Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 131 - A Controversial Figure

Chapter 131 - A Controversial Figure

The party that that was originally grinding at a distance rushed toward Gu Fei and Luo Luo. The Archers Royal God Call and Right Hand of Cool were the fastest, and they arrived just in time to end the entire skirmish by activating Snipe to insta-kill No Smile.

“You killed five players again!” Royal God Call indignantly exclaimed as he pointed at Gu Fei.

“Hey, don’t casually say ‘again’,” Gu Fei chastised.

With their slower movement speed, Drifting and the ladies only arrived at this moment. They had originally seen quite a few figures from afar, yet only three people were at this location when they arrived.

“You’ve already resolved the matter?” Drifting asked Gu Fei as he looked around. He very much wanted to observe Gu Fei’s fighting techniques. On his way here, Drifting saw white lights flashing one by one. Looking at the three people at this spot, he noted that Luo Luo and the other lady were Priests and only Gu Fei as a Mage was capable of turning the enemies into white lights.

“It’s fine already; everything is over. You lot can go back to grinding!” Gu Fei clapped his hands to get their attention.

“You killed five people again,” Royal God Call mumbled bitterly. He got Gu Fei as his ‘Bounty Mission’ target, so he could check the latter’s PK value anytime.

“Just what is going on?” Given the gossiping nature of the present ladies, they would naturally not leave without knowing what had just happened in this location. Everyone kept on asking this question as they glanced over at Vast Lushness.

“Hey, aren’t you…” Royal God Call immediately recognized Vast Lushness. Although the two only met for a short period of time a month ago, Royal God Call was a scoundrel whose interest lay in women. Given Vast Lushness’ pretty looks, remembering her was very easy for him. “You’re Vast Lushness of Yueye City’s Past Deeds Guild!” He might have recognized her at a glance, yet it had taken him quite a while to recall her name.

“Do you know each other?” Luo Luo’s eyes sparkled. Gu Fei’s odd attitude toward this woman made her feel that there was something more to the matter than what was seen on the surface, and she became even more convinced of this when she saw Royal God Call’s reaction toward Vash Lushness.

“And… you are?” Vast Lushness hesitantly asked as she looked directly at Royal God Call’s eyes. She clearly did not recognize him anymore. Since Young Master Han introduced him back then as ‘one of his four lackeys’, he only left quite a limited impression on her.

“I went to Yueye City and met you before,” Royal God Call explained.

“Oh…” Vast Lushness acknowledged lightly. She then turned her gaze toward Gu Fei and said, “Thank you. Yunduan City sure is a place filled with experts.”

Gu Fei only smiled thinly.

Given how women were naturally closer with their fellow women, the Amethyst Rebirth’s ladies immediately surrounded Vast Lushness and began to ask her all sorts of questions, such as “Why did you come to Yunduan City”, and so on.

Thus, Vast Lushness summarized her situation to everyone. It was just as Gu Fei had thought; Past Deeds had gained many enemies in Yueye City, so many players supported Dusky Cloud and his gang as they fought against her guild. Silver Moon continued to use his OP skill, King’s Command, that boosted his party’s fighting prowess. However, those precious seconds in which he was able to dominate the PvP field were not enough to affect the ongoing war.

During Past Deeds’ glorious days as the sole large guild in Yueye City, its members were indeed very arrogant and tyrannical to the other players in Yueye City. Now that the roles were reversed, these players began exacting their crazy revenges on the already meek Past Deeds Guild, killing and beating its few hundred members that that had become street rats at first sight without mercy. In fact, these members would still get hounded by others even when they quit the guild altogether.

Without any choices left, some Past Deeds’ members quit the game entirely. Some even began to journey far and wide to look for another city to call home. Only a handful members of the guild stubbornly stayed in Yueye City.

Vast Lushness was evidently among those stubborn members. Her situation was the worst compared to the other guild members because she was the most hated figure of the Past Deeds Guild. People in Yueye City often formed hunting parties to slay her. Grinding, drinking, and killing Vast Lushness became the three big items on some players’ daily to-do list. “Have you killed Vast Lushness yet?” became a common question in Yueye City.

In such a terrible environment, Vast Lushness actually continued to survive like a cockroach, without even conceiving the thought of leaving Yueye City. Everyone was puzzled as to why she persisted like so, but Vast Lushness did reveal anything about it. As for why she was at Yunduan City, she said she was looking for someone.

“Are you looking for Silver Moon?” Royal God Call asked aloud. He actually wanted to ask about Silver Moon even earlier, yet he only recalled his name now.

Vast Lushness silently nodded her head.

Thus, the ladies began to question her anew on who was this saint-like Silver Moon. When they learned that Silver Moon and Vast Lushness were interwoven in a story of romance, sympathy instantly poured from the ladies to her, barring actual tears from being shed. Furthermore, the turbulent and barbaric customs in Yueye City left a deep impression in these ladies. Everyone began to wonder, “Just how did June’s Rain survive in Yueye City?”

Xiaoyu had yet to return from her questing in Yueye City and only kept constant contact with the ladies of the guild through messaging. The new members of Amethyst Rebirth already knew that a glorious player of their guild had yet to return from her questing in Yueye City for over a month.

“I’ll bring you back to Yunduan City, so you can log off and rest first!” Luo Luo said to Vast Lushness. Anyone could tell how tired she was from just a glance.

