Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 167 - A PvP to Decide the Winner

Chapter 167 - A PvP to Decide the Winner

Gu Fei was flung outward by Cyclone with only a sliver of HP, but two beams of holy light unexpectedly enveloped him before he landed on the ground. Gu Fei looked toward the two directions where the Heal had come from and saw a pretty face from each spot. One Heal had come from Young Master Han, while the other one had come from Luo Luo. Clearly, these two Priests did not expect either of them to make an appearance here.

Receiving Heal twice, Gu Fei’s HP was no longer in danger of depleting. He lay on the ground and sighed in relief. Meanwhile, War Without Wounds anxiously ran over while shouting, “Do you even cherish your life?!”

What is he even saying?! Gu Fei perplexedly did a kip up, “I don't get what you are trying to say.”

War Without Wounds muttered, “Why did you not dodge my Cyclone and forcibly block it?”

“How could I dodge it at that distance?” Gu Fei asked, discontented. He had blocked Cyclone many times in the past and knew that the skill could not be blocked or dodged at such a close range. After all, moving his wrist to block an attack was a lot quicker than moving his entire body.

“I’ve even slowed it down! I especially left a gap for you to dodge it,” War Without Wounds said.

“Is that so?” Gu Fei asked, surprised. Truth be told, he had only concentrated on pulling out his second weapon to block the attack, so he did not notice the actual speed of War Without Wounds’ Cyclone. As he tried to recall it at this moment, it did seem as if War Without Wounds had activated his skill slightly slower than usual.

“Didn’t you see me wink at you?!” War Without Wounds asked.

“Did you?” Gu Fei was surprised once more. His focus was solely on War Without Wounds’ swords as he had been attempting to block the latter’s Cyclone.

Finished with explaining himself, War Without Wounds boomed, “Now you know my prowess! Leave!” With that, he turned around and gave Ice Glaze and the ladies a soul-stirring look.

At the same moment, the three ladies who managed to catch up to Luo Luo were having a little squabble with her.

“It's a good thing we arrived in time. Miles nearly died!” June’s Rain said.

“That’s not right! Miles is our enemy right now! Sis Luo Luo, why did you help him?” The other lady was clear of the situation.

“It’s a mistake. Bestowing Heal on him became a habit!” Luo Luo earnestly explained.

Young Master Han smacked his forehead as he stood at a nearby peak; he could really not stand this convoluted scenario any longer.

Gu Fei stood up. Peeling a tangerine and eating each piece, he asked, “So are we still doing this?”

The ladies were at a loss at what was going on as well and they exchanged confused glances with one another. A normal PvP match would have both sides clashing right about now. The ladies were no fools and knew very well what sort of experts the members of Young Master’s Elite were. If they were to get serious, this match would be less of a fight and more of a beating. Gu Fei alone could easily take care of the six of them.

War Without Wounds whispered to Gu Fei, “Don’t make things difficult for your bros. Go into another location and wait a moment before you engage again.”

Gu Fei helplessly glanced over at Young Master Han who was standing atop a hill, only to see the latter’s expressionless face. He then turned his face toward the ditch, “How’s Royal?”

Brother Assist peeked from the ditch, “Royal said he’s not here.”

“AH!” A depressed wail came from over the ditch, followed by someone singing, “Why am I always the one getting hurt1…”, fading away softly as the person got further. While War Without Wounds obviously won quite a few points with the ladies present, Royal God Call lost his face to the point of wanting to bury himself forever inside the ditch. Those who did not know what had truly happened automatically assumed that he had fallen into the ditch in an attempt to kite Gu Fei.

“Oh! Someone fell into that ditch!” At this moment, June’s Rain laughingly pointed at the ditch. “To actually fall into a ditch, what sort of expert is that?”

Brother Assist despondently crawled out of the ditch as he threw a questioning glance at Gu Fei, asking him of what they should do next.

Gu Fei looked toward War Without Wounds and the latter thundered, “Retreat! Retreat now!”

Gu Fei looked again toward Young Master Han, who shrugged his shoulders helplessly and walked down the hill. Sword Demon appeared from the other side and also moved closer to them.

“Retreat! Retreat now!” War Without Wounds repeated his demand with surety this time. Now that the conversation had moved to the mercenary channel, everyone could discuss this matter away from prying eyes and eavesdropping ears.

“What now?” Gu Fei asked.

“Let’s retreat first!” Young Master Han answered.

“That’s right! A gentleman is the one who does chivalrous deeds,” War Without Wounds delightedly added.

Still, the Amethyst Rebirth’s members had opinions of their own. When June’s Rain saw the five men proceeding to leave, she hurriedly called out to them, “Oi! Where are you all off to?”

“We’re going to have a group meeting,” Gu Fei replied.

Young Master Han looked backward and swept his gaze all over before settling it on Luo Luo. She had previously represented Amethyst Rebirth in hiring his mercenary group. Although she was not the guild leader, she must at least hold sway in it. Thinking of this, Young Master Han addressed her, “Since we’re all so familiar with one another, let’s make things simple for everyone and end this match in one place in one go.”

“Oh? In that case we will need to have a group meeting of our own as well,” Luo Luo said.

“The coordinates will be 110,125. We’ll be waiting for you ladies there,” Young Master Han informed her before bringing his mercenaries in the direction he had just mentioned.

