Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 343 - A Tragedy

Chapter 343 - A Tragedy

One step, two steps, three steps… Sword Demon and the others were walking further and further away from the Bounty Assignment Hall. Deep Waters’ mind was in turmoil as his inner demon and angel vied for control. In the end, he was just not merciless enough to order an ambush on these five experts.

It’s still up for debate whether these men are clearing their PK value for themselves or if there is an underlying plot involved, Deep Waters told himself. Although he felt that his actions were not daring and resolute enough, this was only because the quest required him to cross swords with his friends. Such an event was something he was also unhappy about.

Thus, Deep Waters did not say a word while all his guildmates had their eyes on him. Four out of the five mercenaries turned a corner and disappeared from their line of sight, leaving just Royal God Call alone by the intersection. Walking to the left for a few steps before turning back right for several more, Royal God Call took out his booklet to record something. Royal God Call’s pale face betrayed his fear.

This was Royal God Call’s most pitiful moment. Deep Waters could no longer bear the sight and turned to look at his guildmates, instead. “What are you guys looking at? Go clear out your PK points if you’ve still got them!”

The players exchanged glances as they asked each other, “Do you have any?”

Several of them stepped out, but their PK value was only at 1 or 2 points, so they were not in a hurry to clear them. They figured their PK points would gradually disappear after staying up tonight and did not see the point of risking their lives doing ‘Bounty Mission’.

Don’t tell me that those with high PK value have already been sent to prison! Deep Waters anxiously thought as he started assigning players to help clear off the PK points of those who had them.

Players who went in to pick up bounties told Deep Waters, “It seems that they’ve not registered their accounts in Linyin City yet, since the top bounty on the Wanted Players list doesn’t have high PK value. Logically speaking, it's unlikely that they will have that low.”

Deep Waters refuted this. “They did not attempt to wipe us out in a wave like we did, so their PK value won’t be so concentrated. Besides, our losses are just not as heavy as theirs.”

Deep Waters’ comrades readily accepted his assessment.

“How many men did we lose tonight? Anyone with a detailed break down?” Deep Waters asked.

“Over a hundred of us lost levels!”

“Only over a hundred? So little?” Deep Waters was shocked.

This was when the players curiously stared at Deep Waters. “Of course. It’s their fault for bringing a bunch of mercenaries, too. Otherwise, why would we have players dropping by a whole level?”

“Oh!” Deep Waters exclaimed. He then hit his head in deep regret.

In competitive quests, guild members directly associated with the quests would not accrue PK points when they clashed with one another, and their deaths would only result in a 20% experience loss. When they first obtained this quest, not one of them knew that it was a competitive quest and only learned of this fact when they saw the players from Yunduan City with their target. That was when Deep Waters and his men added two and two together and thought of the rules governing such quests. Somehow, he had forgotten about all this. This was probably because he had become the first casualty on their side, and his experience loss from that death was exceptionally high.

Deep Waters was instantly in tears when he thought of this.

He felt very foolish now for actually being grateful to Gu Fei insta-killing him earlier. Recalling Oathless Sword’s anger due to his teasing, Deep Waters was certain that the man’s tolerance must have been at its very limit. Deep Waters was very moved when the Mage seized that opportunity to swiftly execute him. In retrospect, however....

“F*CK YOUR ANCESTORS!” Deep Waters bellowed and beat his chest in anguish right by the Bounty Assignment Hall’s entrance. He would have only lost 20% of his experience had he died under Oathless Sword’s torture. Instead, Deep Waters had lost about 195% of his experience thanks to Gu Fei’s interference, making his loss almost ten times more than what it could have been.

He felt really agonized by how unlucky he was. For him to have completely forgotten about the rule, had that guy also forgotten about it? Thinking back to that situation earlier, Deep Waters felt that he had already found the answer. Coincidentally, right by the corner of the street ahead, Oathless Sword and the remaining mercenary leaders emerged and walked toward his direction. When these men saw Deep Waters and his men, they were all very shocked.

Deep Waters did not spare a moment of thought and just rushed toward them with his guildmates in tow.

Oathless Sword, who was walking at the front of the group, naturally blanched in surprise. The enemies currently held numerical superiority over them. And while these people around him were his to command, without any underlings to do their bidding… Moreover, as a Warrior, he could not escape even if he wanted to!

Their enemies should not attack them at their current state… That was the conclusion that they had come to in their just-concluded short discussion!

Did they make a mistake in their judgment? Were their enemies foolish that they did not realize this fact?

Thinking of this, Oathless Sword hurriedly barked out a reminder. “You dare attack us? Do you not want us to retrieve your target from the prison or something?”

Deep Waters did not even look at him, though, and only raised a finger toward his direction. “I’m not looking for you. Go where you want and stay there for all I care!”

Oathless Sword was incensed, but what could he say to that? This man had brought over a hundred players! He could only blame himself for not bringing his men with him as well. What a huge misstep on his part.

Deep Waters walked up to them and quickly dragged Young Master Han to one side. Looking backward and seeing his men following him closely, he hurriedly cried out, “What are you still following me for? Go and clean your rap sheet already!”

