Versatile Mage

Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Got Killed by Mo Fan!

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Mo Fan was about to leave, but suddenly, he saw a shadow moving.

The shadow was swirling along the cavern walls and descended in front of Mo Fan. Following that, Mo Fan watched a woman with a curvy, delicate body slowly emerge from it. The incredible scene caused Mo Fan to feel a despondent awe.

_Holy crap, just what kind of spell is this, that’s too cool!?_

“Mrs. Tangyue…” Mo Fan clearly saw this woman’s perfect oval face, willow leaf brows, and Demon Fox eyes!

“You’re okay??” Mrs. Tangyue revealed a joyous smile.

“I’m okay.”

Mrs. Tangyue shifted her eyes and quickly discovered the Spirit Wolf pinned there like a collector’s specimen. Suddenly, she was unable to keep her calm.

“This…This is…” Mrs. Tangyue blurted out, stunned.

“You have nurtured a demonic student. The Spirit Wolf was killed by him,” Zhankong told her.

Mrs. Tangyue felt so shocked that she opened her mouth blankly as her gaze fixed on Mo Fan.

Mo Fan felt embarrassed from all the looks, coughing before saying, “Let’s save the people first, let’s save them…”


Outside of the mountain pass, Mu Bai, Xu Zhaoting, Zhao Kunsan, Zhang Shuhua, and He Yu were all clear-headed.

The other students also gradually regained their senses. Each and every one of them assembled near the pond like refugees, their bodies were also trembling.

Not long after, Zhankong and Mrs. Tangyue led Mo Fan out of the cavern.

After everyone saw that Mo Fan was actually still alive, each of their faces revealed an expression like they had seen a ghost!

They had personally seen Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou lead the Spirit Wolf into the cavern. In that kind of situation, even if they had hundred lives, they’d still be shredded to pieces by the Spirit Wolf.

“Mo Fan… Mo Fan… you guys didn’t die?” He Yu was finally clear-headed. Seeing Zhang Xiaohou and Mo Fan still alive, her tears began to flow.

The eyes of class president Zhou Min, seeing the two of them were safe and sound, also began to redden.

If it wasn’t for Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou luring the Spirit Wolf into the cavern, there was no telling how many people would have lost their lives. No matter how you put it, it was they who had saved everyone!

The other girls who also had wounds on their bodies began to weep. They had always been in an easy and comfortable place like school, they had never experienced this kind of situation.

The male students were either laying on the ground, looking blankly into the air, or were rejoicing over the two heroes, Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou.

Originally, they thought that as long as they possessed Magic, they could do anything. At school, they would also feel proud and arrogant. At the end of the day, when they truly faced a Magical Beast, they weren’t even able to cast their spells. If it wasn’t for Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou luring the Spirit Wolf away, then the consequences would have been too unbearable to imagine.

“Oh right, just how did they escape from the Wolf’s claws, and where is the One-eyed Magic Wolf now?” Wang Sanpang and Xu Zhaoting asked.

“Do you even need to ask that? The One-eyed Magic Wolf has definitely been killed by the Chief Instructor. Zhankong’s arrival was just in time; if he was even a second slower, then they would’ve already been eaten,” Zhao Kunsan declared.

The Chief Instructor glanced at the Zhao Kunsan who was making remarks; he couldn’t help but think it was funny. They were both students, yet the difference was unnaturally large.

“Since everyone is not in a life-threatening situation, then I have some things to say,” Chief Instructor Zhankong said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Everyone was sitting outside of the mountain pass. The teachers were helping the students wrap their wounds, and the students were helping each other clean their injuries.

“In the process of you completing this bounty, we have actually been observing you all the entire time. Additionally, we will grade the students who have done well, among them being Zhang Xiaohou, Zhou Min, Mu Bai, Li Yueming…” Zhankong went on.

These words immediately caused a disturbance amongst the students.

The teachers were paying attention to the students during the process of the Practicals. There were a lot of people who began to regret not doing well.

“Then when the Magical Beast appeared… Why didn’t you guys… Were you guys going to appear after we died?!” Mu Bai asked resentfully.

To be honest, he was almost killed by the Magical Beast!

“If this Spirit Wolf really wanted to kill you, you would already have died. Especially you!” Zhankong coldly snorted.

Mu Bai puckered his brow as he thought back to the scene from before. Indeed, if the Spirit Wolf had really slammed down with its foreleg, then his little life would have already dissipated.

“Wait, Chief Instructor, what did you say that Magical Beast was? A Spirit Wolf?” Zhou Min hastily asked as she suddenly realized something.

“That’s right, that wasn’t an One-eyed Magic Wolf. That was a Spirit Wolf. It’s a summoned beast,” Zhankong continued.

“Let me explain things to everyone. The bounty Practical this time was actually arranged by us and the instructors. Even the summoned beast actually belongs to this instructor, Bai Yang. We needed you to face against a Magical Beast, but at same time, we didn’t want you to be killed by one…” the homeroom teacher, Xue Musheng explained.

As this was being said, all of the students started crying in relief.

So it was actually just practice. Why did it have to be so real, they genuinely thought that they were actually going to die!

Additionally, the Spirit Wolf’s combat prowess was far too scary. There were so many of them using magic, yet it was ineffective against the Spirit Wolf.

“I was just thinking how Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou could have survived it, it seems like it was a summoned beast…” Zhao Kunsan said with disdain.

“That’s wrong. The truth is, just now, there was something that exceeded our expectations. This Spirit Wolf suddenly went out of control, it no longer heeded the commands of summoner Bai Yang. Just when we thought the Spirit Wolf was going to massacre you all, Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou lured it into the cavern. Thus, your lives was actually saved by the two of them,” Zhang Jianguo stated.

“Heavens, then we really are fortunate!” Zhang Yinglu couldn’t help but yell out.

“What fortunate, it was Mo Fan and Zhang Xiahou who saved us. These two brothers, if there is anything in the future, don’t hesitate to issue me a command. I will not decline it under any circumstances!”

“We’re thankful for your bravery. From now on, you will be our eldest brothers!”

Wang Sanpang and Xu Zhaoting were friends, and very proud and arrogant. However, now they were both expressing their thanks to Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou.

Mu Bai and Zhao Kunsan were just standing there with their faces pale. How could they accept that the person they despised most had actually saved their little lives?

“Teacher, you better give extra attention to this cavern. If that berserk summoned beast were to charge out…” Zhou Min reminded them.

“Don’t worry, the summoned beast has already died,” Mrs. Tangyue said.

“Mhm, it was killed by Mo Fan,” Zhankong nodded his agreement.

“Oh, as long as it’s dead, as long as it is dead. That kind of berserk summoned beast… Wait, Chief Instructor, what did you just say?” Wang Sanpang didn’t immediately come to his senses before he opened his eyes and asked again.


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