Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 139 - Afraid that the Opponent Is Weak

Chapter 139 - Afraid that the Opponent Is Weak

Gu Fei drowsily leaned against the wall as July continued to address the Amethyst Rebirth’s ladies at length. It seemed that even she had also grown tired of droning on and on about the various guilds, given how they were all largely the same with one another, as she shortened her words when she reached the so-called large guilds to: “Traversing Four Seas. Level 5 guild. Seven hundred fifty members all filled up. Guild leader is Oathless Sword.”

Discrimination. This is blatant discrimination! Gu Fei thought to himself. This bunch of ladies was too casual with their dealings. When it was time for them to get serious, they instead opted to breeze through it.

Nonetheless, the basic information July had provided regarding the strongest guild in Yunduan City was enough to leave all the present ladies breathless.

The Amethyst Rebirth Guild was at level 2 and only had fifty-four members, including the newcomer, Svelte Dancer. To expect these women to fight fifteen members each during this guild versus guild tournament was simply too unrealistic. Seems like visualizing an imaginary foe like Traversing Four Seas for Amethyst Rebirth is truly improbable, Gu Fei thought to himself.

Gu Fei heaved a long sigh of relief once the presentation about all the average guilds finally ended. However, July seemed to have reenergized herself by breathing out twice just like what Gu Fei had done as she continued after a short pause, “Let’s now talk about the situation with the mercenary group.”

Gu Fei immediately raised his hand, “July! I don’t have to participate in this discussion, right?”

Before July could even say a word, Svelte Dancer took this chance to remark snidely at him, “What gives you the right to not listen? Aren’t you a member of the guild?”

“This bro right here is part of another mercenary group,” Gu Fei patted his chest as he answered. This was the first time that he had felt proud and glad to be a member of Young Master’s Elite mercenary group.

Svelte Dancer angrily retorted, “What is this?! How can you, as a member, not join this guild’s mercenary group? Is such an act allowed here? Boycott your group! Absolutely boycott your group and leave it to join our guild’s group. After that, listen to the report of Elder Sis July.”

Gu Fei was enraged. This vicious woman clearly wants to drag me down to die with her from all this mental exhaustion. Fortunately, July stepped in with impartiality, “It’s fine. Those who are not part of our mercenary group can leave first.”

Half of the ladies moved to leave in a hubbub along with Gu Fei, leaving Svelte Dancer hopping in rage.

“Xiaowu, do you plan to take part in the mercenary PvP event?” As one of the Five Unyielding Experts, of course she would be eager to participate in something like this. However, July still maintained her measured and impartial attitude when she asked this question.

“Of course, I’m joining! I’ll make sure to beat him during the mercenary PvP tournament,” Svelte Dancer declared loudly.

“Do you not have a group of your own?” someone inquisitively asked. Logically speaking, one of the Five Unyielding Experts would surely have a mercenary group of her own and there was no need to join the newly formed mercenary group of Amethyst Rebirth.

“I have, but I’ll immediately disband it!” Svelte Dancer answered. She then looked at Gu Fei who was about to exit the door and provocatively said, “I’ll see you during the mercenary PvP tournament.”

Gu Fei smiled, “I like this idea of yours. By then, you can’t use the excuse of losing your level again to avoid PvPing me. Do your best!” Gu Fei bade her goodbye by nodding his head toward her. He then exited the Amethyst Rebirth’s guild house.

He sprinted out of the city to begin his grinding once he was out of the guild house. However, it was not peaceful for him whenever he grinded level these past few days. After fighting monsters for a bit, Royal God Call indeed sent out a cry for help to him. “Where!” Gu Fei glumly asked.

“Ray’s Bar,” Royal God Call reported. Most of the targets that required Gu Fei’s assistance were found inside taverns. After all, Royal God Call could easily dispatch the targets that were on the streets.

“There? Is there no one in our private room? Ask that person to help you!”

“There’s only Young Master Han, and he’s as useless as a fart!” Royal God Call replied.

“I’ll be right there, then.” Depressed, Gu Fei began his trip back to the city.

Gu Fei could not see Royal God Call anywhere outside Ray’s Bar when he got there. “Where are you?” He sent Royal God Call this inquiry.

“Inside the tavern!” Royal God Call answered.

Royal God Call would usually wait outside the taverns, as he could quietly take down the targets if they happened to exit the establishments, thereby eliminating the need to trouble Gu Fei. “Why’s today so different?” Gu Fei muttered under his breath as he entered Ray’s Bar.

When he swept his gaze inside Ray’s Bar, he immediately felt annoyed. It was no wonder that Royal God Call was not guarding the entrance today, as he was busy merrily drinking with two ladies!

The two ladies were precisely Luo Luo and Svelte Dancer. When she was trying to change the subject previously, Svelte Dancer indeed mentioned to Luo Luo her wish to visit Ray’s Bar.

Gu Fei kept his rage in check as he walked over. While the two ladies already spotted Gu Fei a meter away, Royal God Call had yet to realize his arrival! Gu Fei’s anger overcame him and he stepped forward and grabbed Royal God Call, “WHERE?!”

“Ah, you’re here. This person is—”

“Shut it! I already know her!” Gu Fei interrupted him angrily.

“Hmph!” Svelte Dancer turned her head away.

Gu Fei glared at her before asking Royal God Call once more, “Where?!”

“Don’t be so hasty; let me have a look!” Royal God Call stretched his neck and looked around the bar. When he was intermingling with the two ladies, he inadvertently lost track of his target’s whereabouts. Gu Fei decided right there and then that if the target was not in the tavern, he would slay Royal God Call instead. Luckily for Royal God Call, the target was still inside. He pointed toward a table with six players seated in it and said to Gu Fei, “That Thief over by that table.”