Everyone was stunned, and someone awkwardly asked, “Are we not killing them?” as he pointed to Oathless Sword and the other mercenary leaders that they had already surrounded.

“Kill them, my *ss! What’s our quest? What use is there to killing them now? Go and do what you’re supposed to do.” Deep Waters dismissed his men before cursing Young Master Han, “You’re a jerk!”

Young Master Han rolled his eyes before turning to address Yunduan City’s dumbfounded leaders, “You guys go ahead without me. I’ll be there in a while; I just need to speak with his madman first.”

Although they were curious on what the two would talk about, standing by the side to eavesdrop was just really embarrassing, so they could only take their leave.

“Did you suggest all this, you jerk?!” Deep Waters immediately started lambasting Young Master Han once the audience from both sides left.

“What did I suggest?” Young Master Han asked innocently.

“Drop the act.”

Young Master Han continued to shrug with that innocent expression on his face, though.

Thus, Deep Waters could only narrate the tragedy that that had befallen him in a tone of disgust, concluding, “You’re the only capable of coming up with such a despicable act.”

“He he he… So that’s what this is about.” Young Master Han chuckled warmly.

“What’s so funny?!” Deep Waters raged.

“Honestly speaking, I have nothing to do with that. He only did that out of kindness. I dare say that he probably doesn’t know anything about that particular rule’s existence. Even if he did, I’m sure he did not think of that, either. That guy’s a total gaming noob,” Young Master Han said.

“Gaming noob? Stop pulling my leg!” Deep Waters did not dare believe it! A gaming noob captured him alive, a gaming noob nearly single-handedly disrupted his street ambush… How was he going to live this down if word got out about it?

“He really is a noob. This game mode just happens to suit him,” Young Master Han insisted.

“What do you mean?” Deep Waters asked.

“He claims he’s proficient in kung fu,” Young Master Han replied.

“Kung fu? Are there still people out there dabbling in that kind of stuff?” Deep Waters was skeptical.

Young Master Han shrugged once more. “I don’t know, but his skill is no joke. But besides that, his knowledge regarding MMOs is nearly nonexistent.”

“Where did such an abnormality come from?!” Deep Waters muttered to himself, unaware that he had already released Young Master Han.

“I’m really sorry about today!” Young Master Han tidied his clothes before saying.

“Whoa. Did I mishear you? Are you even someone capable of apologizing?” Deep Waters reacted as though he had just witnessed the most frightening thing.

“This apology is for offending you more afterward,” Young Master Han calmly said.

Deep Waters instantly became wary. “Did you come up with a devious plan to counter our scheme?”

“Take a guess.” Young Master Han smiled warmly.

“I’ve decided to silence you,” Deep Waters suddenly said.

“That’s not your style.” Young Master Han patted him on his shoulders. “I’m leaving. Sit tight and wait for your death!”

Deep Waters clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white. Against this bad person, there was absolutely no need to be merciful! He should start with Double Shot from this angle, follow it up with Snipe, then Power Shot, and finally Homing Projectile to kill this b*st*rd. Deep Waters was a man who was quick to repay gratitude and swift to exact vengeance. Suddenly, he sped up and dove toward Young Master Han.

Young Master Han turned to look backward when he heard the hurried footsteps behind him and was shocked to see Deep Waters rushing toward him so aggressively, “What are you—”

“There are Thieves!” Deep Waters conveyed with as few words as he could. At the very same moment he dashed toward Young Master Han, he released a handful of Whitestone Dust toward the right of Young Master Han.

He used plenty of Whitestone Dust with this toss, effectively interrupting the two Thieves who were now caught in a fit of cough.

“Dodge quickly!” By the time Deep Waters shouted this, Young Master Han had already stepped to the side at the sight of the Thieves.

“Are they not your men?” Young Master Han could not think of anyone else besides Deep Waters and his guild that would go against or even plan to attack Traversing Four Seas and the others in this foreign city.

“What nonsense,” Deep Waters said dismissively.

These two Thieves did not seem to be strangers to the Whitestone Dust. After waving their hands to disperse the cloud of dust that that had formed, the two of them tightly gripped their daggers and gave chase with Fleetfoot.

“Into the jungle!” Deep Waters shouted to Young Master Han as he fired off an arrow. This shot he fired differed from the usual shots Archers would fire as he was not aiming for the enemy’s face but was instead targeting the sole of his foot.

A clanking sound could be heard when the arrow connected, as a trap sprang forth from the ground and bit down on the player’s ankle.

“Snare Shot. Bet you haven’t seen anything like that before, eh?” Deep Waters savored the Thief’s expression of shock as he said this. He then turned to fire an arrow toward the other Thief. This man had quite the agile reaction, instantly halting his steps when he saw an arrow fly toward him. In the end, that fired-off arrow was just a normal one that embedded itself in front of his foot. The man leaped to the side for fear of the arrow suddenly turning into a trap and snaring him.

Deep Waters, who had already distanced himself by a few meters, sniggered when he turned back and saw the man’s look of panic.

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