Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 147 - Incomprehensible

Chapter 147 - Incomprehensible

“This is it! The crucial moment!” Young Master Han muttered to himself as he adjusted his position atop the tall tree to clearly monitor the Cloud Herder mercenary group’s movements. “Miles, head toward 118, 425. Sword Demon, turn toward 211, 301. Brother Assist, move toward 489, 101. Royal, hit me up when you finally exit the forest.”

Once more, no response came for that last statement.

Gu Fei, Sword Demon, and Brother Assist were running all over the map, while Royal God Call was busying himself with getting lost inside the forest.

Over by the Cloud Herder mercenary group’s side, the group leader Foe-herder personally climbed up the hilltop that his men had once held the vantage point in his desire to see just how fast the Mage was.

Gu Fei’s fast speed was indeed very eye-catching with all the players running about like ants in this map. Foe-Herder was quite flabbergasted when he saw this. After all, Gu Fei’s abnormally fast speed would only make sense if he were a Thief or an Archer who could attain such speed by wearing a pair of top-grade boots and adding a lot of points toward Agility. As for a Mage… How many points to Agility would it take to achieve such fast speed? A Mage with great Agility but low Intelligence would be useless by then, so how did he kill off four Archers in one go?

Foe-herder quickly contacted the four scouts Gu Fei had eliminated moments ago. “How did you guys die?”

“He cut us down with a sword.”

“I doubt that! That guy’s a Mage, so why would he cut you all with a sword?” Foe-herder emphasized the word ‘cut’ as he asked this question.

“We don’t know either!” the four had a really aggrieved expression on their faces right now, yet their group leader could naturally not see that through the mercenary channel.

“Did you lot use Appraisal on him?” Foe-herder pressed on.

“No…” None of them managed to appraise Gu Fei, considering that they had barely fired off two rounds of arrows before Gu Fei was already upon them.

Could he be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, purposely wearing a robe to make others mistake him for a Mage? As Foe-herder was thinking of this, the four sent this message: “But we did hear him chant ‘Twin Incineration’ when he attacked us.”

“A spell incantation doesn’t necessarily have to be uttered by a Mage,” Foe-herder said exasperatedly.

“But there was a fiery glow!” The two men who had gotten burned by Gu Fei’s spell insisted.

“There is this sort of thing called additional magic attack!” Foe-herder ended the conversation with that statement, convinced that he had wholly figured out the conundrum. That guy is truly crafty; he must be a Thief, Foe-herder thought to himself as he watched Gu Fei sprint away.

Standing high up on the hill, not only could Foe-herder see the general lay of the land, he had also become a highly prominent target. Gu Fei who was currently running on the PvP field had fond memories on that hilltop since it was the place that he had finished off the opposing scouts, and when he casually glance over there again, he spotted Foe-herder that was standing up there.

Gu Fei happily fired off a message on the mercenary channel, “There is someone up that hill again!”

“I saw already…” Young Master Han replied.

“How should I rush over there?” Gu Fei needed Young Master Han’s guidance for his assault route as he did not want to accidentally run into three or four teams along the way.

“Don’t go there. From here onward, your only job is to run. No need to tangle with the enemies anymore,” Young Master Han instructed.

“WHAT?!” Besides Gu Fei, Royal God Call and Brother Assist also exclaimed this when they heard Young Master Han’s words.

“Right now, we have 4 kill points while they have 1 kill point. No need for more kills since we are in the lead,” Young Master Han explained.

“But I have faith that I can eliminate them all with your instructions!” Gu Fei argued confidently. If it was just this single eight-man team, Gu Fei could definitely wipe it out. In this manner, finishing off Cloud Herder’s sixty plus members was doable with him alone.

“No need for that; just run!”

“Why?!” Gu Fei was not resigned to this decision. They evidently had the strength to initiate attacks, so why did they have to act so cowardly?

“That’s right! Why do we have to be sneaky when we can fight them?!” Royal God Call was discontented as well. He might have no sense of direction, but he still had his pride as an expert!

“Miles, change your direction to 234, 259; Royal God Call, a team has just entered the forest to search it. Note where you’re hiding,” Young Master Han actually ignored Royal God Call’s and Gu Fei’s objection.

“Awesome! I’ll take care of them!” Royal God Call declared. Although fighting in this sort of terrain for a geospatially challenged person like himself was hard, Royal God Call would rather struggle than be cowardly like Young Master Han.

“Brother Assist, move to 322, 145,” Since Royal God Call was blatantly snubbing his instruction, Young Master Han also deliberately ignored his comment.

“Young Master, why are we dealing with them like this when – when we can kill them?” Brother Assist was not rash like Royal God Call and chose to follow the instruction as he voiced his inner qualms.

“Brother Assist, can you not be so childish like them?” Young Master Han asked instead.

“I just want to know the reason—”

“We don’t have time for that now. Sword Demon, turn to 128, 278. Activate Stealth if you meet anyone along the way. Thirty seconds should be enough for you to shake them off,” Young Master Han said.

