

“We’re hugging onto it so we can float out to the spot, of course. You don’t know how to swim too, right?” Gu Fei said.

“I can just Fly there,” Slyris answered.

“Fly? Oh right! You know how to Fly!” Gu Fei suddenly recalled that Slyris had learned the Flight spell. When they were climbing up the wall back in Xiawu City, she had very coolly flown her way up to meet them.

“Well, I’ll still have to find a piece of driftwood; my Blink doesn’t travel that far,” Gu Fei sighed. Sword Demon had also come back with a piece of rotten wood by this time as well, and had also gathered some people from around the area along the way. Those that had helped them before were actually still around, and they were still as enthusiastic as ever, hurrying right over to lend a hand the moment they heard they needed to help once more.

“Let’s go!” Gu Fei pushed the piece of wood into the water, hugging it as he bobbed his way out. When he turned back around to look, Slyris was still standing there by the bank, so he quickly called her to follow him.

“You go on ahead first. I’ll wait till you arrive before I take off. I can’t stay hovering for long, waiting for you there,” Slyris shouted back.

“Sis, I don’t have any way to stop there and wait for you. Why don’t you just follow my pace?” Gu Fei asked.

“Then I’ll start off a little later,” Slyris answered.

Thus, when Gu Fei floated halfway out, hugging the piece of wood, Slyris twirled her magic staff and the crowd could feel as if a gust of wind came billowing right over. Slyris was already up in the air, and she was swiftly flying right in the direction that Gu Fei was headed toward.

“Wow!!!” The players present were all astonished. They had never seen such a spell in use before.

Yan Xiaozhu was rather pleased as well, her hands holding onto the rope that was tied tightly to Slyris’ waist. She turned back and said, “It’s like flying a kite.”

Gu Fei raised his head up and felt a little aggrieved. The lady looked really cool while flying up in the air, but there he was, bobbing on the surface of the water helplessly like the fool he was. The quest today was absolutely undignified; it was still much better to just slay people.

Gu Fei had almost reached the location while everything was happening. Gu Fei raised his head and saw that Slyris was looking down on him from above, so he called out, “That’s about it! Get ready.”

A sliver of nervousness flashed across Slyris’ face, likely the result of the fear that she felt from not knowing what will happen next.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll catch you when you fall down,” Gu Fei said.

Slyris did not make a sound.

“Are you ready? Hold your breath.”

Slyris shut her eyes.

“We’re almost past the point!”

“Coming!” Slyris blurted out. Her figure suddenly came falling down from mid-air. Gu Fei swiftly pulled out a heavy weapon from his dimensional pocket and quickly began his descent while hugging that piece of wood. Slyris splashed into the water right next to him. Gu Fei grabbed a hold of her and let go of the piece of wood, and the two soon began to sink down to the bottom of the lake.

Gu Fei has had experience doing this, so he immediately opened his eyes the moment he was submerged. Slyris was still keeping her eyes tightly shut, her face rigid as they sank.

It took them no time to reach the bottom. Gu Fei reached his hand out to shake Slyris’ head. This was the signal that they had agreed upon before. However, Slyris’ expression was still stiff, though her eyes were cautiously opening up slowly, before quickly shutting them after opening that little bit. Gu Fei knew the feeling, so he helplessly shook her head again, indicating to her it was fine as he dragged her toward where the location where the Water Enchantment was.

Slyris was holding her breath, and she had no idea how long she could hold it while underwater, so she finally drummed up the resolve to open her eyes full. She felt the stinging pain, but the sensation was just as what Gu Fei had described before, which instead made her feel at ease. She looked over to Gu Fei right beside her and saw that he was currently pointing at something in front of them. Slyris reached her hand out and touched the film of the Water Enchantment. Gu Fei nodded, indicating that this was the place.

Slyris took a step back and with her right hand holding onto her magic staff, she pointed it at the Water Enchantment as her left hand went to cover her mouth, as she was about to begin her chant. But who would have thought that the moment she opened her mouth, an air bubble immediately escaped. Water had evidently entered her mouth, so she obviously could not make a sound, and so her spell could not be unleashed. Gu Fei did not care for anything else any longer, his hand quickly shooting out to help her cover her mouth. Gu Fei had no idea if he was helping or otherwise, he simply pressed with all his might. Slyris struggled for a few moments before Gu Fei received a message, “Be gentler, I can’t even open my mouth!!”

Gu Fei loosened his grip, and Slyris used this chance to complete her incantation. With a point of her magic staff, a bluish radiance shone, as several rays meandered their way toward the Water Enchantment. A thin layer of ice was created almost instantaneously wherever the rays passed through.

Before Gu Fei could even celebrate, who would have known that the Water Enchantment would be so brittle after turning into ice. It did not even require anyone to physically break it, as the water pressure of the lake directly smashed through it. Gu Fei and Slyris felt an immense suction force pull them towards the opening at the same time, and it was precisely at the same time after the Water Enchantment was removed. With the Lake water rapidly flowing right through, the two of them were caught in the deluge.

“Pull!!!” Gu Fei quickly sent this message out.

“We made a huge mistake!!” Sword Demon’s reply was rather quick. As it turned out, the instant the Enchantment was shattered, a powerful force traveled through the ropes. The players on the bank were still holding onto the ropes rather loosely at the time, and they were not all prepared to exert strength and pull. This force was so sudden that no one reacted in time, and the rope itself was taken right out of their hands like that. However, the two players closer to the water’s edge were holding on to the rope tighter and they did manage to hold onto it before it slipped out of their hands, but how would the strength of just those two players be enough to overcome that suction force? These two were being dragged into the water along with the rope as a result, so of course, neither dared to keep holding onto the rope any longer, as they quickly let go. One of the two knew how to swim, while the other was clueless, struggling in the water yelling for help as the people on the banks were all frantic.

Gu Fei had a quick reaction, waving his hand out to grab onto the rocky surface of the opening, but because his Strength was weak, his grab served more form than function. He soon lost grip of that handhold in the next moment and found himself flushed along with the water toward the opening. Slyris had barely been able to react to this sudden change and had already gone right into it. Gu Fei managed to grab a hold of her at the last second, so the two did not end up being pulled apart from one another, but holding onto Slyris meant he was soon swirled into the opening all the quicker.

Teleportation scroll! Gu Fei recalled as he quickly pulled one out from his dimensional pocket. His comment before about Slyris dying since there was no loss of level and how it could conveniently send her back to Xiawu City was no more than something that Gu Fei said in jest; He was not that sort of irresponsible person that would just leave her in the lurch. Whether players would lose their level dying during this event was entirely beside the point of helping Slyris escape from the quandary that they were now in.

Gu Fei immediately used the Teleportation scroll when he pulled it out, and the scroll was still effectively usable while underwater, as a teleportation formation immediately appeared around them.

“F*ck!” However, Gu Fei soon cursed and drank a mouthful of water as a result. The teleportation formation had appeared beneath their feet at first, but neither of them was in the designated radius any longer. The water that kept flowing as everything was being sucked into the opening was pushing them backward, but the formation was still at the spot where he had first used the scroll!

Gu Fei could feel his head swimming, his consciousness slipping as he tried to withstand the water that continued to batter him. He reckoned that Slyris was not in any better shape at the moment, from all the turbulent undertow of water that came tumbling upon them in waves. All Gu Fei knew was that he was still holding onto her, but he could not get a clear look as to her current status.

Gu Fei struggled to look forward, uncertain just where forward was while in this dark opening. However, an idea came to him and he let go of Slyris and pointed forward, “Blink!!”

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