Versatile Mage

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Crushing Using Wisdom!

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“Die!” Mo Fan yelled out, and the fireball within his hands was thrown skywards.

A eye-dazzling fireball was rising toward the roof as it instantly lit up the dark cavern, illuminating the images of the ferocious Magical Beast and the Fire caster.

The Spirit Wolf raised its gaze, in its vicious scarlet pupils flashed a trace of suspicion.

Was this human scared to the point where he became a fool? Why were the flames flying toward the ceiling?

The Spirit Wolf was paralyzed by the Lightning Strike, standing in one place and unable to move. In this kind of situation, hitting it with a Flame Burst, Burning Bones would be far too easy. It would be the same as the normal wooden doll which they used to practice with…

However, Mo Fan did something that made the Spirit Wolf feel like he was a complete retard.

Mo Fan was smiling with his mouth opened. The light from the fire showed his fanatical smile.


Fireburst, Burning Flames was like a meteor in the air as it struck the root of a stalactite.

The flames from Burning Bones wouldn’t be useless just because the target was a rock. The internal combustion of the Burning Bones instantly heated the slender root of the stalactite red-hot.


Just a second was enough for the flames that could burn bones into ashes to melt the stalactite’s root away.

The stalactite was massive. After it snapped from the heat and its own weight, it turned into a massive stalactite spear falling from the highest point of the cavern.

In the beginning, the Spirit Wolf carried only contempt and suspicion. However, after it realized the snapped-off stalactite was right above his own head, it finally displayed panic.

“I won’t bother seeing you out!” Mo Fan slowly retracted the hand that threw out the Fire Burst before he smiled coldly.

_That’s right! Lightning Strike is only able to restrict your movements and Burning Bones won’t be able to kill you. However, this father, I, will use wisdom to crush you!_

The stalactite stone was massive, it was like a colossal stone sword had punched down into the body of the Spirit Wolf…

It drove right through the Spirit Wolf’s back, piercing it deeply through the abdomen. Just like that, it was fiercely nailed to the ground!

Blood started to flow out from the Spirit Wolf’s guts. Following this were some broken stalactite rocks falling and bouncing off it. Soon enough, they formed a large pile beneath the Spirit Wolf’s body.

The Spirit Wolf stood there…

It wasn’t even able to collapse. The scarlet pupils gradually returned to their former green color as the last seconds of its life passed by.

It turned its head to look at the stalactite that had pierced its body, and then glanced at the insignificant human.

Other than being unable to believe this, there was no other thoughts that could be seen in its eyes.

The Spirit Wolf’s arrogant dignity was completely gone. It became increasingly weak, so much that it was unable to even struggle.

Life passes by just like that…

By this tiny Magician…

A whistling sound was heard.

A wind was racing wildly along from the cave entrance. The students covered in bruises and wounds all raised their heads weakly.

A man dropped down from the sky. On his back was a massive pair of wings condensed by the Wind Spirits, covering their line of sight.

“Wind… Wind Wings!” Mu Bai, who had finally regained consciousness raised his head,staring at the mustached man in disbelief.

“It’s… It’s the Chief Military Instructor!”

“Heavens, what am I seeing? An angel!?”

The entire group inside the entrance to the mountain was astonished.

They had guessed that Chief Instructor Zhankong was a super-strong Mage. However, they never imagined that he was a high-ranked Mage who was able to control Wind Wings!

Wind Wings!

That was a spell that allowed a person to genuinely fly around like an angel!

Zhankong glanced at this group of students who didn’t seem like they were in a life-threatening situation, and then glanced toward the inner cavern that had a large noise echoing out of it.

“I hope that student who used Burning Bones is still alive.” Zhankong didn’t dare to remain any longer, his large Wind Wings flapped with sudden force, and he flew deeper into the cave like an arrow.

Ragged stones were slammed to the sides by Zhankong. The Chief Instructor passed through the long path in a stunning manner before he finally arrived at the spacious bottom of the cavern.

“Fire Burst, Rupture!”

Floating within the dark cavern, Zhankong was gripping his hand, and a fireball appeared there.

The Fireball was tossed to the mid-air of the cavern before it ruptured like a gorgeous firecracker, lighting up the entire cavern.

Zhankong looked around. He only hoped that the Spirit Wolf still had a bit of intellect remaining, so that it would allow that student called Mo Fan to barely stay alive.

That’s why he didn’t try to save the mana in his Stardust, he hoped to find that student as soon as possible.

The radiance from the flames lit the entire cavern up bright.

However, in the next second, Zhankong was completely flabbergasted.

The Chief Instructor floated there, his brown eyes filled with astonishment!

This… How could this be possible!!

On top of the stone platform, the summoner Bai Yang’s expression was frantic as he sat there. His heart was only wishing for the Boss Zhankong to get there in time.

“Fatal…” Chen Weiliang was on the ground, completely weak. If a Student died on the Practicals this time, he would be held fully responsible. The country put a large degree of importance on these Magic Students. Even the tyrant of Bo City, Mu Zhuoyun, would not dare to injure the students in any way.

Tangyue bit her lip.

She thought back to that day when she was still making jokes with Mo Fan. She had joked about how she’d use the Wechat locator to retrieve his dead body, but she never thought that the day would come so soon.

Tangyue was actually very interested in Mo Fan. On one hand, she felt that this student seemed to have a secret other than the growth-type Stardust Magic Tool. On the other hand, she thought that he had potential, and she wanted to see what kind of realm he would be able to reach…

A pity, what a pity…

“Bia Yang, just what happened? How could the summoned beast turn mad for no reason? Even if the Burning Bones was painful for it, there’s still no reason for you to lose control!” Luo Yunbo criticized him angrily.

For a summoner, the basics of the basics were about controlling their own summoned beast!

“I…I don’t know… Normally speaking, even if he were to be killed, he wouldn’t start slaughtering the students without my command. I really don’t know why it has turned out like this,” Bai Yang said as he trembled.

This whole thing really did not make any sense.

Bai Yang never thought that there’d be students who could use Burning Bones and actually oppress his own summoned beast. What he expected even less was losing control of the summoned beast for this reason. There had to be something else involved in this.

“You should just pray for your lost beast to not kill too many people,” Pan Lijun said coldly.

“I…I also…Ah!” Bai Yang was about to explain, but suddenly he felt a fierce pain in his head.

This kind of feeling was like his soul had been fiercely chopped. It was so painful that it made Bai Yang’s entire face turn pale as he sweated profusely.

“What happened now??” Luo Yuanbo demanded, as he began to lose his patience.

“My…my Spirit Wolf… My Spirit Wolf!!” Suddenly, Bai Yang looked as though he had lost his soul. His entire being knelt down on the floor, his empty eyes looking over at the cavern dully.

“What happened?” Tangyue also creased her eyebrows. She had no idea what this summoner called Bai Yang was doing.

“My Spirit Wolf…It… It died!” Bai Yang barely spit out those words, looking as though he had lost his soul. He sounded like he didn’t believe the words, either.


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