Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 151 - Hunt

Chapter 151 - Hunt

When July, Will-low, and the other ladies with fast movement speed reached the opposing guild’s spawn point, they promptly searched the area, just like what Svelte Dancer had done earlier, and naturally found nothing.

“I’ll head into the forest to take a look,” Will-low said as she began to walk toward the forest.

Gu Fei could see the sudden excitement of the gentlemen around him. They were exchanging looks among themselves, as if they were conveying “A beauty is coming over!” with their eyes.

The dim light of this gloomy forest could be eliciting these men’s desire to do something criminal.

“This lot. Don’t tell me…” Gu Fei was jolted by a sudden thought. Something like that should not be possible in this game... But what if this guild versus guild tournament operated differently from the usual Parallel World’s system, allowing players to initiate a different kind of physical assault to the others?

“Hold on. Let’s wait for more of us to arrive before entering the forest together; there might be an ambush within,” July stopped Will-low.

Fireball and his fellow brothers had an extremely disappointed expression on their faces when Will-low did not continue heading toward the forest.

“What are you guys up to?” Gu Fei whispered.

“This is a guild match!” Fireball whispered back.

Well. At least this lot still remembers that this is a PvP tournament! Gu Fei was grateful and hurriedly reminded them once more, “I’m from the opposing guild, too!”

Fireball fearfully regarded Gu Fei, “Drunk bro, we’re not interested in men—”

“Go to hell!” Gu Fei cursed.

That was when the person next to Fireball sniggered, “He he! Xiao Lizi and the four others were killed.”

Fireball gleefully and smugly said, “Serves them right. Those idiots didn’t even gather intel first before picking up babes. That babe they had the balls to piss off is Svelte Dancer herself!”

“That’s right!” The rest of them happily agreed, feeling a touch of schadenfreude.

This guild has such a warped relationship! Gu Fei thought to himself. This was a guild versus guild tournament, yet Fireball and his friends looked as if they were about to break open the champagne bottles to celebrate the deaths of their guildmates.

It seemed that this bunch of men cared not for the match’s outcome and were just here purely to enjoy themselves. Evidently, their intention was to meet the ladies of their dreams and show off in front of them!

Gu Fei could not help but smile at their pure intention. Such situation was something he had seen many times before due to his profession. In the school Gu Fei was teaching, physical education classes for boys and girls were conducted separately, but whenever there were joint classes, a majority of the boys would act as if they were on dope in front of the girls. The sudden burst of bravery, strength, and endurance would allow them to uncomplainingly run for ten kilometers when asked. In fact, the boys would rather die than admit that they were tired at times like that.

“This bunch is really...” As Gu Fei was muttering this to himself, more and more ladies of Amethyst Rebirth began to gather on the fringe of the forest. June’s Rain and Luo Luo, the ladies with the slowest speed, managed to make it here, so it was obvious that Amethyst Rebirth had all finished gathering at this part of the map.

“Hey! I know those two!” Fireball cheerfully remarked.

“Which ones?” everyone asked in astonishment.

Fireball pointed to Luo Luo and June’s Rain, “That one and that one!”

“Nice! How did you get to know them?” Several expressed their surprise. Knowing two out of the present ladies was already pretty good for these men. Since the two that Fireball actually knew were rather beautiful, they now regarded him as a great person.

“It’s all thanks to Drunk bro,” Fireball honestly admitted.

All these men realized something. What was a great person compared to a man who knew all the fifty plus ladies? That man was essentially a god – a god that they would burn incense for and pray to.

Gu Fei felt awkward when he saw these men’s worshipping gazes, “Don’t say it like that.”

“Ah! It looks like they are about to enter the forest!” someone exclaimed.

Gu Fei shifted his head to look and saw that the now organized party of ladies was indeed about to begin searching the forest with June’s Rain in the lead.She was a bit of an airhead that absolutely detested male players who harbored ill designs for her female friends, and Gu Fei had known about this when he first got to know her. She even called herself a lesbian; although it was a poor lie on her part, it showed her conviction to not be harassed by any male players.

“They’re all here!” The men’s excited voices betrayed a hint of nervousness, making it hard for Gu Fei to determine their real intention.

“Aren’t you guys planning to flee?” Gu Fei asked.

“Why would we do that? This is the moment we have all been waiting for,” Fireball replied seriously.

Gu Fei was at a loss. There were a total of six male players here including Fireball. Were they gaming experts that could handle fifty plus female players by themselves?

Just as he was pondering about this, June’s Rain, who was the closest to the men, suddenly cried out in astonishment, “AH!”

“What is it?” A few other ladies quickly rushed to Xiaoyu’s side to see what was going on and their cries followed soon after.

“What’s going on there?!” Gu Fei asked, shocked.

“It’s a trap we have set,” Fireball answered.

“Quickly do what you have to do, Fireball,” the others anxiously prompted Fireball.

“Here I come!” Fireball flashily appeared from behind the tree and grandly saluted to the ladies before him, “How do you do, m’ladies!” Following this, he chanted a spell, “Blazing Tree of a Thousand Inferno! Arise!” The resulting inferno instantly ignited patches of trees with June’s Rain and all the ladies trapped within.

“Drunk bro, let’s leave!” Fireball pulled Gu Fei to run away with him, and the other five men had long retreated deeper into the forest. The ladies behind were frantically escaping the AOE of Blazing Tree of a Thousand Inferno, while several Priests were trying to keep everyone alive with their healing. Gu Fei dazedly went deeper into the forest with Fireball, What is this?! Am I a turncoat now?

