Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 1590 Divinity: Something Radical

Chapter 1590 Divinity: Something Radical

Elder Seed Artifacts!

These artifacts could be considered to be the pinnacle of immortal magic.

They were something Alephee's brother Aleph had created while he was at the peak of his divinity.

Aleph had lived countless lives through his incarnations and used his godly powers to perfection to create the Elder Seed Artifacts currently in existence. Alephee had seen her brother's experiences up close, even accompanying his incarnations to see the births of some of the Elder Seed Artifacts he had created while exploring myriad worlds across the boundless cosmos.

Of course, Alephee didn't doubt Eren's potential to reach Aleph's heights one day. But she didn't think the current Eren was even remotely qualified to dabble in something like creating the Elder Seed Artifacts.

This was perhaps the first time that Alephee wasn't supportive of Eren's decision. She didn't want to be the naysayer. But she didn't want Eren to experience even more losses than what he had already suffered by heading down the path of utter failure. 

"Yes, Alephee. I'm aware of all that," Eren said calmly. The chaos that was about to unfold because of Reen's Soul Seed was averted for the time being due to the appearance of the divine flames.

Eren's utilization of the flames had bought him enough time to ponder on what he was about to do next. He looked around and sensed that the Birdcage Barrier indeed had not much time left in it.

The uptime of the Birdcage Barrier had already gone past Eren's initial estimation. It was only thanks to the extra Gluttony Pearls given by Argo before he departed from Anfang that the barrier was still holding on. Otherwise, it would have been dispersed into nothingness while Eren was busy turning Reen's body into a Hex Artifact.

"Still, I must do this," Eren said while calmly adding more runic circles around the third Array Eye to restart the process.

"I know this was not how we had planned things. We were supposed to do things separately. In a safer way.

But life happens when we are busy making plans. So we will adapt to our situation and make necessary changes as we go. That's what we have been doing all along anyway."

Eren said and managed to smile at Alephee.

'He… he smiled? He is THAT confident in himself!'

Alephee thought to herself as she looked at Eren with a newfound view. For some reason, this smile was enough to resolve a lot of worries in her heart.

"As for the immortal magic," Eren's voice turned deep and his emerald eyes shone with determination before he spoke up. "I'll just become a god to get access to it," he said with utter confidence in himself.

"You…" Alephee was lost for words when she saw Eren's confidence. Some of that confidence seemed to be contagious as she too felt that there was some practicality to Eren's aim after all.

'I… I can't help but think of my brother after seeing this level of self-belief in him. They are so polar opposite from each other. But this aspect of theirs… it's the same.'

Alephee thought to herself. She sighed and took a deep breath before responding to Eren with a smile of her own.

"Alright. I'll follow your lead."

Alephee said before nodding at Eren. This was all that Eren needed to hear anyway. Using the powers of the Shallot's Mirror, he produced a clone of himself and allowed it to take control of the First Array Eye. He then freed himself from maintaining the operation of the Array Formation, allowing his clone and Alephee to handle that affair entirely.

'Since I don't have enough time, I'll just do both of those tasks at the same time.'

Eren thought to himself as he started walking away from the Soul Seed Insertion Array. While walking towards the other side of the isolated space, he contacted a certain someone using his voice channel.

'Maya, everything is set?'

Eren asked as he reached his intended position. The isolated space between the two barriers was huge and could be said to have been divided into two sections. The first section was considered to be on the secondary barrier's right side while the other section was on its left.

'Yeah. Ready when you are, Eren.'

Maya replied through the voice communication channel to Eren. it seemed that she was also present near the battlefield but kept her safe distance away from it.

'Good. I guess it's about time to gain a certain World Will's favor.

Time to do something radical!'

Eren said to Maya before recovering an Array Disk from his storage.


Inside the secondary Birdcage Barrier, the entire region had been transformed to look like an excavation site for constructing something enormous. There were gaping holes in the ground that resembled the burrows of gigantic monsters. Deep fissures surrounded these pits. All of these geological changes had been caused by Demonmir, who used his physical powers and Dual Axe Arts to the fullest.

On Eliza's side, patches of the ground had turned obsidian black, with a certain shine to them, as if they were black mirrors embedded in the ground. These obsidian formations were caused by the incinerating heat generated by the green flames, which had affected the terrain in such a way that it changed its nature. This was the doing of Eliza Samael.

The battle between Eliza and Demonmir was so intense that viewers were willing to pay a hefty amount to watch it through the live stream. The fight has now entered its final phase, and even the streamers who were banned by the Anfang Alliance were ignoring all other events happening inside the Birdcage Barrier to focus on it.

Since Eren had made sure to make them fight on equal grounds, there seemed to be no clear winner between Eliza and Demonmir. However, upon closer inspection, one could tell that Eliza could fight for longer than Demonmir. As such, the Witch of the Enderflames would win over Demonmir by default eventually. She just needed to wait patiently.

"Aaaaaaargh! Why…. Why aren't you disappearing like the last few times?" Demonmir asked while looking at Eliza in anger.

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