Versatile Mage

Chapter 3135 - Chapter 3135: The Brutal Magic God

Chapter 3135: The Brutal Magic God

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Shalitha Albaferra was still incredibly strong. After MO Fan dragged him from the mortal world into hell, he became an even stronger Einherjar Spirit because he held a grudge against MO Fan. Even though MO Fan was a strong Forbidden Mage, he still had to avoid Shalitha’s relentless attacks!

MO Fan was shocked. Did Shalitha practice even in hell?

As an angel from Holy City, he actually lowered his head… Oh, MO Fan had actually cut off his head.

Shalitha set aside his pride and sacred soul and merged with darkness. Was it because he lost to MO Fan in the mortal world?

MO Fan dodged Shalitha’s attacks, but the shadow of this ex-angel from Holy City grew while he held the Frost Spear that almost killed MO Fan. He was like a giant venting his anger by attacking the smaller creatures below.

When a pair of fiery wings that split in two sprouted on his back, his shadow instantly grew larger. His beautiful wings spread like vast clouds and covered the expansive surface of the Nether Ocean.

The Nether Ocean was like a mirror, and it reflected MO Fan’s Sacred Feather

Vermilion Bird. Unlike Shalitha’s broken wings, MO Fan seemed more like the

Archangel in control of fiery sunlight. His gaze made Shalitha feel like a useless fly. Despite his strength, he was powerless against MO Fan.

MO Fan liked to turn fire into a divine sword, and his sword was always giant.

However, he never used a sharpened sword. That was because he did not use the sword to cut his enemies clean in half but to smash them!

When he raised his hands above his head, the giant Sacred Fire Sword was formed. With his massive Sacred Feather Vermilion Bird, MO Fan looked like a god coming down to split the dirty world apart!

Shalitha tried to dodge, but MO Fan’s giant Sacred Fire Sword stood firm like a towering mountain. No matter how fast Shalitha moved, it was always above him.

The sword had locked onto Shalitha’s soul, and he could not avoid it!

Shalitha quickly released black energy all over his body. These energies were like shining scales. They formed a diamond-shaped barrier to block MO Fan’s powerful flames.

MO Fan knew Shalitha was skilled in the Chaos Element. As a mage who also used the Chaos Magic, MO Fan added an illusion to his Sacred Fire Sword.

This illusion tricked Shalitha into thinking that MO Fan was casting spells slowly.

However, the Sacred Fire Sword was just before Shalitha’s face. While he was gathering energy, the sword was about to crush him!

So, MO Fan’s Sacred Fire Sword sped up like a fast-forward scene in a movie. Even though visually it appeared as if he was slashing, the blazing flames had already destroyed the area where Shalitha was standing. The immense power of the scorching sun spread terrifying fire as if a small planet had collided with a mountain range. Then, the mountains collapsed, and the earth turned into a furnace!

“This… This…” The royal advisor in white robes widened his eyes. He and the other Einherjar Spirits then retreated to the edge of the ancient wall.

The young man’s actions that ignored the lives of others unsettled these Einherjar Spirits, who were about a thousand years old on average. MO Fan was too strong.

Even though they were powerful Ghost Lords from the underworld, MO Fan was a prominent figure from the heavenly realm. They were on a completely different level!

“When I was alive, I wasn’t as strong as him!” said the Mystical Sun Mage.

MO Fan used the power of the Mystical Sun to excel in Fire Element Magic. The Mystical Sun Mage was amazed at how fierce the young generation was. He did not see the galaxy of a Forbidden Curse, so this attack had to be stronger than a Forbidden Curse.

“The headless angel should’ve died, right?” The royal advisor drifted beside MO Fan like a scholarly ghost.

“He’s not dead. He’s quite tough. I stepped on him to become the Wicked God but almost got sent to the underworld to accompany you guys that same day.” MO Fan shook his head.

It felt wrong.

The sensation was off.

It should not have felt like that when his sword hit someone.

Shalitha must have learned other skills on the Dark Plane.

“Tsk, tsk. You almost broke my favorite toy. I underestimated you. You win this round.” A woman in a black dress appeared in the flickering flames.

She walked on MO Fan’s flames, which would usually penetrate one’s bones and soul, as if they were just a regular carpet.

