Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Unworthy of the Name

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The live broadcast room’s screen was filled with comments.

In the Second World, news about Han Xing’s guild was spreading everywhere. Some of the guild masters were also curious as to where Han Xing had found so many players with such potential.

They were usually selected from the various rankings, but the players on the rankings were either eccentric or had been reserved by other guilds.

Han Xing had brought out so many experts, and it had shocked many guild masters.

They had also begun to reevaluate the value of the Mad Dragon Guild’s existence. If they waited for the guild to mature, it would most likely be much more difficult to deal with them in the future.

Liu Feng looked at the discussions on the public screen of the Second World as well as the various comments in the livestream room, the flames of jealousy in his heart continued to rise.

“F*ck, I’ll kill you when it’s the Sky Dragon Guild’s turn!”

Hmph! What kind of ability could Star Rebel have? He was probably a silly rich second-generation kid who used his money to build up his reputation!

At the thought of this, Liu Feng’s mind became active. Since Star Rebel wanted to become famous so badly, he wouldn’t mind adding oil to this!

A sinister smile appeared on Liu Feng’s face. When Luyao saw his smile, she felt a chill run down her spine.

In the arena, Watercloud Guild was gradually struggling.

The players they recruited were all female players, and these female players were slightly inferior to Turban Qiaoqiao and White Jade Snow Orchid in terms of moves and strength.

Turban Qiaoqiao didn’t hold back at all with the bow and arrow in her hand.

“100% accuracy!” The cold elf’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Beams of golden light gathered in her hands, and hundreds of golden arrows shot out in succession.

The staff in Fourteen Continents’ hands exploded with monstrous power.

Water dragons as long as an arm pounced toward the ten Watercloud players.

Just as these skills were about to take the lives of all of Watercloud’s players…


A huge ancient vine suddenly rose from Watercloud’s position.

These ancient vines reached out from the ground and directly wrapped around all the Watercloud Guild’s players.

“You guys are quite bold.”

A chuckle came from the ancient vine.

A woman in a green dress and a white veil walked up to the other members of Watercloud.

She had a graceful figure and a pair of limpid eyes that were filled with love.

Her face was barely visible under the veil, and one could tell that she had an extraordinary identity with just a glance.

Han Xing looked at the ID above her head.

It was the guild master of Watercloud Guild, Fleeting Life, also known as the ethereal moon fairy.

The guild members who had just been severely injured were all restored to full health one by one under her green vines.

“F*ck, isn’t this too abnormal?”

One Sword Horizon couldn’t help but ridicule.


The sound of something breaking through the air could be heard.

A hundred leaves shot out in an instant.

“Divine light!”

With a soft hum, the guzheng in Wind Flower Snow Moon’s hand moved, and everyone was covered with a layer of protection.

When the leaves flew over and hit the shield, they actually shattered into pieces!

Fleeting Life glanced at the Mad Dragon Guild. Everyone had recovered, and a faint smile appeared on her lips.

“Guild Master Star Rebel, there’s no need to fight anymore. Watercloud Guild has lost!”

Fleeting Life was no fool. In terms of actual combat power, they were no match for the Mad Dragon Guild.

She could take the initiative to admit defeat in this battle, but…

This man was quite interesting, and she really wanted to make friends with him.

“Guild Master, this isn’t appropriate, is it?”

At the side, a valiant and heroic female player was dumbfounded on the spot. What the h*ll was this?!

Even though they couldn’t win, they still had to have a little competitive spirit. But they gave up at this point in time.

The other female players beside her didn’t have any objections. They had just been beaten up and were in great pain.

The more she looked at the Mad Dragon Guild’s players, the more she found them pleasing to the eye.

One of the female players immediately threw a flirtatious look at One Sword Horizon.

“Little brother, let’s add each other as friends. Let’s play together when you’re free!”

One Sword Horizon felt goosebumps all over his body. On the other hand, Star Rebel laughed and spoke in a generous manner.

“Guild Master Fleeting Life, thanks for the win!”

Fleeting Life walked up to Han Xing and said in a soft voice, “Let’s be friends!”

Of course, Han Xing would not reject it. After he created his own guild, if he has the support of other guilds, this would allow the Mad Dragon Guild to continue growing.

“Sure, I’ll add you in a while.”

This turn of events dumbfounded the audience below the ring and the netizens in the live broadcast room.

They had thought that the two sides would have a big fight after the Watercloud players had recovered.

And this was the result?

“I was prepared to watch an exciting match. I didn’t expect it to end so quickly.”

“As expected of God Gamer. His charm is infinite!”

“Bullsh*t! It’s obvious that Star Rebel has bribed the Watercloud Guild. Take a look at the post on the official forum.”

“What post is it? Wait, I’m going to get the tea on this.”

“D*mn, this is too explosive! I’ve seen it too, and I heard that the first place on the list was bought with money so that the other contestants would give it up on purpose!”

The posts on the official forum were written very casually, and most of them were personal guesses.

However, it was written very logically, which misled many players.

The players below the ring were all discussing.

“If Star Rebel is really spending money to get first place, I have no objections. The power of money is also a kind of power!”

“Nonsense, this is clearly breaking the balance of the game. The company should punish him!”

“Anyway, I don’t think it’s fair. There are so many rich people in the game. How could Star Rebel get first place? The Watercloud Guild was too obvious just now. I’m not convinced!”

“It’s their business how they compete. If you’re not happy, you can join the guild and fight against Star Rebel. What’s the point of complaining about it here?”

Liu Feng laughed silently when he heard the crowd’s argument.

‘Star Rebel, this gift of mine is not bad, right?’

He wasn’t sure whether or not Star Rebel had spent money to get first place, but the individual leaderboards were made by newbies, so it was very likely that he had gotten first place by luck.

He did not believe that Han Xing was strong enough to kill all the elites.

Many players believed the rumors, and the experts who had fought against Han Xing before were speechless.

However, they were too lazy to tell the netizens how terrifying Star Rebel was. It really gave them goosebumps!

Innate classes weren’t that useful in the Second World. What really tested a person’s skills was their combat experience.

Star Rebel was extremely experienced in combat, and dealing with them was like dealing with an ant. The differences in their strength were too big.

They didn’t want to recall the details of the individual ranking competition. It hurt their self-esteem!

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