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Chapter 290 - Vicious Words from Young Master Han

Chapter 290 - Vicious Words from Young Master Han

While Dusky Cloud was recalling the past he had shared with No Smile, Celestial Pig actually latched on to the topic of being killed by Gu Fei and ran with it. Gu Fei had slain him outside Yunduan City to save Vast Lushness back then. Because of what Celestial Pig and his men were doing to Vast Lushness, he did not have a particularly good impression of him. However, Celestial Pig’s act of raising this issue naturally led to a topic about Vast Lushness, which was exactly perfect for Gu Fei.

At that time, Celestial Pig and his men did not know that Gu Fei was Fugitive 27149. Now that they were aware of this, Dusky Cloud could more or less deduce why Gu Fei had saved Vast Lushness today.

Vast Lushness had really been reduced into a terrible state by their relentless hunt for her. That woman was inherently stubborn, though. Despite being reduced into a terrible state, she still maintained her arrogance in the face of so many men, which only made it difficult for them to hold back and treat Vast Lushness in a way that was befitting her gender. In actuality, the reason why their hatred for Vast Lushness had lasted until now was that she had an attitude that seemed to be begging for trouble. Vast Lushness’s foolhardy spirit despite her losses had completely awakened their desire to destroy her. Hunting her down for almost a whole month… Their patience to exact their vengeance even after such a long time was pretty much forged as a result of her actions.

In contrast, those who were not in the know could easily sympathize with Vast Lushness’s plight. However, Dusky Cloud felt that Gu Fei should have been on their side; after all, he had been forced to hide inside a high-level grinding map back then as a result of unintentionally offending her. Hence, he could not fathom how Vast Lushness’s stubborn personality had managed to garner sympathy from Gu Fei when it had not affected him at all. As Dusky Cloud was wondering about this, Celestial Pig once more unintentionally helped him get the answer, “Miles bro, when did you become good friends with Vast Lushness?”

“He he. Just leave her some leeway. Is there really a need for you guys to be so thorough in tormenting her?” Instead of answering Celestial Pig’s question, Gu Fei directly pleaded for her case. Sword Demon and the others exchanged furtive looks when they heard him. The Gu Fei that they knew was a merciless killer, yet here he was, asking others to stay their hands. It was pretty hilarious.

“Miles bro, as a good friend of ours, we are really hoping that you won’t interfere in this matter,” Dusky Cloud requested. He had invited Young Master’s Elite over for drinks mainly because he wanted to thank them for their assistance in the guild war back then and partly because he wanted to ask Gu Fei why he was lending Vast Lushness a hand.

“Unfortunately, I have already interfered,” Gu Fei sighed, glancing over to a certain table, “I might have slain a few friends over there earlier.”

Dusky Cloud was naturally aware of this, and he too swept his gaze over to that particular table. “We’ll let it go. I believe my men won’t mind, either. As for Vast Lushness—”

“We’ll put it behind us, as well! After being chased for a whole day and night, I’m sure those guys won't mind this resolution, either,” Gu Fei quipped, adding on to Dusky Cloud’s words.

Dusky Cloud was stunned for a good while. He had never expected for a handful of players to actually object over the Ten Guild Alliance’s hunt for Vast Lushness. In Yueye City, those who found themselves being targeted by the Ten Guild Alliance could only blame their luck. These people might object to it in their minds, but they could never use it as a bargaining chip in the negotiating table. The difference in strength of the clashing parties was essentially day and night!

“What does Boss Cloud think of it?” Seeing that Dusky Cloud was in a daze, he quickly inquired after it.

“This…” Dusky Cloud could currently not come up with an answer. He had no wish to give up their hunt for Vast Lushness at all, and he invited Gu Fei over in hopes of stopping him from interfering. He felt that they had already given him plenty of face by backing off earlier today, yet who would have thought that Gu Fei would be so obtuse, using those few players’ objection to the circumstance as a bargaining chip! While the Ten Guild Alliance’s objection held a lot of weight with their strength, Gu Fei and those handful of men’s objection was almost nothing in comparison.

“Speaking of which, we are only here temporarily, and we will be leaving Yueye City tomorrow,” Gu Fei informed.

“Ah, yes. I’ve heard about that,” Dusky Cloud answered. As the pseudo-overlord of Yueye City, the appearance of a large number of players was something he had long been informed about. Sending men to inquire about their presence, he learned that this was an escort mission involving the number one guild and top mercenary groups in Yunduan City.

“Regarding Vast Lushness, what will Miles bro do if we don’t let her of?” Dusky Cloud asked instead. He had no intention of backing down from this. Although Gu Fei was a fearsome opponent, he was just one man. There were two level 5, four level 4, three level 3, and one level 2 guilds – for a total of four thousand five hundred fifty members – within the Ten Guild Alliance, after all. He had only asked his men to stop today’s chase due to Gu Fei’s connection with them. His men happened to not have the word ‘fear’ in their vocabulary – something that they had in common with Vast Lushness. It was such a pity that these two headstrong parties were poised against each other… Obviously, neither party was willing to back down now that it had escalated to this point.

“It can’t be helped, then” Gu Fei sighed, saying, “Guess I’ll just continue giving them a hand and slay a few more of your comrades.”

“Miles bro, you’re so straightforward! I deeply admire such a trait in a man. Then, let’s not go easy on one another when we meet on the fighting field, but let’s remain friends outside of that,” Dusky Cloud declared.