“Ray!” Gu Fei shouted as he tossed a gold coin over.

“Ah!” A frequent customer saw Gu Fei entering the bar. Seeing his next action, the customer immediately deduced what was about to happen and exclaimed. Just as the customer had expected, Gu Fei truly darted over and kicked the table while yelling, “BOUNTY MISSION!” He was so incensed that his attitude was more violent than usual. The faces of the people occupying the table changed all at once when Gu Fei’s sword punctured their friend Thief’s body.

“Shoot him!” By the time Gu Fei shouted this, Royal God Call had already fired off an arrow. The Homing Projectile navigated through the narrow gaps in the room like a go-kart and nailed itself into the Thief’s forehead. The target then disappeared into a stream of white light.

This method of attacking was used by Gu Fei and Royal God Call numerous times that it could now be considered as a combo that these two well-versed experts had perfected.

The remaining five players on the table looked on with mouths agape. As their brains were still trying to process what had just happened, Gu Fei already menacingly threatened them, “Leave if you’ve got nothing on! You’ll lose a level if you die.”

The hot-blooded players considered dropping a level a minor issue compared to losing face. Under the gazes of the people in the bar, how could they feel terrified of his warning? They felt that they should fight a few rounds at the very least before leaving, especially since two beautiful ladies were present. With such a line of thinking, the five babbled about attacking Gu Fei.

“I shan’t be courteous, then!” As Gu Fei terrorized them further, he felt a gust of wind pass by his side. He then saw a figure appear right in the midst of the hot-blooded men. With a slash to the left and a cut to the right, two of the five men were instantly dispatched. The lithe figure pirouetted to one of the players’ back and killed the person off with Backstab before scoring a pierce to the guy next to the person. With four dead, the figure pirouetted with daggers in hands once more. The figure’s hands twirled and struck the fifth man on the back of his head with Bludgeon.

“Are you even a man? Bickering even when you’re about to fight,” Svelte Dancer threw a disdainful look at Gu Fei as she used her dagger to dispose of the last man.

Royal God Call marveled with all his might, “Beautiful! You indeed live up to your name as one of the Five Unyielding Experts!”

M*th*rf*ck*r! Gu Fei cursed vehemently in his head. She truly is an unyielding expert. She unyieldingly stole my business just like that Mage guy before!

“Hmph!” Svelte Dancer coldly harrumphed at Gu Fei as she walked back to her seat superciliously.

Only Royal God Call cheered for her inside the bar that had suddenly grown quiet. It took quite a while for the tavern patrons to snap back to their senses and begin their lively discussion. “One of the Five Unyielding Experts! Did you hear that?!”

“Svelte Dancer. It truly is Svelte Dancer!” The men leered salaciously as they hooted.

“What are you shouting for?! Haven’t you seen a beauty before?!” Svelte Dancer turned her head to glare at these men, shutting their mouths instantly. Although she was a woman, she was still one of the Five Unyielding Experts. Moreover, they had just witnessed how powerful she was with how easily she killed the five men moments ago.

“Svelte Dancer is here in Yunduan City!” All began to discuss this matter in hushed tones as they sent messages about it to their contacts all over the city.

Royal God Call continuously showered Svelte Dancer with praises for what she had just done. Although the brat would become reprehensible whenever he saw beautiful women, he was not blinded by it. Svelte Dancer’s instantaneous assault on the five men was truly far more spectacular than Drifting’s display of might.

Gu Fei knew that she was a full-Agility build character, so insta-killing other players meant that her equipment’s Attack Power must be frighteningly beyond comprehension. Anyone could also tell that she struck very concisely based on the flow of her attacks: The two low HP Mages were done in by a basic attack each, the Warrior by Backstab, the Priest by a simple stab, and the Knight by Bludgeon and a stab. The scarier fact here was the woman’s fast reaction speed. Her steps did not falter even once as she insta-killed all her opponents, completing that slew of attacks under the effect of Fleetfoot. Gu Fei saw someone use Fleetfoot to speedily deliver a stab on a person before, yet this was his first time seeing someone use Fleetfoot in a way that every step would result in an insta-kill.

This woman is really strong! Gu Fei already confirmed this. Just her reaction speed alone had already reached heights that the average human beings would never attain. It also seemed that her gaming skills were not below Sword Demon and the ilk’s level of expertise. Furthermore, her ability to purchase top-grade equipment using real-world currency that others would not have access to could only be described using one word: abnormal.

“You’ve got moves,” Gu Fei could only honestly compliment her after witnessing all that.

“Hmph. Are you afraid?” Svelte Dancer goaded.

“I’m never fearful of PvPing, except for one thing,” Gu Fei replied.


“That the opponent is weak,” Gu Fei answered as he flourished his hands for effect.

“Tsk!” Royal God Call scoffed.

“Resume your quest!” Gu Fei kicked him.

Royal God Call glanced at the two beauties, fighting internally as he hesitantly walked away.

Not even two seconds had passed when Royal God Call darted back inside. Gu Fei even thought that someone seeking revenge had blocked his way out, yet he only saw Royal God Call come up to him and excitedly whisper, “There’s another babe outside.”

Just as he said that, the door to the bar was pushed open.

“Hello, Xiaotian,” Gu Fei waved to the newcomer.

“Oh, you’re here too, Violent Fei!” Xi Xiaotian exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

Royal God Call was dumbfounded, “Is there even a woman in Yunduan City you don’t know?”

“He he! Men!” Svelte Dancer finally found a chance to use the same phrase Gu Fei had used on her earlier.

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