Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 34 - Ten Percent Chance of a Fatal Blow

Chapter 34 - Ten Percent Chance of a Fatal Blow

The lakeside on the outskirt of Yunduan City was silent. Nobody, even the ones hiding within the bushes, dared to move. The two players lying on their stomach stared at Gu Fei who had a weird smile on his face.

“I’m Thousand Miles Drunk. Sorry for what happened earlier,” Gu Fei said to the two.

They exchanged glances.

“My name’s Fei Lian,” said the person on the left.

“I’m Ascension,” said the one on the right.

“Nice to meet you both!” Gu Fei extended his hand and shook each of their proffered hands.

The two players did not know each other prior to this, so they exchanged greetings as well. The bushes they were in shook as they introduced themselves to one another, looking absolutely impure from afar. June’s Rain, who was still hiding behind the tree stump, was pure-minded, yet even she had to ask out of curiosity, “What’re you three doing? Stop fighting already!”

“It’s nothing! We’re cool now! We’re not that stupid to fight in a situation like this!” Ascension said to June’s Rain as he waved his hand.

Unfortunately, he had raised his hand too high. His hand was like a beacon of light in the darkness, revealing their position clearly to the Archer. An arrow unerringly flew toward them.

“Ughhh!” Ascension reached back and touched the arrow that had struck his waist, looking at his HP, “I’m dead.” He really did die after saying these words.

“Move!” Gu Fei shouted toward Fei Lian.

“What are you shouting at me for?!” Fei Lian was stunned. He only managed to react again after he saw Gu Fei quickly roll to the side. However, he was a bit slower in diving to the side, resulting in an arrow piercing him exactly on his right shoulder. Following that one arrow, a few more arrows flew and struck the spot that they were on mere seconds ago.

Gu Fei stayed still on the ground as he turned his head, “You alright?” He had seen the kind of damage Snipe could cause. Anyone who took two arrows consecutively would be killed for sure.

“Yes!” Fei Lian gritted his teeth as he answered, “The last arrow’s not under Snipe, so the damage it dealt is not very high.”

“Oh? Why didn’t the Archer use it?” Gu Fei asked.

“Snipe has a long cool-down time, so it’s impossible to shoot arrows with it continuously,” Fel Lian answered.

“You sure know a lot!” Gu Fei complimented.

“That’s because I’m also an Archer,” Fei Lian replied.

“Oh? Why didn’t you use Snipe on that person as well?” Gu Fei queried.

“I’m not at level 30 yet!” Fei Lian lamented.

Gu Fei could only sigh after hearing his words.

“Plus!” Fei Lian was not finished yet, “Even the regular arrow that person just shot me with dealt high damage. It means that Archer’s equipment is top grade.”

A level 30 player fully equipped with high-grade equipment was indubitably the peak state anyone could currently be in the game. It seemed like Gu Fei had chanced upon a formidable and troublesome opponent today. Gu Fei sneaked a peek up the hill. Besides the first arrow catching him by surprise, Gu Fei saw all the succeeding shots the opponent had made. The arrows might be swift, but his eyes were still far quicker.

Because he could clearly see each attack, Gu Fei was certain that Snipe not only had a long attack range but a fast speed as well. However, the few regular arrows the Archer had shot them with indicated that the person was not hiding within the Snipe’s maximum range. This also meant that the opponent used Snipe at a closer distance to them. Meaning, it would be much harder to dodge. Gu Fei was confident that he could dodge if it was merely a normal arrow shot. However, it would be almost impossible to do so if it was Snipe.

“What’s the cool-down time for Snipe?” Gu Fei asked Fei Lian.

“Official website says it’s forty-five seconds,” Fei Lian replied, “But that still varies for each individual. We don’t know if the Archer has equipment that reduces waiting period. Rumors said boosting Spirit stat can reduce cool-down time for skills too.”

“Forty-five seconds...” Gu Fei muttered. Forty-five seconds already passed since their opponent had last used Snipe, so poking his head out now would simply result in getting one-shot killed.

Gu Fei needed their opponent to shoot one more arrow to pinpoint the Archer’s exact location. If he knew their opponent’s firing target, then he would be able to determine which trajectory the arrow came from. He had a rough idea of the attacker’s direction from the movement of the wind, but what he needed to know was the Archer’s exact hiding spot.

“Xiaoyu,” Gu Fei added June’s Rain to his friends list and privately messaged her.


“How high is your defense?” Gu Fei asked.

Xiaoyu reported the number accordingly, “Why are you asking?”

Gu Fei did not reply to her right away, but instead turned to ask Fei Lian, “How much damage did that normal arrow deal to you?”

Fei Lian checked his HP and told him the number, while inquiring as well, “Why are you asking?”

“How much will Snipe increase the damage by?” Gu Fei asked.

“I think it’s 100%, which is twice that of a normal attack. But there’s also a chance of it being a Fatal Blow,” Fei Lian answered.

“Fatal Blow?”

“It ignores the opponent’s defense and directly deals damage based on the target’s amount of HP. Snipe has a 10% chance of causing a Fatal Blow at zero proficiency, resulting in a 10% increase in fatal damage. I’m not sure how much the skill effect will increase when the proficiency is higher,” Fei Lian explained.

Gu Fei furrowed his brows. He had forgotten to consider a person’s skill proficiency. This meant that calculating the exact damage the skill would deal was impossible. If he was to calculate using the highest level of proficiency... Unfortunately, Parallel World had just begun and only the data for the earlier stages of job classes was revealed. As none of the players had achieved high level of proficiency, there was no data for Gu Fei to base his calculations on.

