Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 35: Dinner Date

Chapter 35: Dinner Date

‘Hmm! Osan Woods’ Butcher! That has a nice ring to it.’

Eren kinda liked his new title. But he thought the bounty amount was Lil demeaning to him. He should at least have a million dollars as the first bounty contract on his head.

Nina’s query made him break his line of thoughts:

“Little rat, why are you so fazed out? The procession is over. We should head out too before the rush kicks in.”

“Of course, aunt Nina. Ladies first!”

Eren said this while bowing a little before winking at Nina. Nina knew exactly what he wanted to do by offering her to walk ahead of him. She couldn’t stop feeling a little excitement in her heart. It was like a long lost spice was brought back in her staple food.

Eren had again started mixing a dash of aphrodisiac in aunt Nina’s food from yesterday when he was making it. He was controlling the quantity though.

Eren was aiming to gradually get her accustomed to her heightened sexual appetite and see Eren as its cause. He wanted her to see him as the target for those urges.

And it was showing its effect. Aunt Nina had been the one to bring the subject of his underpants, possibly knowing full well that the conversation would unfold in this way.

Nina started walking ahead of Eren. She could see her body was swaying more than usual, subconsciously enhancing the jiggle physics Eren had subscribed to prime viewership of.

When they got home, Eren and Nina both could feel some sexual tension between them. Nina was thinking about how to break the ice when Eren broke it first for her:

“Aunt Nina, you wait here. I’ll go get your gift from my room.”

“Gift? Which gift? I only gave you money for some shopping yesterday and that is all accounted for.”

“Hehe! I had some money saved up from before. You don’t need to overthink. It’s not that expensive of a gift.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go bring me my much-needed award for taking care of a scoundrel like you.”

Saying that Nina pulled Eren’s cheeks and sent him towards his room. Then she went to sit on the ground floor’s sofa.

Eren came downstairs soon after. He had a small, gift-wrapped box in his hands with a bow tie ribbon on it.

Eren handed the gift to Nina while sitting by her side. She smiled at him and unwrapped it with some excitement. It’s been a long time since she received a gift like this.

Nina was soon staring at a small perfume vial that looked elegant and luxurious at the same time. She hadn’t used this perfume but knew she was going to like it.

Nina always liked wearing floral perfumes. She sprayed a little on her hand and inhaled the scent to gauze its effect.


The fragrance was captivating. Just as Eren had said, this Be Erna Soliflore was an apt EDP for her. She instantly decided she’d change her original brand with this perfume from now on.

“Erni, this was a nice gift. You need to keep on giving me these gifts every so often you know. It’s so much trouble to raise a shut-in like you.”

“Be that as may. Aunt Nina, don’t you think I should be receiving some return gift in exchange?”

“Yeah? What do you want?”

“What else? A nice and healthy liplock to soothe all my sorrows!”

“Little rat…”

“Hear me out first. It’ll only be a liplock. It’s not like we haven’t done it before. At most, it’ll be our third and last instance before I leave for the academy.

I also want you to wear that perfume while I kiss you. But we already have today’s delivery of potions lined up that was postponed due to Isaac’s procession. So why not finish our work first, freshen up, and have some dinner outside.

We will go out by let’s say 7 PM. I’ve already got a knee-long one-piece dress for you that I’ve kept in your bedroom.

Don’t worry though. I’ve kept your body size and your preferences in mind while buying it so you would feel comfortable in it. You can then wear the EDP that I’ve got you as a gift.

It’ll be like a date. Me taking you out. Of course, I’ll pay for everything. And if my lady likes it and agrees to it willingly, I can kiss her post our successful date. What do you say?”

“H… how did you get so much money? Did you sell something from the house?”

Nina started looking around the house as if to check if something was missing.

“Haah! How little do you trust me, aunt Nina? I sometimes sell the elementary potions that I make from almost expired ingredients.

I can’t sell them legally since I don’t have a potioneer’s license yet. But I know a guy who knows a guy. He helps me sell it personally to adventurers.

Of course, the profit isn’t much. But I’ve accumulated enough to buy these gifts and take you out today. Now are you satisfied, or do you want to launch an official investigation on my financial condition?”

Eren said this while showing a little anger on his face. Of course, that was all bullshittery.

Eren had become a hard-working guy in his restarted life. And he could indeed do what he said he had claimed just now. But he already had wads of cash. Why would he not spend them to date aunt Nina instead of slogging his ass?

“Aah! I’m sorry Erni. It’s just that I wasn’t aware. Since you use almost expired ingredients, I of course don’t have a problem.

But you could have told me you wanted to sell the elementary potions. I could have sold them under my license and given you your share.”

“How would it be a surprise then? Do you have any idea how long I’ve been planning something like this?”

Saying this, the Osan Woods’ Butcher turned his head away from aunt Nina in a quick motion, as if very angry to look at her.

Nina immediately understood her mistake. She had underestimated the level of crush Eren had on her. He was probably aiming to take her on a date for so long. She quickly took Eren in her embrace, kissed her on his cheeks before continuing:

“Alright! Alright! It’s a date. I’m excited about the evening you’ve planned for us. So I’ll go check the dress out. You also need to wear something nice, mister. Otherwise, you’ll get kicked by the restaurant owners before they allow a poorly clothed brat like you to have dinner with me. Hehe!”

Saying this, aunt Nina went upstairs to check out her new dress. Eren smirked a little before putting on the apron and approaching his lab desk.

Eren knew Nina would like the dress. Because she had brought the same dress when he had come to visit her once in the past. She had said then that this was among her top favourites.

Eren used that little piece of information to score some brownie points with Nina.

As expected, Nina came downstairs looking happy. The dress was just the right fit for her. The dress style was elegant but it accentuated her hourglass figure. She hadn’t worn dresses like these for years now. And she was excited.

When Nina came down, Eren had already started working on his batch of elementary potions. She too started working immediately, lest they get late on their date.

It was almost 6 PM when Eren and Nina were finished with their deliveries. The Osan Woods’ disturbance had quieted down. So there was no need to produce extra potions.

But since the association had paid in advance for expedited deliveries, it expected them to be on time.

It was now time to get fresh. Both of them retired to their respective bedrooms.

When they got out, both Eren and Nina were ready for their first date!

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