Videogame: I Can Turn Waste Into Treasure

Chapter 26

Chapter 25: Action

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However, when he had completely mastered this skill, he discovered a fatal problem.

He didn’t have the medicinal herbs and a cauldron to refine pills!

He had auctioned off all the medicinal herbs today, not to mention the cauldron. It could only be an innate skill that came with the profession of a healer.

He simply couldn’t buy a large cauldron!

The Second World would drop more items in the future, but that would have to wait for a year.

He didn’t have that much time, and he couldn’t afford to wait.

Han Xing did not know what to do, so he could only pin his hopes on White Jade Snow Orchid.

White Jade Snow Orchid was one of the more talented healers he had met so far, so she should be able to level up faster.

However, he didn’t know how many months it would take for her to level up.

With that in mind, Han Xing sighed and went offline.

He made some food at home and went to the hospital to check on Han Yanran.

He had been in the game for the past few days, and if he didn’t see Han Yanran, she would be angry.

In fact, the nurses took good care of Han Yanran. When Han Xing was not around, they would tell her jokes and interesting news.

This also made Han Yanran’s mental state a lot better.

He then asked Professor Zhang Huaimin about Han Yanran’s current condition. She would be able to go home in a week.

By then, she would just have to come to the hospital on time for the chemotherapy.

Han Xing didn’t expect it to be so fast, but he had money on hand now, so he bought a lot of furniture and renovated the house. He was going to give Han Yanran a big surprise when she came back!

When he logged back into the game, White Jade Snow Orchid came to him before he could discuss what to do next.

“God Gamer, the money I spent was really worth it!”

“I’ve just reached level 1!”

After saying this, White Jade Snow Orchid took out a small green cauldron from her hand with a smile.

“This is the high-grade pill-refining cauldron that the system rewarded me! I didn’t expect my luck to be so good!”

What he needed came at the right time!

Han Xing was worried about when White Jade Snow Orchid would receive a random small cauldron, and he did not expect that she managed to get one already!

He then explained to White Jade Snow Orchid what happened after using the skill.

“So that’s what happened. After I used that skill, I realized that I had to use a cauldron and medicinal herbs to refine pills.”

“Now that I have your cauldron, I can borrow it.”

White Jade Snow Orchid didn’t expect such a coincidence. She nodded hard.

“God Gamer, just ask for it anytime you need to use it!”

“This is no big deal to me!”

“However, these medicinal ingredients aren’t that easy to obtain. Don’t tell me we’re going to rob the Celestial Doctor Valley again?”

After they had ransacked the Celestial Doctor Valley, the method of obtaining the hidden boss changed again.

If the mission acquisition mechanism was modified, they would not be able to rob like last time.

Han Xing pondered for a while, then looked at White Jade Snow Orchid and said, “I do have a method, but I don’t know if you dare to do it.”

White Jade Snow Orchid was happy to hear this. She said, “What else can I not do, God Gamer? Just say it!”

“Alright!” Han Xing laughed and revealed his plan. White Jade Snow Orchid’s eyes widened as she listened.

“Yay, I love doing this kind of thing!”

“God Gamer, I’ll find you on time and prepare the medicinal herbs!”

Han Xing nodded. He also needed to prepare for the operation that night.

At 8 pm.

Liu Feng’s guild was located on the top of one divine mountain, with all kinds of sentries and scouts around.

In the Second World, as long as the player chose to create a guild, they would be randomly assigned a guild location.

A tycoon like Liu Feng would never let himself suffer in the Second World. He had spent a lot of money to make the Sky Dragon Guild extremely luxurious.

The sentries patrolling the area were all powerful players. At this time, they were changing shifts, and the higher-ups had gone to a meeting.

They didn’t notice that two figures were crouching on the huge tree in the herb field.

“God Gamer, it’s easy to deal with the sentries beside the herb field, but why didn’t you alert the people who are patrolling?” White Jade Snow Orchid asked in a low voice. She was practically drooling.

In these herb fields, there were all kinds of primary medicinal herbs.

All of them were carefully cultivated by the healers. Some were obtained from the missions that Liu Feng had sent people to the Celestial Doctor Valley to complete.

Now, they were all planted here and were considered important resources for the Sky Dragon Guild.

“As long as your medicine is ready, I can get rid of all these herbs in five minutes.”

The medicine that he had asked White Jade Snow Orchid to concoct could make a person unconscious for five minutes. As long as the patrolling people came over, they would immediately faint.

At the same time, he was well aware of the Sky Dragon Guild’s defense mechanism.

If no one came to take over the shift within five minutes, the defense alarm would be triggered.

He sneered inwardly. If it wasn’t for Liu Feng’s habit of holding meetings every night, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to establish his authority.

He looked around and said in a low voice when he saw the time was right.

“Do it!”

White Jade Snow Orchid was on the tree, and the powder was scattered into the air by the wind.

Before the patrolling players could react, they fainted.

White Jade Snow Orchid looked excited and was about to shout for Han Xing.

He disappeared from the tree, and when she looked again, he was already in the herb field.

God Gamer was too fast!

Han Xing’s lightning steps could cover a range of ten meters, so five minutes was more than enough.

He scanned the herb field and quickly locked onto those primary herbs.

Only then did he realize that Liu Feng had prepared so many good herbs.

It just happened to benefit Han Xing!

“Primary herbs Dragon Bone, White Tree, Snow Scorpion, Whole Grass…”

As he plucked the herbs from the bottom, White Jade Snow Orchid kept mumbling the names of the herbs.

A total of 14 primary herbs, she simply didn’t even dare to think about it.

Han Xing knew when to stop and did not target the other common herbs.

In three minutes, he had finished all of them.

“Quickly retreat!”

When the two of them came to an open space, White Jade Snow Orchid was jumping up and down.

“God Gamer, God Gamer, should we go to other guilds too?”

“As long as we rob them all, we’ll be rich!”

Han Xing was speechless, but he still explained seriously, “No, I have a grudge against the Sky Dragon Guild.”

“We have a way to avoid the Sky Dragon Guild surveillance, but we don’t know how the other guilds will defend themselves. We might be easily captured by them.”

When White Jade Snow Orchid heard this, she nodded.

Sky Dragon Guild was a rising star, but God Gamer didn’t like them, so she blacklisted them in her head.

“Lend me your small cauldron for a while.”

White Jade Snow Orchid hurriedly took out the small green cauldron in her hand. As soon as the small cauldron left her control, it fell to the ground with a thud.

It instantly became a two-meter tall and three-meter wide ancient cauldron.

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