Fireball and the others seemed to have made preparations for this, as they stopped at a certain spot inside the forest. While the five dropped on all fours to the ground and got busy, Fireball explained to Gu Fei, “These Archers finished their Job Class Advancement and are now Hunters. The skill they are currently using is called ‘Hunting Trap’.”

“I like the word ‘hunting’.” Someone among the five flashed Gu Fei a crooked smile as he set a trap up.

“Tsk. What’s so great about this skill? It just stops a target’s movement for a few seconds and it doesn’t even deal a bit of damage,” Fireball spat with contempt.

“G*dd*mn. How else would your sh*tty spell hit without this?!” The five accomplices raised their heads in unison and cursed at him.

Gu Fei was quite surprised when he heard this. This small guild that he had never considered as a big deal apparently had quite a few members who had already done their Job Class Advancement. At the current stage of the game, only those players who would play day and night had reached level 40, and the rest that would only play at night were still at the same levels as the Amethyst Rebirth’s ladies.

Online games were truly a world with an inclusive community that even creeps could achieve something over. And yet, Gu Fei could only think of one word to describe the sight of these few Hunters setting traps for the ladies: obscene.

“Done!” The five stood up once their traps were set in place.

Gu Fei stepped forward and had a look. Five contraptions resembling mouse traps were poorly hidden beneath the fallen leaves, twigs, and tall grass carpeting the forest ground. Thankfully, the poor lighting caused by the trees and the detritus strewn everywhere on the ground had helped in masking these traps. People must be blind to even find themselves falling for these snares if these were set up in well-lighted places like Yunduan City.

These Archers felt somewhat embarrassed when they saw Gu Fei’s amazed expression and hurriedly explained, “The higher one’s proficiency in the ‘Hunting Trap’ skill, the better he or she can hide a trap and the higher the damage it can cause. We’ve only learned this skill not too long ago.”

“Oh…” Gu Fei could only utter this.

“Alright! Let’s quickly hide ourselves!” As the Hunters found themselves trees to hide, Fireball dragged Gu Fei to stand beside him once more.

“You can’t kill people like this! Why didn’t you five shoot arrows just then?” Gu Fei asked in puzzlement. Fireball obviously did not have high Magic Attack Power, so his Blazing Tree of a Thousand Inferno could not insta-kill any of the ladies. However, it would have been a different story if the five Hunters had fired off their arrows together. Although the five Hunters went through their Job Advancement at level 40, the skills that they had learned from the preceding forty levels still remained with them, so they would still be able to shoot arrows!

Unexpectedly, Gu Fei’s words greatly frightened these men, “Shoot these babes? Drunk bro, are you insane?”

“He he! ‘Shoot’ these babes he says…” When someone repeated the words lewdly, the rest could not help but sinisterly laugh along with him first before immediately regarding Gu Fei with a horrified expression again.

Lewd! They are far too lewd! Gu Fei roared inside him.

Fireball solemnly said to Gu Fei, “Drunk bro, we don’t intend to kill these babes. We just wanna tease and have a little fun with them.”

“Hunting babes. He he!” someone added.

Gu Fei finally understood that these fellows were not really evil at heart and were just rascals that wanted to fantasize about the ladies from afar and capture the women’s distressed look in their mental spank banks.

“Ahh!” Fireball seemed to have recalled something, “Drunk bro, you have been following us all this time... How are you going to earn kill points?”

Gu Fei felt very gratified that Fireball had remembered his original goal for coming here.

“How about this! I’ll tell you the hiding locations of the other guys, and you can earn some kill points from them, instead!” Fireball proposed.

Gu Fei was amazed. This is downright betrayal! Is he not afraid of what his fellow brothers will think of his action?

Unexpectedly, the other five men agreed with Fireball’s suggestion, “That’s a great idea! Drunk bro, go bring Svelte Dancer with you and kill them all!”

“Tsk! Drunk bro doesn’t need any helper. He can solo them all,” Fireball said dismissively.

“Is that so…” The five did not say anything more. Although they were very impressed that Gu Fei had managed to get himself into an all-female guild, Gu Fei was only at level 39. This meant that Gu Fei was a whole level and Job Class Advancement away from them in terms of raw power, so the five did not feel a shred of respect toward him in this aspect.

“Hmph! You guys don’t know a fart at all!” Fireball was unlike the other five skeptics. Pulling Gu Fei to one side, he seriously said, “Drunk bro, they are at these places….”

The Forever in Flowers Guild’s players were basically split into five or six-man teams, each hiding in a different spot to take advantage of the ladies when they were alone. Once Fireball betrayed almost all his brothers’ positions in the map, he looked at Gu Fei expectantly and said, “The rest is up to you, Drunk bro.”

“Are you sure this is fine? What if they find out?” Gu Fei asked, worried for Fireball.

“Drunk bro, why would you tell them anything?” Surprised, Fireball asked back instead.

Gu Fei was left speechless once more.

“They’re here! The babes have arrived!” someone among the six men excitedly announced.

“You go ahead, Drunk bro! We’re gonna continue our hunt,” Fireball returned back to his position, and the six men proceeded to intently observe the direction that the ladies were heading.

Sighing, Gu Fei thought that this must be what it meant for someone to borrow another’s knife to kill someone. “But I’m not the one being killed or the one lending the knife; I’m the knife itself….”

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