Versatile Mage

Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Make money, Cultivate and Marry Tangyue!

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“Forget it, I’ll just get into a good university. I heard that even higher levels of Magic are only taught at university,” Mo Fan said.

When the Chief Instructor heard this, he felt angry.

_Sneaky kid, this Instructor inviting you to our forces is your luck, you actually dare to reject me!_

“Take the things and go. Don’t let me see you again,” Zhankong snarled, as his bad mood grew worse.

“Oh right, was there only a single Spirit Wolf guarding the cavern?” As Mo Fan carried it away, he was reminded of something and asked a question.

“There wa only one. If there were others, then you’d already have become their food. Why, do you still have some doubts?” Zhankong demanded.

“There’s nothing else, I just wanted to ask.” Mo Fan nodded his head and looked towards Instructor Bai Yang at the side, “Your Spirit Wolf sure can drink.”

Bai Yang was suspicious, but Mo Fan didn’t care.

“Hurry up and go!” Zhankong said impatiently.


Mo Fan was kicked out of the barracks, but he couldn’t help but whisper to himself, “This Advanced Mage got angry just because he gave away a Magical Equipment?”

The Bone Scythe Shield at this moment was in Mo Fan’s hands…

The Bone Scythe Shield just about covered Mo Fan’s entire palm. Mo Fan, who knew nothing about Magical Equipment, was puzzled at this moment.

_Can something that only covers my palm really withstand the attack of a Magical Beast? Do they really think all Magical Beasts have a compulsive obsession to only hit the shield of Captain America?_

After going through some research, Mo Fan finally understood how to use the Bone Scythe Shield.

When a Mage used their intent to enter the Bone Scythe Shield, the shield would automatically interlink with the Magician’s spirit and leave behind a Magical Equipment imprint within the Mage’s spirit world.

After the imprint was formed, the palm-sized shield would immediately assimilate into the Magician’s body.

When the Magician used their intent to circulate the imprint, the magical equipment would immediately appear in front of the user. The shield that would appear at that time would not be the size of a palm, it would become a shield wall the size of a man. Effects like the Spirit Wolf’s flying stones skill would then no longer be able to strike him.

“No wonder this thing’s price is so high. If I had this Bone Scythe Shield when I was up against the Spirit Wolf, then I could safely use magic from behind it!” Mo Fan looked at the large rhombus-shaped Bone Scythe Shield in front of him that bore the pattern of a scythe. He couldn’t help but smile.

With this Magical Equipment, he would have some resources to duel against Yu Ang of the Mu Family!

“Speaking of which, I possess both the Lightning and Fire Elements. Although Lightning Strike and Fire Burst are very useful, they still don’t have the desired combat prowess when I am truly facing a Magical Beast.” Mo Fan couldn’t help but ponder over this dilemma.

Being able to kill the Spirit Wolf actually involved lots of good fortune. If it wasn’t for the dazzling light that allowed Mo Fan to see the stalactites in the deeper part of the cavern, or Zhang Xiaohou’s Wind Trail, or the student’s unison attack, then he himself would have been shredded into pieces in an instant by the Spirit Wolf. If it wasn’t for them, then how could he have smoothly completed the bounty this time?

_I need to learn a spell similar to Wind Trail and Earth Ripple that allows me to move quickly, and quickly change my own position. Or else, with my slow speed, I might get smacked to death by a Magical Beast before I can even finish forming my Star Path._

After going through the battle this time, Mo Fan was finally aware of how important a defensive spell and a movement spell was.

In the Primary levels, only the Water Element possessed a defensive spell. In school, everyone thought that the Water Element was of little importance; however, in reality, the Water Element was essentially everyone’s benefactor when it came to battling a Magical Beast.

“In my hands, I have a Bone Scythe Shield. It can barely classify as a defense type spell. Thus, the next time I Awaken, I should consider a movement-type Element, like the Wind Element… or the cool one like Mrs. Tangyue, a spell that allows you to move through the shadows.”

