Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 286 - No End to Hatred

Chapter 286 - No End to Hatred

Although he had departed with the temporarily appeased Will-low, Gu Fei did not forget about the men he had left behind and sent Sakurazaka Moony this message: “You know that you guys are in danger, right?”

“What? Why?” Sakurazaka Moony asked, puzzled.

“Vast Lushness… She has plenty of enemies here in Yueye City,” Gu Fei explained.

“That’s great, then! I’ll protect her!” Sakurazaka Moony was clearly excited, treating this as a chance for him to perform favorably before her.

“It’s way more than what you imagined!” Gu Fei was tempted to leave Sakurazaka Moony to his devices right now.

“How many are we talking about here exactly?” Sakurazaka Moony finally perceived Gu Fei’s serious tone.

“About the same amount of people playing in Yunduan City in the open beta days!” Gu Fei gave him a conservative estimate. It was in Parallel World’s open beta that Past Deeds had terrorized Yueye City with its tyrannical ways, so those who had joined after its official release could not possibly have bad blood with her. Gu Fei did not get a reply this time, only hearing a cry in the distance “Hey, Moony! What’s the matter with you!”

“Take care, then!” He sent Sakurazaka Moony this final message before logging off from the spawn point with Will-low.

Sakurazaka Moony’s band of brothers shouted at him for a while before he finally returned to his senses. His eyes that gazed at Vast Lushness were now filled with worship. To actually offend an entire city of players just like that… if not a ‘legend’, what else would she be?

Vast Lushness was also looking at Sakurazaka Moony and company with a smile on her lips, “Have fun playing; I’ll be logging off first.”

Sakurazaka Moony felt stunned. Despite Vast Lushness being a woman, she was a MMO addict, just like the rest of them, that would play Parallel World until the wee hours daily. And yet, she was saying that she would log off early tonight....

Sakurazaka Moony might be a reprehensible man, but he was no moron. He could guess the meaning behind her action. Framing her gesture in a favorable light, he felt completely touched. Sakurazaka Moony wanted to hug her right there and then, yet he did not have the guts to do so.

“I’m off!” Vast Lushness waved goodbye to the Forever in Flowers’ men before turning to make her way toward a log-off point alone.

Sakurazaka Moony dazedly gaze at her departing figure for quite a while. Waking up from his reverie, he hurriedly chased after her, “I’ll walk you over!”

“No need!” Vast Lushness dissuaded.

“No, I insist. What if along the way…” Sakurazaka Moony did not finish his words, but he knew that Vast Lushness got his meaning.

Vast Lushness did not comment on this, nor did she reject his offer. Showing their backs to Fireball and the gang, they quietly departed from the location.

“Putting your lady up on a pedestal; Moony… You’re the one I model my life after!” These guys sighed in adulation.

“G*dd*mm*t! Why is the sleazy Moony able to get himself a girl, while not one woman out there notices my charming self?!” some of them questioned the empty space, feeling disgruntled.

“We gotta work hard, then; it’s rare for us to find ourselves somewhere new. Time to lay the groundwork!”

“Lay, my *ss! Practically all the players are covering their faces here; we can’t even tell if the women are real ‘babes’!”

“Ahh! That’s a serious problem, indeed!” This group of men suddenly felt depressed.

“Actually, we’ll only stay here for a day, so let’s not be too serious about this and just enjoy ourselves,” someone suggested.

“That makes total sense,” the others agreed.

“Viable targets spotted ahead!” one of them suddenly announced as he lifted his hand to point forward. In front, three women with faces covered were gracefully walking down the street.

All of them turned their gaze over and began to critique, “Since we can’t see their faces, let’s focus on their three sizes, instead!”

“These three ain’t bad!”

“So what are we waiting for?!”

“Let’s go!” These men thus began their hunting and teasing activities....

Gu Fei went online earlier than usual the next day. It was not every day that he got to visit Yueye City, so he did not wish to waste time. In a city where PvP was the norm, he was already expecting for the Bounty Assignment Hall to be filled with people. What made this place more beautiful was that despite the players’ equipment being average at best, their PvP standard was definitely topnotch.

Gu Fei was just about to joyfully make his way over to the Bounty Assignment Hall when he received a bombardment of messages. Gu Fei pulled out his inbox and saw that the culprit turned out to be Fireball: “Drunk bro, save me!”

Fireball’s steady stream of terse messages clued Gu Fei in about the urgency of his friend’s situation. Actually, Gu Fei already had a hunch that something like this might happen. “What’s the matter? Are you being hunted?”

“How did you know that?!” Fireball asked, surprised. Time and time again, Gu Fei had challenged his cognition of things.

“Didn’t I already tell Moony for you guys to be more vigilant here?” Gu Fei asked, instead.

Fireball, who was currently being hunted, naturally knew of the whole story behind his situation and could only tearfully say, “The two have actually gone to log off last night, yet they were blocked by people along the way.”

Sakurazaka Moony had accompanied Vast Lushness to the spawn point to log off last night, yet Vast Lushness’s notoriety turned out to be pretty severe and people were already on to her. Seeing that she was about to reach a spawn point, the local players gathered their comrades to block the spawn point and prevent her from logging off.