What caught everyone off guard was that wherever her heels landed, MO Fan’s Vermilion Bird’s Sacred Flame went out.

Her strong evil aura made MO Fan feel like she had a dominance similar to the Demon Element.

“Where’s Shalitha?” MO Fan was confused. He looked around for his old enemy amidst the destruction he created.

“He’s all shattered,” Lilith said with a smile. Then, she kicked a piece of angel bone on the ground and complained, “You hit him so hard. How could he survive?”

MO Fan did not find her attractive. He felt uneasy instead. Women who spoke like this were either incredibly powerful or powerful but twisted!

“Don’t worry. I’ll put him back together,” said Lilith.

After she finished speaking, she danced gracefully amidst MO Fan’s enduring Sacred Flame.

Her dance was not random. It seemed like she was searching for something invisible in the air.

She was pinching something with her fingers, and her heels seemed to be pulling something along.

The Einherjar Spirits in the white section were all very curious. They wondered what this flirtatious Western mythological villainess was doing. However, some with sharp insights quietly moved behind the others.

Asha’ruiya leaned against MO Fan. Even though she could not see anything, she seemed to recognize this Western ceremonial dance.

MO Fan used his dragon sense to see what Lilith was up to.

Finally, MO Fan saw a thin, sharp, and shining strand of string.

It resembled spider silk in the jungle.

While the Einherjar Spirits in the white section remained puzzled, MO Fan saw something entirely different!

If there were thin water there, Lilith would be a world spider. She was weaving a massive evil web with her long claws. These sinister strings were tied to the features of those Einherjar Spirits, and the scene was incredibly eerie.

Meanwhile, amidst the blazing Scared Flame, the War Angel, Shalitha, who had been shattered by MO Fan’s sword, was being stitched back together piece by piece!

The strings connected every piece of Shalitha’s bones, while his flesh was composed of the black energy that could turn into scales. These black energy scales came from Lilith’s turbid breath.

“Look! I’ve put him back together!” Lilith smiled.

At that moment, Lilith looked like a graceful princess who excitedly showed off her favorite doll to the guests.

Yes. Lilith had reconstructed Angel Shalitha.

Shalitha was not a real Einherjar Spirit. He was just one of Lilith’s toys, a puppet!

She had turned the Parade Angel of the mortal world into a puppet toy!

Lilith’s strength made MO Fan serious.

No wonder MO Fan felt something off when he struck Shalitha with his sword. Shalitha had already been shattered into pieces. He was just a puppet controlled by Lilith’s strings.

In other words, if MO Fan did not cut the strings, Shalitha could keep coming back to life. Lilith had specially boiled Shalitha’s bones, so the Sacred Flame could not refine them even for a hundred years.

Shalitha, oh, Shalitha.

You were the noble angel from Holy City. You should not become a plaything for such a twisted woman no matter how much you might hate MO Fan.

“MO Fan, I’ve figured out your moves. They’re just some little tricks. “You can’t kill me. Call forth that demon inside you, and let’s fight again!” After he was put back together, Shalitha looked just like before.

His bones were unbreakable, and his flesh was made of turbid breath.

This guy was practically immortal!

Since he could not die, MO Fan did not want to waste his magic power.

It was like tripping over a stinky, hard rock while climbing a mountain. Would you eat it to move on?

It was simply ridiculous!

Shalitha was determined to not give up, and he attacked MO Fan again.

Even though Lilith had control over Shalitha through the strings, she did not need to do anything.

She only had to blow out a turbid breath, and Shalitha would do the rest. Driven by his deep-seated hatred, he pursued MO Fan relentlessly.

At first, MO Fan had wanted to use Shalitha to test if his magic skills had improved. However, he had lost interest in doing that. This guy was not Shalitha anymore.

He might have become stronger, but he had also become more lifeless.

Shalitha tried to pierce MO Fan’s heart with the Sacred Tooth Staff coated in deadly frost.

He believed that he never lost back then.

He had pierced MO Fan’s heart.

He only lost because he overlooked one detail. If that annoying girl had not pulled out the ice spike from MO Fan’s heart, MO Fan would not have been able to come back to life.

Facing the attack that once pierced his heart, MO Fan did not try to avoid it.

His feet moved swiftly on the ground, like that of a skilled practitioner of traditional Chinese martial arts. Soon, a pattern with space and chaos sections appeared beneath MO Fan’s feet.

