Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 37: A Night to Remember P2*

Chapter 37: A Night to Remember P2*

“Aaaaaah! Erni… press them some more. Bite them. Yessss… now shift your focus to the other one!”

Eren obliged and did the same with her left breast. Nina’s dress was now limited to only covering her waist. Eren found it bothersome so he tried removing it from downward. Nina had to lift her waist to aid him in doing it.

He was about to jump right in when Nina placed the base of her right foot over his chest:

“Tit for tat young man!”

She declared while pointing at his clothes with her eyes. Eren stripped down so fast; it was like he wasn’t wearing anything from the get-go.

“Hehe! These underpants seem slightly bigger for you. Maybe you were thinking about your growing size when you opted for one size bigger wearable.”

Nina looked at Eren’s new purchase and commented. Eren responded by landing on top of Nina, grinding his Lil member right above her wet nether region.

“Indeed darling. Now let’s resume!”

Eren was about to kiss Nina again but she placed her index finger on his lips before he could do so:

“Erni, I want you. You can see that with my response. And I’m drunk enough to be unable to control my desires. But that doesn’t mean we can take it to the very end. Especially after what we had discussed that day.

There won’t be any penetration. Do you still want to proceed further?”

Eren was offered a choice.

He could see that Nina was fighting a mental battle in her head. Her body was telling her to go with the flow. Whereas, her brain was telling her to stop at this instant. In the end, she had listened to both sides and came up with this compromise.

It would be a lie if he told her that he wasn’t disappointed. But that didn’t stop him from making new progress with Nina today. He tried finding the positive in this situation.

“You mean anything apart from the penetration is on the table?”

Eren smiled and didn’t show any remorse. Nina was again impressed with his maturity. In response to his question, she simply nodded and sucked on his lips hard.

Eren had already gotten his due permission to barge his fingers into Nina’s wet cave. He inserted his right roaming hand into her pants and touched her wet fold for the first time without there being any fabric in between.

Nina lifted her waist slightly in response and started kissing and smooching him frantically. Eren’s left hand was now pressing Nina’s right butt cheek.

His right ring finger had started to trace the overwhelmingly wet vaginal crack while his index finger touched and played with her clit. He could feel the juices kept on flowing with even more vigour than before. Aunt Nina was bathing Eren’s fingers with her blessed water.

Eren stopped his exploration of Nina’s nether region with his hands. The latter wondered why he stopped when she witnessed his actions. He had brought his wet and gooey hand in front of his nose and smelled it:

“So this is where the fishy smell comes from!”

Eren smiled wickedly and looked at Nina. She couldn’t help but blush a little!

“Aunt … err… Nina, as I said that day! I’ve been wanting to have fish food for so long now. Hope my appetite gets satisfied down there. Wish me luck!”

Eren went down on Nina after saying that. He first tried removing the black and now soaked-wet drawers Nina was wearing. Nina again fought a small internal battle before enabling him to take it off.

Nina’s wet cave was on full display. She tried covering it with hands at first. But Eren just parted those hands with his before digging his nose right in to inhale the earthy smell.

Eren rubbed his nose right inside the crack. That encouraged Nina to let go of her last bit of hesitancy. She finally grabbed his head from behind and pressed it hard against her mound.

Nina had a dense pubic growth. The musk, therefore, was enhanced even further. Eren made his tongue come out and start its assigned job. The tip of the tongue touched the pink button first. Eren gave it multiple licks before moving downwards.

Nina felt a dam had been broken inside her vagina. She could feel her salty nectar coming out in serious quantities to welcome a foreign intruder.

She opened her legs in eagle style and pressed onto Eren’s head hard from behind. She reclined in her position with eyes closed and started enjoying the lapping.

Nina was convulsing in her bed as she felt waves of pleasure and ecstasy hit her. She wouldn’t dare to call Eren inexperienced right now.

“Aaahh… there… right there…. Yes… suck on some more…. You are driving me numb… little Erni…. How and when did you get so pro in this?”

Erni licked sucked the clit some more before answering from his positions:

“Like every other teenage boy, Nina. Adult comics!”

“You must have gotten your hands on some serious shit, boy. This is the best tongue-storm I’ve ever been offered!”

Unaware of herself, Nina had started using crass language. She kept on pressing Eren’s head. So much so that he was starting to feel some suffocation. But that didn’t make him stop his tongue job.

Eren inserted his right finger into the wet cave while he was still licking the clit and wet folds. And he kept on drinking the love juices Nina was producing unendingly.

Nina already had more than two orgasms. And the third one was on its way. Her nether region had gotten rather extra sensitive because of repetitive orgasms. But she didn’t stop Eren. She didn’t want to. Not at that moment.

When he found out that Nina had gotten comfortable with his rhythm, Eren inserted another finger into the wet cave. It was only a matter of time before Nina’s entire body shook and jerked, coming hard on Eren’s face and fingers. Only then did Nina close her legs tight to show that she needed a break.

Eren too needed some time to catch his breaths. He laid beside Nina and looked at the ceiling with a smile on his face.

Nina took her time to look at the kid sleeping beside him with his face shining with her juices. She again felt a mix of emotions bubbling inside her. But before she could voice her concerns, Eren’s voice reached her ears:

“That was one awesome fish I had. It was a little saltier than anticipated though.”

Eren used his hand as a headrest to look at Nina and teased her some more:

“Yeah. I can see that in your face, how much you loved having it. Sorry I haven’t… you know… mowed the lawn for some time. Hehe!”

“Aah! That’s fine. I only found it difficult to work my way around there with my tongue. I don’t mind the look. And I certainly don’t mind the aroma it cultivates!”

Eren replied to her while winking his left eye.

“Little ra… I mean Erni. I see that you made your preparations on all fronts before taking me out to dinner. It was like I was playing in the palm of your hand. Tell me honestly, did you foresee this happening tonight?”

“Foreseeing is a strong word. I was only HOPING for it. Thanks, au… Nina. At least some of my long-standing desires have been satiated for the time being.”

“Long-standing, you say. I don’t see your little guy erect now. Did you perhaps burst without even doing anything to it? Hehe!”

“What do you expect from a 16 years old boy who has been given a chance to ‘take care’ of the lady in his dreams in this way?”

Eren didn’t feel ashamed at his nut and blamed it on Nina being a dream woman in his eyes. Nina’s heart was again touched by the latter’s glib tongue. Even more deeply than what his real tongue did to her lady part. She thought she should return the favour at least:

“So are you spent right now?”

Nina asked playfully!

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