Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 267 - Cleaning up the PvP field

Chapter 267 - Cleaning up the PvP field

Now that the mountain peak was spick and span, Young Master Han, War Without Wounds, and Brother Assist quickly made their way over.

“Comrades, thank you for your hard work!” Young Master Han smiled to the other three members of Young Master’s Elite.

“Tsk!” No one bothered to reply to him. Gu Fei almost threw Young Master Han off the mountain when he saw him putting on airs. They were evidently the ones doing the fighting, yet Young Master Han made it seem as if he was the final boss. Just seeing him stand by the mountain edge with his priest robe swaying in the breeze, any distant onlookers would think that he was a person of heroic proportions.

With this thought, Young Master Han pointed toward a path leading to the mountaintop where a team was currently traveling on, “Miles, I’ll leave that team to you.”

“Oh?” Gu Fei glanced over as he continued to munch on an apple.

“Royal, pester that team over there!” Young Master Han pointed toward another team.

Royal God Call determinedly slung his bow across his back and said, “I’m off!” He then took his leave from the mountain peak.

“Sword Demon, deal with that team over there!” Young Master Han pointed toward the third team.

“Won’t Sword Demon have trouble by himself?” Brother Assist cautioned. Sword Demon was not an Archer, after all; although he had fast movement speed, Sword Demon’s need to get into melee range made his task a lot riskier than Royal God Call’s.

“It’s fine.” Sword Demon calmly followed Royal God Call down the mountain.

“Nothing for me again, huh?” War Without Wounds was feeling quite miserable. A Warrior essentially relied on high HP and defense to fight opponents. Guerilla style of fighting was definitely not a Warrior’s strong suit. Fighting many opponents at once was only possible if the Warrior’s equipment was vastly superior compared to those he or she would be facing. Considering that most members of The Black Hand were at level 39 to 40, it was highly unlikely that he would have a huge advantage against them even if his equipment was a bit better than theirs right now.

“Stay here since you’ve got nothing to do!” Young Master Han sat cross-legged by the mountain edge, took out two bottles of liquor from his dimensional pocket, and offered it to the two with him, “Want some?”

War Without Wounds and Brother Assist shook their heads. Young Master Han set one bottle beside him and held the other up, mumbling, “It’s not cold enough.” He then popped open the bottle and took a long draft from it. With that, he happily surveyed the mountain side.

“Wait. There are a total of four teams left. We’ve got three teams locked down, so what about the last one?” Brother Assist was fretting over nothing again.

“Fourth team? That’s for Miles, too,” Young Master Han replied.

“Eh?! But you didn’t tell him!” Brother Assist exclaimed.

“No need. Those guys will look for him themselves,” Young Master Han answered confidently.

Brother Assist looked down the mountain and got what he meant.

Three individuals were headed straight toward their respective enemy teams. Although he could not see each of them clearly, he could tell them apart from their fighting styles.

The figure that was maintaining a safe distance from his enemies was naturally Royal God Call. Brother Assist could not see the arrows he was firing off, but he could see the ten-man team running all over the place as Royal God Call kited them.

The figure that suddenly disappeared as he was jogging over was undoubtedly Sword Demon. He appeared right in front of the enemy formation before quickly running off. He was utilizing such a dangerous and arduous method.

The two teams were originally advancing uniformly, but they became disorderly after encountering the two figures. However, their disorderliness was nothing compared to how the third team had descended into chaos upon Gu Fei’s appearance. The three men atop the mountain watched as a burst of flames twinkled in the distance, followed by a circle of white lights ascending the land. A small clearing was instantly made right in the middle of the team.

Gu Fei mercilessly slaughtered everyone he saw with impunity. His ability to affect a wide area with Twin Incineration made his attack resemble a Warrior’s Cyclone. The entire ten-man team was thus massacred in a short while. One man survived, but before he could flee, lightning crackled on his head, transforming him into a beam of white light.

The three men on the mountain peak were dumbfounded at what they had just witnessed. Young Master Han sighed deeply as he firmly gripped his bottle, To think watching Miles fight from above actually makes him seem more OP!

Gu Fei then motionlessly stood on the grassland by himself once he defeated the entire team. The three men uproariously laughed at this, “Is that idiot eating an apple again?”

As for the fourth team, the players in it had changed their course to where Gu Fei was once he had started fighting the third team. As Young Master Han had predicted, any team Gu Fei met would seek assistance from others, so arranging anyone to take care of the fourth team was unnecessary, as the team would deliver itself to Gu Fei.

Who would expect Gu Fei to be so indomitable, though? He massacred an entire team so quickly before the fourth team could make it halfway to the given coordinates. Anyone with a brain would realize that he or she was simply courting death by going like this, so it was no wonder that the team halted its movement.

Gu Fei was obviously alone on the open field, yet the ten-man team a distance away was hesitant to come over.

“Are you done eating an apple?” Young Master Han messaged Gu Fei privately.

Gu Fei snorted in contempt, “I’m eating a banana.”

“Once you’re done, head over to 267, 324. There’s another team over there,” Young Master Han commanded.

“Got it,” Gu Fei immediately set off from the grassland to the given coordinates. This was perhaps one of the perks of having low mana; fully recovering all of it would not take much time.

The fourth team began to make its move after hesitating for a while. However, the team did not head over to where Gu Fei was and instead went to where the other two teams were. Clearly, the other two teams received a similar instruction as they ignored Royal God Call and Sword Demon’s harassment and headed to a rendezvous point to form up the three teams into one platoon. Their intention was unfortunately seen clearly by Young Master Han. Their forming speed was not faster than Gu Fei’s chasing speed....