However, this pattern was more intricate. It had patterns resembling complex passages of an underground palace.

“Do you know anything about the Chinese Bagua pattern? Let’s see how quickly you can find the Living Door!” MO Fan challenged Shalitha, who was aggressive.

Shalitha had no clue what MO Fan was doing.

Just as he was about to stab MO Fan’s heart, he noticed the space around him suddenly twist.

The pattern drawn by MO Fan’s feet became vivid and quickly changed the spatial structure around him.

The space twisted and changed. Then, the pattern on the ground turned into a three-dimensional maze. Shalitha felt like he had stumbled into a sandbox trap. As soon as it was triggered, intricate mechanisms sprang to life within the sandbox. One area split into two, two split into four, and so on… In an instant, countless compartments expanded, and each formed separate cells like pieces of a Rubik’s cube!

The Bagua Maze!

MO Fan had combined Space Element Magic and Chaos Element Magic. Then, he drew inspiration from the Bagua pattern and created a prison for Shalitha!

Shalitha suddenly realized that although he had stepped into the area a meter away from MO Fan, it felt like entering a huge miniature universe. Looking around, he saw countless intricate patterns forming what looked like a massive underground palace stretching into infinity.

To the naked eye, they looked distinct.

However, Shalitha lacked the knowledge to understand their differences.

The royal advisor next to MO Fan noticed the miniature prison MO Fan had created. He realized that Shalitha would need to spend considerable time flying out of one part of the underground palace first, then choose the correct exit among the eight exits in the maze.

Even the right exit was just one part of the Living Door. To escape, Shalitha had to choose the correct exit out of eight exits all eight times, which was a chance of one in sixty-four.

The maze was complicated, so it was hard to find the exit. With the added challenge of needing to choose correctly so many times, it was unlikely the arrogant Shalitha could find the Living Door that MO Fan mentioned.

“MO Fan!

“Are you scared of me?!

“Why won’t you fight me?!” Shalitha shouted angrily from inside the “prison.”

“I’ve already beaten you in combat. Now it’s time to test your intelligence.” MO Fan smirked deviously.

Since Shalitha was Lilith’s puppet, he belonged in the sandbox.

When MO Fan was young, he liked drawing mazes on the ground with chalk and watching ants navigate through them. He could see which one was clever enough to find its way out.

At the end of the maze would be a bottle with a caterpillar inside, and caterpillars loved to eat ants.

No wonder MO Fan found himself compatible with the Demon Element when he grew up. Hahaha!

“Hey, dude, you’re quite strong. We’re counting on you,” the royal advisor said.

MO Fan did not take it too seriously. But after sending Shalitha off to play in the maze, he remained cautious. Lilith was a tough opponent. She could even control powerful beings like Shalitha as if they were toys.

MO Fan kept his eyes on her. He wondered what other tricks she might have.

Suddenly, he felt a cold sensation down his spine, which gave him goosebumps.

Fortunately, he still had his dragon sense. Even though he could not see, his sense of perception remained sharp.

“MO Fan!”

At the same time, Asha’ruiya cried out in surprise. She flew toward MO Fan and enveloped him with her eight wings and the Dragon Sparrow Wings.


Blood sprayed as MO Fan saw Asha’ruiya’s angelic wings get injured and rolled toward the wall.

MO Fan was unscathed, and he immediately activated the Black Dragon Armor.

However, he did not wear the armor. It stood upright behind him like a loyal Black Dragon Warrior.

This Black Dragon Warrior immediately intercepted a blade attack from behind while also conjuring a black bone screen that protected MO Fan and Asha’ruiya in the area below the ancient wall.

“Are you okay?” MO Fan hurriedly helped Asha’ruiya up and took out a basket of holy-grade healing potions.

These holy-grade healing potions were rare worldwide, but MO Fan had plenty of them. It was because Xinxia was worried about him. Whenever he hit people too hard, his hands ached the next day, and he needed to soak his hands in these potions.

“I’m okay for now, but if I take your potions, I might end up in pieces!” Asha’ruiya rolled her eyes and said with annoyance.

She was a Fallen Angel with a dark nature. White Magic’s holy-grade healing potions from the Parthenon Temple were poison to her!