“Won’t… Won’t I be troubling you?” Vast Lushness could tell that this party was here to grind levels.

“It’s no trouble,” Luo Luo smiled.

“It’s better if I take her back to the city,” Gu Fei suddenly spoke.

“You?” Luo Luo asked, surprised. Gu Fei’s treatment of Vast Lushness was cold and distant since they met. He even appeared apathetic when she told her sob story to everyone. Why would he suddenly feel compelled to do her this favor?

Could it be… Luo Luo had a sudden thought so she dragged Gu Fei to a side, “What are you doing? Are you trying to take advantage of her precarious situation?”


“That Silver Moon that she spoke of…” Players could exchange messages with one another more easily in the game than in reality. It was possible for someone to forget their phone, for the phone to run out of charge, or similar situations that made contacting another person difficult in reality, but those unfortunate circumstances were impossible in-game. For Vast Lushness to not be able to meet or contact someone for days, it was easy to consider the possibility of Silver Moon actively avoiding her. Everyone had this suspicion, yet not one actually mentioned it.

“F*ck! What are you thinking?” Gu Fei indignantly asked as he regarded Luo Luo derisively for a bit. He then walked toward Royal God Call and said, “I’ll go back to erase my PK value. I’ll contact you when it’s time.”

“Okay…” Royal God Call replied.

“Let’s go!” Gu Fei said to Vast Lushness, not a hint of ulterior motive could be detected from his tone of voice.

“Sorry to trouble you, then,” Vast Lushness could only accept this kindness.

“Everyone, keep on grinding. I’ll be back in a while,” Gu Fei waved to everyone. With Drifting around, it was not an issue if he was there to help out or otherwise.

As he made two steps toward the direction of Yunduan City together with Vast Lushness, Gu Fei distantly heard Royal God Call begin to tell the ladies, “That Vast Lushness…” He was most likely telling everyone about her past glorious and arrogant days in Yueye City.

Although Gu Fei proceeded toward Yunduan City at a steady gait to match Vast Lushness’ movement speed, he did not start a conversation with her. Gu Fei’s dislike for her was evident that even Vast Lushness was very aware of it. Thus, she resolved not to say anything to Gu Fei if he would not do so first.

As a result, the two arrived at Yunduan City in total silence. Gu Fei pointed to a direction and said, “That should be the nearest log-off point.”

“Thank you,” Vast Lushness said.

Gu Fei nodded his head and prepared to leave without saying goodbye.

“Hey!” Vast Lushness suddenly called after Gu Fei, halting his footsteps as he turned his head around.

“I still haven’t gotten your name,” Vast Lushness stated this fact.

“Thousand Miles Drunk,” Gu Fei said. Usually, players would take this chance to open their friends list and mutually add one another as a friend, yet Gu Fei and Vast Lushness did not do this at all.

“Thank you,” Vast Lushness thanked him once more before turning to leave.

Gu Fei stared at her departing figure for a moment before heading toward the Quest Assignment Hub to accept ‘Bounty Mission’.

Obtaining a mission and chasing a target were almost a routine to Gu Fei. There happened to be several players with 3 or 4 PK points displayed on the board. Gu Fei easily accomplished the hunt and lowered his PK value back to 1 PK point. With all that done, he left the city once more and returned to the grinding party. The ladies were still discussing about Vast Lushness when he got back! But based on the content of their conversation this time, it was evident that Royal God Call had already filled them in on her past. This caused Vast Lushness to become a controversial figure to them.

The ladies were split into two sides with regard to whether Vast Lushness deserved sympathy or not. All separated into the two sides of the main body of the grinding setup and were incessantly debating about the matter while they dropped Descending Wheel of Flames on to the monsters’ heads in the indicated circle.

Gu Fei smiled as he came up beside Luo Luo, “What’s all this?”

“Do you think Vast Lushness deserves sympathy?” Luo Luo asked.


“Stand over there then!”

Gu Fei was speechless. He could not find it in himself to laugh or cry about this matter. From the number of people standing on the opposition with Gu Fei, it seemed that domineering and arrogant players were not popular among the ladies here.

Just then, Royal God Call came back from bringing a train of monsters, so Gu Fei casually asked him, “Royal, what do you think? Does that lady deserve sympathy?”

“Of course,” Royal God Call nodded his head.

“Royal is the most obedient,” Luo Luo nodded her head in satisfaction, even rolling her eyes at Gu Fei.

Royal God Call stood there with a smile on his face and acted cute in front of Luo Luo. When that was done, he made funny faces at Gu Fei and asked, “In the end, she’s still a babe. So did you manage to score with her?”

“F*ck off over to the other side,” Gu Fei cursed.

Royal God Call did not dare to offend Gu Fei so he quickly slinked off to pull more monsters.

“Drifting, what do you think of that lady?” Gu Fei asked, bored. Drifting was standing right in the corner of both sides. It was difficult to tell which side he was supporting.

“Nothing much. It’s just a game,” Drifting stated matter-of-factly, adding, “In this world, anyone with power would act the way she did.”

“Is that so? But why aren’t you like that?” Gu Fei asked.

Drifting stared at him, “I casually insta-killed five men for you in that tavern just the other day.”

Gu Fei was speechless once more. Casually insta-killing five men without even finding out about the situation was indeed an example of arrogance.

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