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Chapter 235 - Chapter 235: Knowing His Place

Chapter 235: Knowing His Place

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Seeing Zheng Guanghe like this, Zheng Hua was also very pleased. His son was usually not interested in the family’s business, but now, because of Han Xing, he was more or less interested.

One billion yuan was not a lot in the Zheng family. He did not feel any heartache to use it as his son’s tuition fee. As long as he could learn more and not let the Zheng family fall into the hands of outsiders, he would be satisfied.

Han Xing hadn’t rested for two days and he hadn’t been idle for the past two days. He would go to the company to inspect from time to time. After all, he couldn’t go to the company often.

Most of the time, he had to take into account Han Yanran’s feelings. With Han Yanran’s current mental state, he was a little worried about her going to school.

White Jade Snow Orchid and Shan Ling had not been idle for the past few days. The two of them either came to the Han family at the same time or one after the other.

This made Han Xing feel a little overwhelmed. Although it was all for Han Yanran’s treatment, the favor he owed them was getting bigger and bigger.

The two girls did not have any other opinions, but the two of them often quarreled as soon as they saw each other, which really gave Han Xing a headache. Shangguan Xuelan had told Shan Ling about Han Yanran’s special situation, so she also told the two of them to pay more attention and maintain their distance from Han Xing.

However, with Han Yanran’s situation, it was hard to guarantee that it would not happen. Therefore, every time the two of them came, they would only stay for a while before leaving in a hurry.

By the time Han Xing logged into the game, the first round of the guild war had already begun. It was not the Mad Dragon Guild’s turn yet, but the Raye Guild’s people were the first to find him.

Han Xing, on the other hand, was relieved. If the Mad Dragon Guild couldn’t even make it into the ranking competition with so many god gamers, they would have to be taught a lesson.

However, he found it strange that Yairina was looking for him at this time. When he arrived at the Raye Guild, he happened to meet the people from the Hank Guild.

Roger looked at Han Xing in surprise and greeted him warmly. He greeted him in broken Mandarin, “Guild Master Star Rebel, you’re here. Why do you have time to come and play with us today?”

Before Han Xing could reply, a cold voice said, “He is my guest. Roger, stand aside.”

A beautiful figure appeared, followed by Alpha, who was appraising him. Alpha saw Han Xing and was physically repulsed. He didn’t know what Yairina was thinking. Why did she let Star Rebel come over at this time?

Roger naturally understood what Yairina meant, but he pretended to be dumb and said, “That’s great. I’ve always wanted to have a chat with Guild Master Star Rebel. Let’s go.”

Yairina was about to die from anger. Was Roger really stupid or was he pretending? Couldn’t he tell that Star Rebel was her guest? Her father, Hardy, had invested in Hank Guild, so she couldn’t afford to fall out with him. She could only say unhappily, “Aren’t you guys going to go to the arena soon?”

Roger waved his hand and said, “Shouldn’t we let them train properly? Can’t let them rely too much on me, their guild master.”

Han Xing nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I also intend to not show up this time when it’s Mad Dragon Guild’s turn. As for how far they can go, it will all depend on their own strength.”

These casual words caused the people from the two guilds to be somewhat shocked. If a God Gamer like Star Rebel fought with the guild, the Mad Dragon Guild would have been the number one guild. If he didn’t participate now, then the Mad Dragon Guild’s first place would be in danger.

“Guild Master Star Rebel, are you sure you don’t want to participate? Then I’ll have to fight for the first place.”

“Naturally.” Han Xing smiled and added, “However, 1 don’t think that the Mad Dragon Guild is weak. You have to fight with all your strength.”

Yairina asked awkwardly, “What’s the point if you don’t go on stage?”

To be honest, this was a good time to see the various guilds’ combat methods and trump cards. The player that everyone was looking forward to the most was naturally Star Rebel.

Every time Star Rebel’s battle videos were broadcasted on the forums or video websites, it would garner millions of views.

After all, his fighting style was too pleasing to the eye. No player could do it like him.

Ever since that incident, Yairina had been paying more and more attention to Star Rebel. She had watched at least a few hundred of his battle videos.

This naturally aroused Alpha’s jealousy, but he did not have a problem with Yairina. As long as he could defeat Star Rebel, he would definitely be able to direct Yairina’s attention back to him. Thinking of this, he looked up at Star Rebel.

“The last time 1 lost to you, it was only in close combat. Next time, the outcome may not turn out the same.”

Alpha had awakened a new talent this time. This talent had awakened the beast’s strength in his body. This was the magical part of the Great Mother God Sabu Nicholas.”

As long as he continued to awaken, he could transform people into something that was neither human nor ghost. In the Second World, such an image would not make people feel afraid, but in reality, it would be terrifying.

It wasn’t that Alpha hadn’t thought of that, but for the sake of strength, he could only sacrifice some external things.

“You are indeed very strong.” Han Xing did not hide his thoughts at all. He continued, “However, true strength doesn’t depend on external strength. In my opinion, you’re too reliant on your bloodline talent.”

This was something that Han Xing could clearly sense when the two of them were fighting. Alpha believed that as long as he had a bloodline talent, he could completely suppress his opponent. He was really arrogant when it came to dealing with enemies.

Alpha didn’t expect Star Rebel to say such a thing to him. For a moment, he was a little surprised. Usually, the people of Country M would treat the defeated side with a mocking attitude. It was rare for them to be as calm and gentle as Star Rebel.

Alpha sighed inwardly. As expected, this person was not easy to deal with. He could not find any of his fatal points at all.

Experts tend to appreciate each other. Roger looked at Alpha enviously and said, “I didn’t even get a chance to fight with Guild Master Star Rebel. 1 really envy you!”

These words made Alpha’s face turn red. Not only had his fight with Star Rebel erased his ranking, but he had also been reprimanded by Hardy. He wondered if Roger was mocking him.

Yairina felt a little disappointed. She had wanted to have another good fight with Star Rebel, but he had decided not to participate in the guild war this time.

It was a pity. Perhaps she could teach Star Rebel a lesson this time and let him know that her strength was not to be underestimated. She was definitely not an id*ot who relied on Alpha.

Seeing that it was the Raye Guild’s turn to fight, Yairina’s eyes suddenly moved as she thought of a way.

“Don’t you owe me a favor from last time?” she asked Han Xing. “Now it’s time for you to return the favor..”

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