“Xiaoyu, what’s your total HP?” Gu Fei asked once more.

Based on the data reported to him, Gu Fei did some mental calculations and sighed. June’s Rain was not wearing any particularly top-grade equipment and given the current circumstance, there was a high possibility of her dying if the opponent managed to score a Fatal Blow with Snipe. Without the Fatal Blow, she would be left with just a sliver of HP. However, if the current opponent’s proficiency with Snipe was higher, that person could not only increase the skill’s base damage by 100%, it could also climb up higher, like maybe 118%, which would outright kill June's Rain without it needing to be a Fatal Blow.

“What, do you want to block the arrow?” Fei Lian had guessed Gu Fei’s train of thoughts.

“Not me. Her,” Gu Fei indicated June’s Rain.

“What then?” Fei Lian asked.

“Then we will know the Archer’s position and sort that person out,” Gu Fei said.

Fei Lian looked at Gu Fei incredulously. He spoke as if once he knew the Archer’s hiding place, he could take care of the person without an issue. Had he not mentioned previously how the opponent was at level 30 and wore top of the line equipment? Furthermore....

“You still have to close in on that person! Are your Mage spells able to be casted from a longer distance than a bow? A slight movement from us is enough for that Archer to shoot an arrow here. How can you get past that?” Fei Lian asked.

Gu Fei laughed, “Precisely. I’ll move the instant a slight movement occurs.”

Fei Lian was puzzled. Gu Fei did not bother to clarify his point, while Xiaoyu inquired from the other side, “Why did you ask about my defense stat and total HP?”

“I have a plan,” Gu Fei explained, “I’ve calculated the Archer’s damage versus your defense stat and total HP. There’s a 90% chance that you could withstand an arrow from that person, and 10% chance that you would be killed instantly.”

“Oh! I’ll finish the Archer off, then! Since our opponent won’t be able to insta-kill me, I can rush over and cleave that person with my axe,” Xiaoyu said.

“And how will you get that chance to close in on the Archer? Even if you’re not dead with the first shot, the second one will guarantee your death,” Gu Fei could not believe what he had just heard.

“Oh, yeah...” Xiaoyu said, “So what do we do now?”

“You should go attract that person’s attention. I’ll approach from the other side and attempt a sneak attack,” Gu Fei said.

“You’re despicable!” Xiaoyu exclaimed.

“I’m not! This is a tactic; a misdirection, get it?” Gu Fei said, feeling exasperated.

“And what if I get insta-killed?” Xiaoyu asked.

Gu Fei was afraid of this question. He embarrassedly answered her, “I’ll still find out the Archer’s position and avenge you.”

“That’s great! Let’s do it, then!” Xiaoyu affirmed the plan.

What a gullible woman. Had it been anyone else, they would have been filled with suspicion and doubt on the feasibility of a Mage taking down a level 30 Archer with exceptional gear. Previously, Gu Fei was cudgeling his brains out on how to convince her. Never would he have thought that she would readily agree to his arrangement.

“Wait for my signal to stand. Just lie there for now,” Gu Fei said.


As everything around him turned silent, Gu Fei stealthily lay prone among the tall grass and waited for an opportunity. Fei Lian beside him had no idea that Gu Fei and Xiaoyu had already discussed a battle plan. He whistled to call Gu Fei’s attention, making him turn his head to look at him.

“Are you ready?” Fei Lian asked.

“Just lie down there!” Gu Fei smiled

It was at this moment that the calm lake rippled as the mountain breeze blew past its surface to the shore, making the thick grass sway.

“Get up!” Gu Fei timely sent the order to Xiaoyu.

Xiaoyu stood up with her armor clanking and an arrow swiftly cut through the air toward her. Although she quickly retreated back to her hiding spot, she was not fast enough to dodge the shot. Xiaoyu was hiding behind the tree stump away from Gu Fei and Fei Lian, yet the Archer clearly monitored her position as well.

“Ah, crap! She’s...” Fei Lian turned his head and shouted, “Hey, where are you?”

Gu Fei, who was right beside him a moment ago, had disappeared. All that was left was a patch of crushed grass where Gu Fei hand once lain. He now understood what Gu Fei meant when he said he would move right when there was a slight movement. The opposing Archer would not be able to determine their location when the breeze stirred up all the grass at once.

This moment could be used to run away as well, yet Gu Fei had chosen to confront a level 30 fully geared Archer alone instead. Fei Lian shifted his gaze about and spotted Xiaoyu. It appeared that she was lucky enough to avoid that 10% Fatal Blow, so she hid herself behind the tree stump again.

Fei Lian began to think for a bit. They could definitely use that moment when the wind whipped through the tall grass to escape. However, this was not possible for the female Warrior as the tree stump was surrounded by an open space. Gu Fei probably wanted to take down that Archer so that the Warrior could escape. But it seemed rather contradictory if that was his plan because he had asked her to be the bait for the Archer.

Gu Fei already managed to make his way around the back of the hill. He had clearly identified the Archer’s location from that arrow just now. At the same time, he was very pleased to see that Xiaoyu had managed to survive. Now, all he had to do was take care of this sniping player.

As of the moment, Gu Fei could clearly see a male figure darting within the trees on top of the hill. The Archer was cunning enough to understand the importance of changing location with every shot he took. It was a pity, however, that a more cunning person had actually made his way behind him.

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