“That would be for the best.” Gu Fei was extremely gratified. Being able to slay people and not affect their relationship… This was possibly the most ideal resolution to PK maniacs like him.

“Cheers to that!” Dusky Cloud raised his glass.

“Cheers!” Gu Fei lifted his glass and clanked it against Dusky Cloud’s, finishing its content in one gulp.

“Awesome!” Dusky Cloud shouted heartily. His fellow brothers also commended his resolution of the matter.

It seemed that only Sword Demon and the others of Young Master’s Elite felt discomfited about this. Just what sort of negotiation was this? The two parties did not achieve their goal, yet they instead reached an agreement where both sides could kill one another without repercussions.

“I say, Boss Cloud… Why are you guys so focused on bullying a woman while Silver Moon can strut around freely?” A cold voice suddenly pierced through the room’s din, which belonged to none other than Young Master Han. He could no longer stand the silly negotiation Gu Fei and Dusky Cloud had come to an accord and finally said his piece.

Dusky Cloud showed great forbearance at this. Among the six-man mercenary group, he despised Young Master Han the most. Were it not for Young Master Han being friends with Sword Demon and the others, Dusky Cloud would willingly slay him a hundred times.

Dusky Cloud was not two-faced, after all. His feelings got the better of him and he openly expressed his disdain for Young Master Han without mirth, “What do you mean by that, bro?”

Young Master Han swirled his glass leisurely, yet his eyes remained focused, not bothering to look at Dusky Cloud, “Silver Moon is currently in Yueye City; does Boss Cloud not know about this?”

“Silver Moon is here as well? Are you serious?” Dusky Cloud truly had no clue about this.

“He he… Do you guys have selective blindness?” Young Master Han’s mouth curled icily, holding nothing back to disparage these men with every inflection of his words. Quite a few men even jumped up and slammed their fists on the table, “D*mn you! What are you insinuating?!”

“Nothing. I’ve drunk too much. Guess I’ll take my leave first,” Young Master Han stood up and waved at the tavern owner, “Boss, bill please.”

“No need; it’s my treat,” Dusky Cloud said. Although he did not like Young Master Han at all, he had no desire to be labeled as an improper host over this bit of money.

“No need; just allow me to be included in your selective blindness as well!” Young Master Han said mockingly as he took out his coin purse.

“F*CK!” Another guild leader could no longer stand Young Master Han’s taunts. He got up to attack him, but the table somewhat hindered him from using a skill, so he opted to just grab a bottle off the table and tossed it over. Gu Fei was just about to lend a hand, but Sword Demon, who was currently beside Young Master Han, was much faster. Lifting his hand to bat the bottle away, he simply said, “Forget it!”

“Yeah!” Gu Fei agreed, “He’s like this; it’s really annoying.”

“That’s right. He’s not skilled when it comes to combat, so he can only focus his effort on his mouth!” Royal God Call used this chance to take a few shots at Young Master Han.

“Oh, yeah; he’s super arrogant!” War Without Wounds was probably still sulking over being assigned as a bodyguard for Young Master Han and Brother Assist during the mercenary PvP tournament.

Only Brother Assist was considerate enough to not say anything negative about him.

Dusky Cloud also stood up. Restraining the guild leader that had acted moments ago, he lightly said, “So be it. I won’t see you out.”

Young Master Han raised an eyebrow before saying, “No need to see me out. I suggest you spend that time looking for Silver Moon, instead; it’ll at least be more productive than chasing after a girl.”

“Arghhh! Can’t you just keep quiet?!” Young Master’s Elite’s mercenary channel burst into activity.

“Just one last thing…” Young Master Han typed this on the mercenary channel. He was almost out of the establishment, with his hand pushing the door halfway open, when he glanced at the bunch of men eyeing him with fury and said, “That woman is just a Priest, too.”

“F*CK!” Even more men jumped to their feet, yet Dusky Cloud stopped them from acting with his eyes.

“We won’t mind if you organize a hunting party for him,” War Without Wounds sincerely said.

Dusky Cloud laughed bitterly before gazing up the ceiling, “He’s not wrong, you know? Vast Lushness is indeed just a female Priest. It’s really meaningless to kill her.”

With that, he addressed the remaining five men, “Is Silver Moon really in Yueye City?”

The five of them nodded their heads with Gu Fei saying, “I can lend you guys a hand if you decide to hunt for Silver Moon.”

“What?” Dusky Cloud was surprised to see his different attitude. Naturally, the rumors about Silver Moon shirking responsibility had not reached Yueye City yet. Everyone here knew the pair’s story inside and out, so they did not feel the need to learn more about the two’s ‘epilogue’. Dusky Cloud and his men continued to lump Silver Moon and Vast Lushness together since they did not know of the ensuing fallout after the Past Deeds’ collapse.

After Gu Fei gave them a brief rundown of Silver Moon’s actions, the entire tavern bubbled into fervor, “F*ck me! Silver Moon is such a b*st*rd – a f*ck*ng coward to the very end!”

“That shameless person… To think I once considered him as a man’s man like us!”

“Shameless! Nothing more needs to be said about this. Let’s just slay him!”

“SLAY HIM!” Dusky Cloud slapped the table decisively, “Call all our brothers online to search the entire city for Silver Moon. Anyone who provides any leads about this will be properly rewarded!”

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