“You’re all such bros to me today! Tonight’s drinks are on me!” War Without Wounds excitedly said as they went on their way, playfully punching each of them before finally resting his hands across Gu Fei’s shoulders and calling him his ‘sworn brother’.

Gu Fei struggled out of War Without Wounds’ hold for quite some time, yet he was just no match for the latter’s Strength. He asked Brother Assist, “Where did Royal run off to?”

Brother Assist indicated with his chin a certain direction. When Gu Fei shifted his gaze over, War Without Wounds’ huge head unintentionally blocked his line of sight. Casually nudging his head to the side, Gu Fei finally spotted Royal God Call who was sitting atop a lone tree stump in the middle of an empty clearing, looking utterly miserable.

The five felt amazed by what they were seeing as they walked toward their fellow brother-in-arms. Royal God Call stood up and met the five of them halfway, a look of utter embarrassment hanging on his face. Although he got dragged into the ditch by Brother Assist, he was still quite aware of how the situation had panned out. War Without Wounds had successfully demonstrated his fighting prowess by sending Gu Fei flying with his Cyclone, while Royal God Call had fallen into a ditch like a loser. His heart was extremely unsettled right now.

Royal God Call looked more and more like a child right now. The five adults did not know what to say in this situation, so they simply consoled him by ruffling his head. Brother Assist even rebuked War Without Wounds, “Look at you; an adult fighting with a child over some chicks!”

Including Royal God Call, the six finally reached the coordinates Young Master Han had given the ladies. The rolling plains here had no forest, mounds, or even Royal God Call’s hated ditches.

“How are we fighting this match?” Gu Fei asked Young Master Han.

“Are you two willing to continue with the match?” Young Master Han instead asked War Without Wounds and Royal God Call.

War Without Wounds chuckled, “We’ve had our fun. It’s time that we get serious!” He had no more demands at this point, especially after managing to show his might to the ladies when he dominated Gu Fei in the fight earlier.

Royal God Call was not resigned to this, but he could only reluctantly agree to fulfill his duties to the group as it truly was time to decide the fate of this match.

“Since all are willing to play their part, there’s no need for any tactic or strategy. Let’s just meet the enemies head on,” Young Master Han said in a relaxed tone.

All nodded their heads. War Without Wounds, who was currently the most energetic out of everyone, consolingly patted Royal God Call’s shoulder, “You can still let the ladies know how great you are by fighting them well!”

Royal God Call listlessly nodded his head.

They did not have to wait long as the ladies quickly began to trickle in from every direction according to their speed and job classes. Naturally, Svelte Dancer was the first to reach them. “Are all of you here?” she loudly asked Young Master’s Elite.

Gu Fei gave her a wilted look, “Do you not know how to count?”

“Just you wait till I take care of you!” Svelte Dancer bared her teeth, as if she was about to pounce on to Gu Fei and bite him to death.

Amethyst mercenary group had twenty members. Gu Fei killed one off, so only nineteen of them were making their way to the PvP field. Royal God Call shoved off his deadened look with the ladies’ arrival and replaced it with a cutesy smile, waving and greeting all the ladies he was familiar with. War Without Wounds’ confidence skyrocketed after he had injured Gu Fei with his Cyclone earlier, so he refrained from acting familiar with the ladies like what Royal God Call was doing and instead chose to stand coolly by the side. When Royal God Call finished greeting all the ladies, he flashed them a bright smile and said, “It’s time for a real fight, so I hope you won’t blame us for what we are about to do!”

The ladies returned his smile, “You guys can’t fault us, either.”

“Let’s begin if everyone is here!” Young Master Han said faintly.

Both sides stood across each other. Young Master’s Elite stood in a neat row while Amethyst opted for a two-row formation – the Warriors and melee job classes in front and the Archers, Mages, and Priests at the rear. At least, these ladies were aware of such a basic formation.

“Let’s begin! No point in dragging this out, unless you prefer us to make the first move?” Young Master Han spoke in a lackadaisical tone.

“Attack!” War Without Wounds wanted to let the ladies personally experience his might, so he eagerly rushed forward.

The ladies with melee job classes in front calmly spaced themselves out, allowing the Mages and Archers from behind to initiate their attacks on War Without Wounds who was leading the opposing mercenary group’s assault.

The sound of the female Archers’ arrows hitting War Without Wounds’ armor resounded. Young Master Han quickly bestowed Heal on to War Without Wounds, and the latter promptly activated his Charge following this.

“Descending Wheel of Flames! Descend!” “Blazing Tree of a Thousand Inferno! Arise!” The female Mages deemed that casting AOE spells would not be a waste even if they missed hitting War Without Wounds as his companions were just right behind him.

Being an expert gamer, War Without Wounds would of course not easily receive these spells. He immediately lowered his head following the ladies’ chanting and continued charging forward. Successfully weaving through the ladies’ casted spells, he smashed head-first into them.

The melee job classes immediately surrounded War Without Wounds just like what he wanted. Separating the claymores to his two sides, he prepared to unleash Cyclone.

Behind, Gu Fei took a few steps forward and pointed Moonlit Nightfalls toward the fighting crowd: “Blazing Tree of a Thousand Inferno! Arise!”

Chapter Notes:

[1] It's a lyric from this song.

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