In the blink of an eye, Gu Fei caught up to the fourth team and the same scene was repeated once over. A flare of chaotic movement gave way to an empty clearing around him. He then pursued the stragglers, leaving the last one to die by a lightning strike before the person could flee… All ten men were thus decimated.

The Black Hand had eighty-seven participants for this match. When Gu Fei and Sword Demon ambushed the first team on the mountain top, Drifting and two other players were killed off. The scout Xiaoying in the small forest was assassinated by Sword Demon and Royal God Call. Gu Fei’s second assault on the mountain peak killed off another three-man team. Later, a ten-man team met death at the hands of Young Master Han and the other four of Young Master’s Elite. Gu Fei displayed his fighting prowess once more by taking down the twenty-man team under Monologue under the Moon’s supervision on the mountain top. Black Index Finger led a four-man party into the welcoming embrace of Gu Fei on the mountain while being pursued by the rest of Young Master’s Elite; they too had an ill-fated ending.

From then onward, Young Master's Elite pretty much had full control of the PvP arena. With Young Master Han, Brother Assist, and War Without Wounds camping on the map’s vantage point, the other three members of their mercenary group began to wage guerilla warfare on the enemy teams. Gu Fei took down two entire teams numbering up to twenty men, while Sword Demon and Royal God Call managed to kill off about five men throughout the process of their harassment.

By now, The Black Hand lost sixty-six men, leaving them with only twenty-one players on the PvP arena.

Out of these remaining twenty-one players, six were previously sent to the various forests in the map to lie in wait for the appearance of their prey. Unexpectedly, the prey that they had been waiting for all this while bit off quite a lot of the hunters by now. The six immediately left the relative safety of the forests for the rendezvous point once they received the order to gather with the rest of The Black Hand. On their way to the meeting place, they saw the opponents’ score steadily rising as their mercenary group’s number dwindled until they reached their current number.

The group of fifteen men that these six players now met was the remnants of the previous two teams. They all exchanged anxious looks as their hearts thumped with trepidation. Their mercenary channel was silent. Before the match began, all were gamely discussing just how they would find the enemies hiding somewhere in the map and were even wondering on how they could encircle and intercept them properly. Who would have guessed that the reality was far from what they had presumed? At the rate that this match was going, their opponents were not only about to win, they might even achieve total victory.

The eliminated Black Index Finger gnashed his teeth and said, “Disperse and let them do the searching! Drag it out till the end of the match. I’d rather die than let them achieve a ‘perfect victory’ from us!”

The rules for this mercenary PvP tournament clearly stated that all the enemies should retire first before one casualty was taken on their end for a group to achieve ‘perfect victory’. ‘Perfect victory’ would not be awarded if the match’s result was decided after the timer ran out. Not only would achieving ‘perfect victory’ give the winning team a greater reward, the system would also gloriously announce the outcome over on the world channel. Mercenary groups were like businesses that let players gain benefits based on their abilities. Losing to a small mercenary group like Young Master’s Elite was already embarrassing; giving them a ‘perfect victory’ was even more so. Could The Black Hand dare promote itself by using the title of being the number one mercenary group in Yunduan City after this fiasco?

With this order, the remaining members of The Black Hand scattered across the PvP arena. Young Master’s Elite only had six players. They were bound to waste a lot of time finding all twenty-one players all over the map now. It was time for them to have a little taste of the vileness of their Grand Kiting strategy.

The Black Hand’s players were currently rejoicing over their small victory of preventing the enemies from achieving ‘perfect victory’.

Unfortunately for The Black Hand, Young Master Han was currently enjoying the view of the whole map from the mountaintop as he drank liquor. He provided the others with fresh coordinates, allowing the three men below the mountain to hunt down The Black Hand’s remaining members. Even War Without Wounds managed to join in on the fun. Slowly making his way to the coordinates Young Master Han had given him, he planned to earn some kill points.

The Black Hand’s original plan was to avoid dividing its manpower and to work as a coordinated unit. Now that the match was nearing its end, this plan headed to the opposite direction. Separating from one another… This was in many ways a huge insult to The Black Hand for playing into the hands of Young Master’s Elite.

Every player below the mountain ran around the PvP arena like headless flies, except that the hunters were receiving superb directions from Young Master Han; they first eliminated those members who hid themselves inside forests before chasing after those who ran around the map.

With the combination of precise directions and the three’s movement speed, it was naturally not impossible for Young Master’s Elite to successfully hunt down each of the enemy players. Their kill points continued to increase until they collected eighty-six of the enemies, leaving just one more member to achieve ‘perfect victory’.

“Mmm… There’s still one out there that has yet to appear. Assuming that every forest would be hiding one of them, the last person should be hiding in the forest at 145, 421,” Young Master Han deduced.

Gu Fei had been hunting all night; it was only at this moment that he remembered something. Thinking for a bit, he pulled up his friends list and sent Xi Xiaotian a message: “Hey. We’re down to the last one. Is it you?”

“Heh… You guys are pretty awesome!”

“Where are you? Just come out and stop wasting time.”

“Come and find me, then. I wanna have a duel with you!” Xi Xiaotian replied.

“That just sounds fishy!” Gu Fei blanched.

“Are you afraid?”

“Why would I be?”

“398, 137!” Xi Xiaotian sent Gu Fei her coordinates.

Ha ha! Guess even Young Master has times when he miscalculates. These coordinates are the opposite direction of where he thought the last person would be hiding! Gu Fei thought to himself as he sprinted toward Xi Xiaotian’s location to duel with her.

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