“Oh, you’ve always been the most charming Saintess of Parthenon Temple to me. I still can’t get used to you being the Fallen Angel,” MO Fan said awkwardly.

“It’s just a minor injury. It’ll heal soon enough. But our current situation looks pretty bad.” Asha’ruiya pointed at the Einherjar Spirits behind the bone screen.

The Einherjar Spirits in the White Team should have been temporary allies. They needed to kill the enemies from the Black Team to survive.

MO Fan had figured out the rules of this battle. The sixty-four Einherjar Spirits were split into two teams, the White Team and the Black Team. One team had to beat the other team or bring down their total numbers to thirty-two to advance to the next round. Then, two new teams would form, and the battles would continue until only four remained.

Even though there were no real friendships in this battle, the Einherjar Spirits on MO Fan’s side should have fought with him against the other side.

However, MO Fan was shocked to find out that there was a traitor among his allies who launched a sneak attack from behind!

MO Fan noticed the sneak attack and could handle it himself. However, Asha’ruiya got worried about him and eventually got injured.

He felt sorry for her, and he was angry.

“You sneaky jerks! You’ve made my baby bleed! I don’t care what intentions you have. I’ll bury you together with her!” MO Fan faced the Einherjar Spirits of both sections with his back against the ancient wall.

Asha’ruiya rolled her eyes again.

She was not dead. MO Fan did not need to bury them with her.

“N-No… YY-You can’t blame me… I don’t know… what happened to me…” the royal advisor stuttered.

Several people attacked MO Fan, including the seemingly kind-looking royal advisor.

The royal advisor’s expression was weird. Even though he was explaining himself, he had a grim expression. It was as if he was a vengeful scholar’s ghost.

“They’re being controlled,” said Asha’ruiya.

MO Fan glanced at Lilith and noticed that her palms were open. They then faced the powerful Einherjar Spirits in the white section.

As Lilith cast her spell, more and more Einherjar Spirits in the white section lost control. They turned to MO Fan and Asha’ruiya with menacing expressions!

“The Azure Dragon might have control over the rules in this world, but I determine the rules of this battle! Hahahaha!” Lilith laughed like a crazy woman who had finally found a challenger in her evil palace.

It was clear that Lilith was in a higher league than the other Einherjar Spirits.

All thirty Einherjar Spirits of the White Team were under her control!

So, her strange dance earlier was not to control Shalitha. She was secretly weaving her strings onto all the Einherjar Spirits on the White Team.

Some of the Einherjar Spirits on the White Team had strong willpower. They resisted Lilith’s control and did not attack MO Fan right away.

However, their resistance would not last long. Lilith was too powerful. She controlled the spirits of the Bright Blood Flowers and was the gardener of the Bright Blood King’s garden. She had disciplined many of these spirits, so they feared her and could not do anything to her.

Even though the Azure Dragon ruled this world and could effortlessly kill these Einherjar Spirits with a breath, the Bright Blood King was watching from outside.

If MO Fan allowed the Azure Dragon to kill those Einherjar Spirits, the Bright Blood King would not be happy about the battle.

Honestly, when compared to the mysterious and overwhelming power of the Bright Blood King, Lilith’s strength was easier to discern. It was possible to counter her.

Both the Azure Dragon and the Bright Blood King were entities that established rules, so it would be wise for both sides to adhere to these rules.

“Oh well, it’s been a while since I’ve gone all out.

“My young bones are getting rusty.

“Dealing with them individually and splitting into two teams is a waste of time. I still prefer a scuffle!

“Little Flame Belle, wasn’t that battle against Khufu in the Nile unsatisfying?

“Let’s have another thrilling fight!”

MO Fan’s body glowed even brighter than the Fire Holy Dragon’s. This radiance formed a sacred flame armor that covered him entirely, not just his two fiery wings. Even his hair turned into flames and glowed with divine energy.

The spirit of the Goddess of Flame Belle merged with MO Fan’s shadow and perfectly mirrored his heroic stance. As MO Fan punched upward, the fire of the Vermilion Bird erupted into the sky and engulfed the whole Nether Ocean!

“I was planning to fight you all as an ordinary Forbidden Mage, but sorry, no more pretending!

“Time to show you the brutality of the Magic God!

“Little Flame Belle, turn everything that moves in your sight, except for Asha’ruiya, into ashes!”

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