It had been quite some time since Vast Lushness left Yueye City, so their hatred for her should not have been as severe as before. However, Dusky Cloud’s recent visit to Yunduan City to participate in Gu Fei’s meet and greet had ended in a disastrous note with him encountering and getting killed by Silver Moon’s trap for Young Master’s Elite.

Dusky Cloud was considered the overlord in Yueye City. It had been a long time since he suffered such a loss and it only served to rekindle his bad blood with the pair. At the time, he had to put his revenge on hold since the PvP tournaments were underway. Now that Parallel World’s PvP events had ended, this issue once more resurfaced as one of the important matters for them to deal with.

Silver Moon could no longer survive in Yueye City, so he had to leave for Yunduan City and begin anew. Meanwhile, Dusky Cloud’s friend in Yunduan City, No Smile, and a few others traveled over to Yueye City to attach themselves to him after encountering heavy setbacks in Yunduan City. If Dusky Cloud previously had informants in Yunduan City, he no longer had that anymore. Therefore, he was absolutely clueless about Silver Moon’s progress with his mercenary group. But from the ambush that day, it was apparent that Silver Moon had quite a few men at his disposal. This caused Dusky Cloud to be uncertain on how many men he should mobilize to take down Silver Moon. He was afraid that they would be unable to get the job done if he mistakenly sent insufficient men or that they would create misunderstandings with Yunduan City’s players if he sent too many men. Silver Moon was a devious person that could rouse external forces to his cause, so Dusky Cloud could not afford to be careless regarding him.

When he finally sent several men to gather intel, they actually returned to Yueye City halfway. They stated that parts of the road leading toward Yunduan City were eroded, making crossing them impossible.

Only the system was capable of making major changes in Parallel World’s terrain, so Dusky Cloud could only shelve his plan to deal with Silver Moon for now. His time had been occupied with researching the ‘guild quest’ reward for placing first in the guild versus guild tournament these past few days, so they only started their hunt for Vast Lushness when someone claimed to have spotted her in Yueye City.

By the time Gu Fei got online, Sakurazaka Moony, Vast Lushness, Fireball, and friends had been on the run for an entire day and night. Fortunately, Vast Lushness had plenty of experience evading pursuers in Yueye City, so she was well-versed in using the winding backstreets to lose their hunters. They also managed to drag things out until now with the use of the expert trappers in Sakurazaka Moony’s mercenary group.

Unfortunately, their pursuers had the foresight to block off all the spawn points and Yueye City’s gates, preventing them from logging off or leaving the city. Their pursuers even went as far as to request all the players passing through to remove the pieces of cloth covering their faces for inspection. No one dared to oppose their request since the men were from the Ten Guild Alliance. Vast Lushness was not someone whom the people in Yueye City were very fond of at any rate, so many of the players were more than happy to comply with the men’s request after hearing the reason behind it.

“We’ll forcefully log off if this continues; I’m pooped,” Fireball sent Gu Fei this message.

“Where are you now?” Gu Fei asked.

Fireball told him his coordinates, “Drunk bro, it’s up to you now to carve out an escape for us!”

“He he!” Gu Fei merely chuckled as he readied his equipment. Adopting the local customs, Gu Fei took out a piece of cloth and covered his face. He then ran toward the coordinates Fireball had given him.

“Hit me up if your location changes,” Gu Fei messaged Fireball.

Fireball did not reply, as he and company were once more engaging the enemies in a fight. The Great Hunting mercenary group was merely made up of the Forever in Flowers Guild’s players – just like how Four Seas mercenary group was purely made up of the Traversing Four Seas Guild’s players – and was only at level 2 with forty members. All of them had joined this mission, yet they were now down to just eighteen men; the other twenty-two were killed off and sent back to a spawn point, so they naturally logged off and went to sleep.

“Quickly run!” Vast Lushness led the way after the others finished setting up their traps. Sakurazaka Moony glanced over to his remaining men and spotted Fireball, “How curious… We’ve already lost twenty-two men, yet you’re still with us.”

Escape would not be difficult if there were just Sakurazaka Moony and his Hunters. Since Fireball and Vast Lushness were with them, they could only stall for time using their traps. Sakurazaka Moony and his men heard their enemies’ exclamations as they stepped on to their traps. Sakurazaka Moony realized how easy it was to trap their pursuers due to the popularity of confrontational approach in Yueye City, which resulted into the locals disdaining this sort of passive attacking method. Few people trained the Hunting Trap skill in Yueye City, so their pursuers barely had any contact with it during PvP, with some not even seeing the skill in action at all. Sakurazaka Moony was baffled when the moronic White Leaf Plumage had actually placed his trap onto sandstone once, yet someone had still managed to step on it.

“Oh, no!” Vast Lushness cried out, saying, “Where’s the rest of the road?!” She bewilderedly looked around her, realizing that she had brought everyone toward a dead end. “This alley is supposed to have an exit. Did it change, or did I remember it wrongly?” Vast Lushness had been away from Yueye City for so long that her confidence in her navigating skills in it wavered.

“D*mm*t! Guess we gotta fight to the death, then,” Sakurazaka Moony resolutely led his men to retrace their steps as there were traps ahead. Since their enemies were chasing them from two different directions, they were officially out of options.

“Drunk bro, we’re current at XXX,XXX… We’re trapped!” Fireball anxiously sent Gu Fei this message.

“Eh? What a coincidence; I happen to pass by that spot!” Gu Fei replied.

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