Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 209 - Exceptional Luck

Chapter 209 - Exceptional Luck

Silver Moon sputtered when he recognized Dusky Cloud, “I did not think I would see you here in Yunduan City.”

Dusky Cloud flashed him a cold smile, “There are many things that you did not think of.”

Dusky Cloud was currently in a three-man team, whereas Silver Moon was just by himself. A lone Knight who had just lost three levels would definitely be no match for three opponents, but Silver Moon did not even get flustered and simply said, “How untimely it is to be here today!”

Dusky Cloud chortled, “Of course. To you, anytime I’m near is untimely.”

Silver Moon shook his head, “You’re mistaken.”

“I’m mistaken?” Dusky Cloud faked a shocked expression, “Does Boss Silver Moon welcome my presence here, then?”

Silver Moon smiled, “When you put it that way, I do welcome your presence right now.”

Just as Dusky Cloud was feeling baffled by Silver Moon’s words, he saw Silver Moon place two fingers into his mouth and blew through them, creating a high-pitched sound. In an instant, the unassuming players that had set up their stalls along the street as well as the pedestrians that were rushing about to do their businesses or were walking at a leisure pace as they chatted with their companions all turned their attention to Dusky Cloud and his two friends.

Dusky Cloud and his companions had experienced lots of PvP scenarios in Yueye City, so they quickly realized that they had walked into a trap. Did this guy already discover our presence in the bar and only pretended otherwise to set up this trap for us?

Dusky Cloud was regretting his rash action right now. He had clashed with Silver Moon many times in the past, so he had a pretty good grasp of his personality, yet the successful eradication of Past Deeds as well as his comfortable days leading the people in Yueye City had made him so full of himself that he had ended up underestimating his opponent. In his eyes, Silver Moon was no longer a strong competitor but was just a lousy mongrel that had abandoned his ‘wife’ and fellow brothers to flee from the city, forgetting the fact that a lousy mongrel was still a dog in the end and would logically retain its nature. Silver Moon was still a devious person as ever.

The delighted expression on Dusky Cloud’s face moments ago was now on Silver Moon’s face. The anguish Silver Moon had felt from dropping three levels earlier was somehow cured by the miserable expression on Dusky Cloud’s face.

Admiring his handiwork for half a minute, Silver Moon derisively said, “When I said that your arrival is untimely, I was actually thinking from your perspective!”

“Think for your granddad!” Dusky Cloud venomously spat as he brought his mates to charge at Silver Moon.

Silver Moon also had a good grasp of Dusky Cloud’s personality and already predicted that the latter would take an aggressive stance in such a situation. Retreating backward, Silver Moon activated his sword’s King’s Command skill to buff the stats of his surging brothers toward the three men.

Silver Moon did not have many men and most of them were cumbersome Warriors. Dusky Cloud and his mates were seasoned fighters, so they knew that sacrificing one or two of them might buy time for one person to survive this ambush, but their ‘one for all, all for one’ mentality made them choose to fight this PvP together. Dusky Cloud did not waste time defending himself against the attacks of the surrounding players and merely hurtled himself toward Silver Moon and stabbed him.

Silver Moon had high defense, so that one stab was not fatal to him, but it was still powerful enough to cause him to break out in cold sweat. His men then descended a flurry of blades on Dusky Cloud and turned the latter into a beam of white light, snapping Silver Moon back into his senses, That b*st*rd has gotten a lot stronger since our last fight! His equipment is pretty OP as well!

Silver Moon spat on the ground, “The ones who should be here didn’t show up, yet the ones who shouldn’t be here unintentionally served themselves up to me.”

Silver Moon finally had a bit of good luck here in this night filled with bad lucks. After being roughed up by Royal God Call and War Without Wounds and being assassinated by the unknown Thief, Silver Moon surmised that his enemies were planning to hunt him down, so he set up this trap with him as the bait to draw the enemies out and take his revenge, but Dusky Cloud was the one that showed up instead.

“Sh*t! Did that guy actually travel all the way from Yueye City to Yunduan City just to hunt me down?” Silver Moon mumbled to himself. A month had passed since he had last been in Yueye City. The hatred and grudges between players in online games usually would not last this long, but Silver Moon’s case was special. Firstly, both sides had spent a long time fighting and killing one another in Yueye City, so the resentment they had for one another were bone deep. Secondly, Silver Moon had fled from the city just as the guild war victors Dusky Cloud and crew were starting to enjoy themselves hunting and killing the Past Deeds members, so their desire to eliminate Silver Moon only strengthened over time. Thirdly, Dusky Cloud no longer viewed Silver Moon as a rival and thought that eliminating the latter would now be a simple task. In the end, this one skirmish had sent Dusky Cloud and company all the way back to Yueye City to revive as they had yet to log off and record their character data in any of Yunduan City’s spawn points before.

However, Silver Moon did not know of this. He had not noticed Dusky Cloud and company at Ray’s Bar, as he had been focusing all his attention on Young Master’s Elite. At this moment, he was thinking that Dusky Cloud might bring his five-hundred-man reinforcement to eliminate his thirty- or forty-man group.

