Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 264 - The Challenger Gu Fei

Chapter 264 - The Challenger Gu Fei

Gu Fei was facing off against twelve men alone on the mountain peak!

Gu Fei slashed at a Warrior purely because he was near him.

Will this be the fourth spell?! Monologue under the Moon started preparing for this possibility. If Gu Fei cast his fourth spell, he would unhesitatingly command his men to surround Gu Fei.

However, Gu Fei did not say a word. His sword did not glow, either. The Warrior, who had bravely received Gu Fei’s slash, happily exclaimed when he saw the minimal damage inflicted on him, “I’m fine! It’s just a basic attack!”

Monologue under the Moon did not share his happiness, though. He would rather that Gu Fei insta-killed the Warrior with Twin Incineration. With Gu Fei holding back this bit of mana for one last spell, he could threaten them with his ability to insta-kill a good number of them.

While Monologue under the Moon was feeling aggrieved by the Warrior’s utterance, Gu Fei was feeling irked by the man’s audacity to call his Gu Family’s exquisite sword style a mere ‘basic attack’!

Let me see you try and dodge this ‘basic attack’, then! Gu Fei was barely suppressing his anger from erupting. What sort of players are they, anyway? All they did is gripe about my damage output the entire time. Insta-kill Mage… Didn’t they notice that not one of them was able to avoid my attacks? Even the Insta-kill Mage has to hit someone first before he or she can insta-kill a person, right? No point in having high damage output if he or she can’t even hit his or her opponents. Take me for example… Gu Fei’s head was filled with these thoughts as he cleanly evaded the Warrior’s axe.

Gu Fei could easily slip pass such a middling attack with his upper body alone and could even maim the Warrior with a casual slash if this were a fight in reality. It was truly a pity that this was but a game. The Warrior was still happily waving his axe even after Gu Fei had struck him three more times! “Seems like this guy doesn’t plan to expend mana!”

Idiot! Monologue under the Moon berated the Warrior inside. Gu Fei was only preserving his mana to deter them from surrounding him. Monologue under the Moon raised his hand to call for ranged support. When no one responded to this, he swept his gaze over and discovered that only one Archer was left in their midst.

The Archers and Mages he had brought with him were either insta-killed or thrown off the mountain. Gu Fei had taken care of them ever since the start of the skirmish.

Did he plan this before the fighting even started? Monologue under the Moon broke out in cold sweat. He had thought that Gu Fei’s attacks were him trying to thin their number whenever he could. At this moment, Monologue under the Moon finally realized that Gu Fei’s actions were done to rob them of their ranged attackers. Meanwhile, the melee job classes did not dare to surround him… Did this mean that he was forcing them to engage him in a one-versus-one fight? What a joke! He only has enough mana for one spell. Surely, we can force him to use it sooner or later! Monologue under the Moon steadily bestowed Heal on the Warrior as he called the others to attack Gu Fei together.

“But he still has a spell left!” all the melee players were hesitant.

“It’s just one spell! What’s there to be afraid of?! Death is the only outcome once his mana gets depleted!” Monologue under the Moon reasoned. He purposely said this aloud for Gu Fei to hear him. His plan was to be open about his intention, so that the opponent would be hesitant with his attacks. He wondered what would Gu Fei do now that he was preemptively reminding him of this fact.

Gu Fei’s reaction was not reacting to it. His basic attacks were essentially useless in the face of a Priest’s Heal, but he still persisted with his attacks without missing a beat. Instead, it was the opposing Warrior that reacted by bellowing as he brandished his axe, “Don’t do that just yet!”

Finally, it’s here… Gu Fei felt glad when he saw the Warrior’s pose. A Warrior’s Cyclone! Oh, how long has it been… Gu Fei reminisced about the last time he had encountered the skill, feeling as if eons had passed since then.

Extending the sword in his hand, he threaded it through the attack. Gu Fei flew away from the Cyclone as his sword clashed into the battleaxe with a resounding clang. The Warrior was stunned at first, but he quickly cheered, “A ha ha ha! It’s your turn to tumble down the mountain!”

He assumed that Gu Fei would tumble down the mountain the way he flew outward. Gu Fei, for his part, stared at the Warrior disdainfully. He just borrowed the Cyclone’s force to fly outward. At any rate, why would he send himself flying off the mountain when he had control over where he was going?

And if he did use the Cyclone’s force to fly off the mountain, Gu Fei was certain that he could land firmly on the slope. “Did you think Cyclone is similar to a Fighter’s Seismic Toss that renders its victim immobile while being thrown?” It was rare for Gu Fei to express his disdain toward an opponent from a gaming perspective.