The Wind Element’s primary spell, Wind Trail, was indeed remarkably useful in an actual battle. If you couldn’t break away from a Magical Beast’s attack, then you wouldn’t even have the margin of time needed to use your magic.

The Wind Element was a really good choice, but Mo Fan reckoned that the Shadow Element would suit him even better!

After doing his research, Mo Fan understood that the spell which Mrs. Tangyue used to move within the shadows belonged to the Shadow Element.

At his stage, the spells that everyone was familiar with were only within the basic Element types.

In reality, other than the “Basic Elemental Magic”, Magic had three other main types: White Magic, Black Magic, and Dimensional Magic!

The Healing Element was a part of White Magic.

The Shadow Element was a part of Black Magic.

The Summoning Element which Bai Yang wielded belonged to the Dimensional Magic type.

The nine years of compulsory magic education and High School classes only had basic elemental magic. If you wanted to learn about the three secondary types of White, Black, and Dimensional Magic, then you had to go to university.

Currently Mo Fan was in possession of the ability to control the Fire Element that possessed high attack power, as well as the tyrannical Lightning Element. With the Bone Scythe Shield, he had gained the ability to defend himself. The only thing he was missing now were the movement spells.

If one truly wanted to battle a Magical Beast alone, then one needed to have those abilities!

Shadow Element!

It was evident that this choice was the most suitable for him.

“I have to quickly rise to the ranks of an Intermediate Mage; that way I will be able to Awaken yet another Element. If only I can Awaken the Shadow Element!” Mo Fan said, filled with expectation.

Most people could only Awaken a single element as a Primary Mage.

Mo Fan had innate double Elements, and thus, it could be said that he already had a huge advantage.

An Intermediate Mage could not only learn the Intermediate level Magic spells, they could also Awaken a second time, and give birth to yet another Stardust!

After they Awakened yet another Element, the Mage’s battle prowess would definitely have an upgrade in quality!

Just like Chief Instructor Zhankong; when Mo Fan first met him, he was playing with flames. From that, you could tell that he was a Fire Mage.

However, in the cavern, behind his back was a pair of Wind Wings that shocked everyone’s hearts.

Thus it was very evident that not only did he cultivate Fire Element, he also cultivated the Wind Element.

Moreover, he could also deduce that Zhankong should be in possession of one more Element’s spell.

The Wind Wings was a spell that only Advanced Mages could control. Intermediate Mages already possessed double Elements, and when they reached the Advanced level, they would have a third chance to Awaken. They would have a third Element!

In short, Primary Mages only had magic of one Element.

Intermediate Mage could Awaken one more Element, and thus be in control of two elemental magicks.

Advanced Mage could Awaken yet another Element and control three elemental magicks.

Mo Fan was an innate double Element, thus, he was already one step ahead of others from the very beginning.

Additionally, if Mo Fan hadn’t had the combination of Fire and Lightning Eements, then he would not have been able to kill the Spirit Wolf. Chief Instructor Zhankong didn’t understand why the Spirit Wolf didn’t evade the falling stalactite. This was because he couldn’t imagine that not only was Mo Fan a Fire Element Mage, he also possessed the Lightning Element Stardust. It was the Lightning Strike that paralyzed the Spirit Wolf, causing it to be immobilized!

“I have the little Loach Pendant, as well as my cultivation capacity, which is twice as much as others. Thus, the progress of my cultivation will be much faster than other people. However, having both Lightning Strike and Fire Burst is not enough to single-handedly go up against Magical Beasts. I need to quickly become an Intermediate-level Mage; that way, I would have one more set of elemental spells other than the Lightning and Fire spells I have right now. Having more spells doesn’t create a burden on my body!”

_Mhm, mhm, I have to do my best._

_How did the slogan of the boys of Class Eight go again?_

_Oh, right! Make money, cultivate, and marry Tangyue!_


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