Silver Moon had just arrived in Yunduan City a couple of days ago, so the development of the mercenary group he had just established was average at best. Moreover, no matter how capable Silver Moon was, competing for talent with the long-standing mercenary groups in this city was just impossible, so he simply had no way of hastening the recovery of his former might. Dusky Cloud only had to send a hundred men over and the small fire Silver Moon had managed to start up here in Yunduan City would be stomped out of existence once more. Thinking up to this, Silver Moon no longer dared to loiter in this street.

Silver Moon let his men disperse on their own, and after inquiring for some information, he made his way to a spawn point and logged off with a restless heart.

With that, the trap that had originally been set up for Young Master’s Elite was abandoned by Silver Moon after Dusky Cloud’s unexpected disruption. It could be said that Young Master’s Elite was exceptionally lucky today.

On Gu Fei’s end, he had teleported himself into the Bounty Assignment Hall after killing his target and Silver Moon’s remaining lackey at Ray’s Bar. He was choosing a new mission to PvP for a bit as he erased his PK value. Around this time, he would usually be participating in the guild versus guild tournament, but due to Amethyst Rebirth’s elimination, he could only make do with doing ‘Bounty Mission’ at present. Participating in the tournament is truly much more fun, Gu Fei forlornly thought to himself once more.

Currently, ‘Bounty Mission’ could no longer satisfy Gu Fei’s appetite. Since leveling up increased in difficulty the higher the player’s level became, more and more people started cherishing their lives. As a corollary, the city had gotten a lot more peaceful. At present, 80% to 90% of Gu Fei’s ‘Bounty Mission’ targets were new players under level 30. They were so weak that Gu Fei could not feel even the slightest bit of enjoyment slaying them. It had been a while since he had chanced upon a worthy ‘reward’ like that guild leader at Ray’s Bar after that morning with Brave Surge.

To others, rewards were something they would receive upon completing quests, missions, and such. Gu Fei, for his part, treated his ‘Bounty Mission’ target as the ‘reward’ itself. The higher the level or the stronger the foe, the more Gu Fei valued the reward. It was rare for Gu Fei to have a suggestion toward the improvement of the game, but he really wished that the Wanted Players list would not just list the serial numbers and PK value of the targets and would show the fugitives’ levels as well!

Despite this being the case, Gu Fei was still hoping to strike the lottery. Just as he exited the hall after submitting his ‘Bounty Mission’ result and getting a new one, he happened to bump into Drifting.

“You’re doing missions, huh. How diligent,” Drifting remarked. When he had just arrived in Yunduan City, he had thought that doing ‘Bounty Mission’ was a popular activity in it. Only later did he find out that Gu Fei alone had such a unique hobby.

“Is there something you need me for?” Gu Fei asked, realizing that Drifting had been waiting for him. As Drifting nodded his head in confirmation, Gu Fei pressed on, “What is it about?”

“I just wanna know how you have unleashed that weak spell at Ray’s Bar… I’m certain that Miles bro’s Spell Damage is not that low. Plus, your sword’s erratic movement should’ve made it impossible to cast that spell despite you properly chanting its incantation!” It seemed that Drifting’s dedication to learning the ins and outs of online games was as strong as Sword Demon’s. There were many things that had happened at Ray’s Bar involving him, yet his question to Gu Fei was only about his unusual casting of that spell back then. Clearly, he was in the middle of studying the spell system of Parallel World. Drifting might have seemed as if he was very into his conversation with all those guild leaders back then, but he had actually been pondering over this question all that while. Therefore, if he did not get an answer from the horse’s mouth right now, he would be unable to sleep peacefully tonight.

“What do you think?” Gu Fei asked, smiling.

“Did Miles bro perhaps get a friend to help him with that spell? You were chanting it, but the spell was actually unleashed by someone else?” Drifting thought that this was already the most logical explanation for the matter.

Gu Fei smiled as he shook his head.

“How did you cast it, then?”

“It seems that my method is pretty effective as even an expert Mage like you couldn’t see through it! Watch!” Gu Fei pulled up his sleeve and wriggled his fingers on his left hand, as if he was about to perform a magic trick. As Drifting intently watched his movement, Gu Fei’s right hand fished out Moonlit Nightfalls and whirled it madly in the air, “Twin Incineration! Incinerate!”

“Twin Incineration is an instant-cast spell, there’s no way—” Drifting thought that Gu Fei was trying to fool him, so he unhappily uttered this, only to stop short of completing his statement.

Gu Fei’s sword was not the only one aglow; his left hand was ablaze as well. In the next moment, Gu Fei’s left hand lashed out to chop, creating the afterglow of Twin Incineration.

“Did you get all that?” Gu Fei asked, smiling ever so slightly.

Drifting already wore the expression of someone who had had an epiphany, “You set your dominant hand as the left, and used it to unleash your spell. That’s why the mad waving of your right hand did not affect your spell-casting and why the weapon’s Spell Damage did not factor in either, resulting into your Blazing Tree of a Thousand Inferno having a weak Spell Damage.”

“You’re an expert alright,” Gu Fei commended.

“If I were an expert, I would guess it right away,” Drifting shook his head in sadness. “Thanks, Miles bro. Looks like I won’t have a sleepless night, after all! Continue on with your missions, I’ll take my leave now.”

The two bade each other farewell and went their separate ways, with Gu Fei sprinting off to the coordinates of his ‘Bounty Mission’ target.

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