Sword Demon uncomplainingly moved according to Young Master Han’s orders.

Over by the Cloud Herder’s mercenary channel, a pleasantly surprised cry sounded, “We’ve found a target in the forest here!”

“Deal with him. Team 1, head over to help,” Foe-herder ordered as he instructed the other teams to block off the running two men’s path of escape.

Sadly, he did not possess Young Master Han’s talent to tell the coordinates from sight alone despite him being ranked seventh on the Warrior experience leaderboard. When he gave directions, they were in the ‘clock direction’ or ‘relative direction’ format. Thus, his general instructions made it difficult for his groupmates to complete the encirclement in time, especially since Young Master Han, who had a clear view of everything, made the necessary adjustments at crucial moments.

Moreover, Gu Fei and the rest moved about based on their judgment and would only alter their routes at Young Master Han’s advice.

At this moment, the defiant Royal God Call had entered a tedious combat with the two teams inside the forest.

Partaking in a fight inside a forest required him to change his position every shot he made. Royal God Call fully understood this logic and quickly moved away after firing off his first arrow and hearing his enemies shout, “Here! Over here!” However, he very quickly lost his bearings.

Incessant cries of “Here!” and “Over there!” echoed about as Royal God Call, who was hiding behind a tree, peeked his head out with one question in mind, F*ck! Just where the hell was I moments ago?

Steeling himself, he randomly chose a direction and ran out. He intended to locate another target and fire off his second arrow. Yet, he never expected to locate six targets at the same time, each of them shouting, “OVER HERE!” Although Royal God Call could still calmly shoot one more arrow at them, he noticed that his escape path had already been blocked by three of them.

In an instant, spells, arrows, and sneaky stabs came upon Royal God Call who furiously struggled to defend himself. With a Priest among the opposing team, his attacks were useless unless they insta-killed his targets. In the end, Royal God Call turned into a beam of white light without managing to take one enemy down.

“F*CK!” the irate Royal God Call bellowed on the mercenary channel. The score was now 4 against 2.

The only ones left in the PvP arena among Young Master’s Elite mercenary group were Gu Fei, Brother Assist, Sword Demon, and Young Master Han. Before the rest could express their sorrow for Royal God Call’s death, Brother Assist called out, “I bumped into some enemies.”

With his slow movement speed and lack of fighting prowess, Brother Assist easily succumbed to his death following an opponent’s exclamation of: “There’s another target over here!” Young Master’s Elite mercenary group consecutively lost two members, bringing the score to 4 against 3.

Brother Assist was in a daze as he got teleported outside of the PvP arena. Royal God Call, who was beside him, was beating the wall in anguish. Coming back to his senses, Brother Assist sent out this message: “We can’t keep hiding like this!”

“I did it on purpose,” Young Master Han typed this confession.


“You meeting the opposing team after getting out of that low ground is because I directed you over to them,” Young Master Han explained.

Gu Fei, Royal God Call, and War Without Wounds made a din when they saw his admission.

“You sent me to my death… on purpose?” Brother Assist could not believe what he had just read.

“Just what are you trying to do?” Royal God Call asked in frustration. Actually, he was the most dissatisfied out of all of them as he failed to contribute anything to the PvP match due to his poor sense of direction. When he tried to engage the enemies, he was instead easily taken down by them. How was this outcome befitting an expert like him?

“Don’t be very dramatic. If you knew that I also directed you to the forest on purpose, you would be angry as well, right?” Young Master Han asked.

“THE HELL DID YOU SAY?!” Royal God Call indeed became angry.

“Just what is going on?” Gu Fei asked as he stopped running around the map.

“Just keep running like I told you,” Young Master Han said to Gu Fei.

Gu Fei mulishly chose to turn back, issuing an order to Young Master Han instead, “I’ll get rid of that commanding guy on that hill. We can kill the rest after! Update me the coordinates of the opposing group’s eight teams!”

“Miles, this is why I idolize you! Go! Avenge me and kill them all!” Royal God Call hated that the mercenary channel could not display the resentment he was feeling right now.

Inside the PvP arena, Gu Fei pulled out Moonlit Nightfalls and sprinted back to the small hill before. With his superiorly fast speed that could allow him to escape danger, he was not afraid of encountering the eight teams at the same time.

Meanwhile, Foe-herder saw Gu Fei suddenly change direction and head toward his location atop this hill. “He is coming back here?” With a faint smile on Foe-herder’s face, he pulled out his claymore and planted it to the ground. He grandly posed as he regarded Gu Fei with insolence. As the seventh rank Warrior on the experience leaderboard, he did not fear dueling with anyone.

“Oh! There’s another one!” As Foe-herder was staring intently at Gu Fei, he saw another figure heading toward him from his peripheral vision. “There’s movement by the foot of the hill where I am at. Two players are heading my way fast. Kill them and we will win this PvP match in terms of kill points,” Foe-herder issued this order.

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