Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 1081 Machinations Of A Slumbering Goddess P1

Chapter 1081 Machinations Of A Slumbering Goddess P1

The Sage's hall fell silent once again.

Eren sighed as he understood why the half-blood clans of today hated the Anfang Alliance and all the establishments of today. He couldn't blame them because their hatred was justified.

It was one thing to hate the half-bloods for their demonic origins. But the Anfang Alliance made use of the half-bloods before killing them for its own safety. It was no wonder that the half-blood clans from the Last Blood Bastion would involve themselves in cultist activities to create unrest in various kingdoms.

The half-bloods from the Last Blood Bastion knew about their past. They knew how the alliance had played them and used them to further its own cause. So trying to overthrow the establishments and the alliance by proxy was their way of settling scores.

"What… what happened next?"

Eren asked while looking visibly shaken by the information Nira Nightshade provided him. It didn't take much effort from the butcher's part to play this character in front of a Sage because he could put him in their shoes just fine.

Nira reclined on her throne once again before adding further.

"Well… you know the continent-spanning isolation array exists, right?

It has managed to keep invaders away for so long now. So we can trust history's narration that says that the sacrifice worked. Meaning the goddesses' plan worked. The trap not only killed the half-bloods but also the titans present at the scene.

Even the titans weren't expecting something like this from the Anfang Alliance. I mean who would hurt their most capable fighting force and then burn all their bridges with it? As such, the denizens of Allansia also lost a lot of their capable members that day. It was a huge blow to the titan invaders with the kind of attack the Anfang alliance had managed to launch."

"What happened to Sage Eliza?" Eren asked immediately. Nira Nightshade replied.

"Eliza had supported the alliance with all her heart until this point. It was she who ignored the rift that was being created between the half-blood clans and the alliance. And it was she who convinced the half-blood clans to participate in the all-out war against the titans with all their might despite their newfound differences with the alliance.

But all of Eliza's efforts came back to haunt her as she watched the half-bloods dying inside a trapped array furnace. This was an array trap setup under a goddess's command so there was nothing most of the half-bloods could do about it.

They say that only Eliza managed to get away from the trap the goddess and the alliance had set up in conjunction. She forced her way out of that trap with brute strength alone at the cost of using a forbidden technique.

Sage Eliza's wrath knew no bounds at the time. She killed many powerhouses from the alliance's side at the cost of injuring herself even more. Many in the alliance had become scared of her after witnessing the feats she was capable of. In fact, what I'm telling you about Eliza was documented by one such eyewitness from the Anfang Alliance herself.

The Witch of Enderflame would have killed more rankers from Anfang's side as well. However, she decided to retreat after her condition kept getting worse. Nobody could stop that dragon half-blood if she wanted to retreat. Nobody dared to.

The eyewitness to the whole event also wrote that before disappearing from the site, Eliza claimed that she would settle her score with the alliance in the future. That she would do everything in her power to get back to them for what they had done to her and the half-blood clans.

Nobody knows what happened to her after that. Some say Eliza died after escaping. Others say she lost her Sage rank and died as a non-ranker after using the forbidden technique.

Either way, she died."

'Um… I have got news for you.'

Eren thought to himself.

He had always been wary of Eliza ever since he met her. She was the first Sage he had ever come into contact with. Even then, he could subconsciously tell she wasn't merely a Sage. She was endowed with natural talent, a powerful bloodline, innate elemental comprehension, and exceptional weapon-handling skills. Plus, an unmatched drive to be the most outstanding in her generation. Even while she was hanging between life and death, her presence was overwhelming.

Eren understood why Eliza was bitter when he heard her story. She considered herself responsible for leading the half-blood clans to their doom by agreeing to the alliance's deployment. And that bitterness had given her the will to survive all these years.

'She wants to purge the Anfang alliance after resurrecting. And by helping her return, I will have to make myself her accomplice. Or at least that's how I will be seen if things blow out of proportion.'

Eren had a grim look on his face as his deep thoughts led him to various conclusions and deductions. His surface-level thoughts, on the other hand, were like calm lake water that hardly had any ripples in it.

He looked at Nira curiously before asking another question.

"Sage Nira, did you find out why that goddess was so against the half-bloods? I mean she could have just asked for the sacrifice of other rankers along with the half-bloods. Why did she only focus on half-bloods?'

Nira pursed her lips and nodded before answering.

"The messenger could read some of the slumbering goddesses' intentions while communicating in a non-verbal manner. It was an eyewitness to the event who contacted the goddess' messenger to find out exactly what you were asking for.

The messenger had said that the goddess was provoked when House Samael started working on the Primer Matter research. She didn't like the possibility of someone creating such a groundbreaking matter for some reason.

The messenger said that the goddess was also wary of half-blood clans for some reason regarding a certain prophecy. Of course, the messenger didn't have the privilege or any reason to ask her goddess about the prophecy.

The goddess wanted the Anfang alliance to get rid of all of the half-bloods completely. So she put forward various conditions in the isolation array itself, which would influence the alliance to suppress and kill the remaining half-bloods even after the isolation array had been erected."

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