The Warrior quickly realized that he had celebrated too soon when he saw that Gu Fei’s flying direction would not result into him tumbling down the mountain slope. He was rueful for being unable to avenge his brothers’ sufferings under Gu Fei’s hands.

Mid-air, Gu Fei kept his sword and took out his Chinese broadsword in the blink of an eye. Using Sacred Flames of Baptism, he cleaved a player beside him as soon as he alighted on the ground.

That player had long seen that Gu Fei was flying toward him and had actually been feeling quite excited at the prospect of taking down the incoming Mage and pushing him off the mountain! Unexpectedly, Gu Fei cleaved at him just as soon as he landed on the ground.

Sacred Flames of Baptism glowed fiercely as its additional fire attack procced across the person’s face.

“He cast a spell!” Several men cheered and excitedly gathered around to begin cutting Gu Fei up, not caring whether their teammate died or survived that one strike.

“Wait! That’s not a spell!” Monologue under the Moon felt exasperated as he wondered why his teammates could not seem to think rationally! Had that strike been a spell of Gu Fei, their man would not have been alive. Monologue under the Moon, who had encountered the same attack in his previous fight with Gu Fei, recognized it as a weapon’s additional magic attack. While its fiery glow looked similar to Twin Incineration’s, the damage it dealt was worlds apart from the spell.

Monologue under the Moon’s warning came too late, though. All the melee job classes gritted their teeth and surrounded Gu Fei tightly… Could – Could Gu Fei himself have chosen his landing spot after taking Cyclone head on?

An incredulous expression appeared on Monologue under the Moon’s face as his late reminder fell on deaf ears. Those players already beside Gu Fei actually heard his warning, but their blood was boiling within, which made them ignore Monologue under the Moon’s advice. Since it was too late for them to escape, they might as well sacrifice some of them to finally eliminate Gu Fei.

It was just a pity that they were unaware of the depth of Gu Fei’s fighting prowess.

“Twin Incineration! Incinerate!” Gu Fei swiftly swapped his weapon and cast a spell using Moonlit Nightfalls as he pirouetted about. He turned his waist, and his arm and wrist moved along with it.

He must truly thank those players over by the city gate that day for crossing swords with him.

Because this instant-cast spell had a set time to its execution, Gu Fei had been researching about how many players he could kill with one Twin Incineration. He had previously been adding points to Agility to increase his attack speed and maximize his damage output accordingly. However, that day by the city gate had unintentionally opened Gu Fei’s eyes to his foolishness. He felt saddened and somewhat ashamed of how his thought process had become rigid due to playing this game.

He could have significantly improved his attack range had he coordinated his body’s rotation with his strikes instead of mindlessly adding points to Agility. At present, Gu Fei’s pirouette with Twin Incineration achieved a four-hundred-fifty-degree of motion….

What this meant was that some of the players standing before him would be struck twice by Twin Incineration – a feat that no other Mage could presently achieve.

White lights flashed like fireworks all around Gu Fei. This was a scenario Monologue under the Moon had never thought of. To be exact, he had never considered the possibility of Gu Fei being able to cleanly slay a full circle of players. Gu Fei had just sent six men out of the playing field.

The twenty men with him were now down to just six men. Gu Fei’s mana was completely emptied out at this point, but the remaining six men happened to be made up of three Priests, two Knights, and one Archer… This group composition left Monologue under the Moon in tears. Even if Archers were the most advantageous against Mages, could they even depend on this remaining Archer to turn the tide right now?

Before Monologue under the Moon could think further, Gu Fei reached his hand out, “Thunderbolt! Strike!”

Lightning came crashing down on the Archer, instantly killing him and saving Monologue under the Moon the trouble of thinking further about this. Gu Fei actually still had some mana left after casting four major spells. His only options were either Fireball or Thunderbolt. Given that the latter was a level 40 spell available only after his Job Class Advancement, it was certainly enough to insta-kill a low HP job class when used in tandem with his overleveled equipment.

Standing defenselessly before Gu Fei were three Priests and two Knights – Parallel World’s well-known non-combat job classes.

Gu Fei was not about to show mercy on them for that, however. He had yet to triumph over Young Master Han’s challenge, after all! Changing his weapon once more, Gu Fei wielded Sacred Flames of Baptism and dove straight toward Monologue under the Moon while re-equipping all the trinkets and gear that increased his additional fire attack’s proc rate. Gu Fei sure had painstakingly expended quite the effort to bait everyone this time.

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